Sis Planning for a Business

I once an HRM (Hotel Restaurant Management) student before, but decided to stop in my second year because I wanted to travel to palawan to try my luck in that place. I did get a job there as a hotel attendant which, is also related to my course and learn a few tricks in public relation and cooking. And just recently, my sister wanted to study culinary because she’s been planning to put up a small food business so she doesn’t have to look hard for a job to provide her daily financial needs. Since we can’t meet personally to discuss it because where very very much far away, she just send me a message proposing the food business. Including all the stuff needed in that food business. But I suggested that it would be nice to try a catering service first. In that way she doesn’t need to look and spend too much for space and kitchen equipment. A kitchen catering equipment that’s all she needs to start that business and if someday that catering business will progress, then that’s the time she can put up her small restaurant. But she has to learn how to cook first because she will be the one cooking and preparing all the food someday.

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