Shoe shopping

My short vacation in the Philippines was over a month ago. It was a very fun, heartwarming and joyous vacation because I got the chance to meet my old friends and most treasure friends in it. Maybe in the future I can experience that vacation again but for now, back to the old routine with the vegas friends and family, which is also I miss during my short vacation. The vegas friends and I will be busy club/bar hopping, travelling to Arizona and most specially shopping. Moreover, here is a sample of inside my shopping cart, a cute shoe for my sister. Did I mention that I would go back to the Philippines (hopefully)? So I am buying my family a gift especially my parents because I never had the chance to visit them in General santos because we already book our plan ticket ahead of time. Cancelling it is not a good idea that time because we’re not sure if there is available schedule going to Palawan if we cancel out promo ticket. I promise them that I will come back this August because my older sister who lives in the US is planning to have their whole family vacation that month. Now, I am starting to buy them gift and since my sister like this type of shoes, so I bought it for here. Then, next in line is my father’s sandal and maybe a few clothes for my niece and nephew.

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