Road Trip #5(Mantigue Camiguin Island)

Our 2nd Destination is Mantigue Island, Before thought that the white Island is best tourist spot in Camiguin because the 1st time i came visit camiguin we never heard about the island so i guess they just recently discovered it and they develop to add in their tourist destination.

Mantigue is a small island located about 3.5 kilometres (2.2 mi) off the coast of volcanic island province of Camiguin province in the Philippines. Also known as Magsaysay Island, it is about 4 hectares (9.9 acres) of greenery fringed with a gleaming white beach of powdery coral sand.[1] A fishing village is located in the northern side of the island. One side of the island is a white sand beach with corals offshore, and the opposite side provides a deep drop-off for snorkeling and diving.[2]

Mantigue Island can be reached by light water craft in 25–30 minutes from Brgy. San Roque in the town of Mahinog.

We go snorkeling in the other side of the island were it is prohibited for fishing but its allowed to see the corals and fish and also they have the giant clam, we hired a tourist guide who also owns a small boat. Unfortunately we don’t have a Go Pro camera so we didn’t able to take pictures to see the underwater fishes and corals.