New Zealand’s Biggest and Best Museums

New Zealand is a great holiday destination the whole family can enjoy, so if you’re thinking about taking a trip to NZ this summer, you’ll certainly want to know how to keep the kids happy. New Zealand offers some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, with world heritage sites, animal sanctuaries and glorious beaches to experience.

However, although they all sound truly amazing, things can get a little tedious for the young ones after a while, and you’ll need something to capture their imagination – like museums! Museums keep you active, entertained and educated, and because there are so many great ones in New Zealand, you’ve got fantastic choice of selection on your hands. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular.

Auckland Museum

Auckland Museum offers everything a family would need to have a great day out, and there are even special exhibits for children to break down the wealth of information the museum is home to. It’s not only a journey into the past, from New Zealand’s history to major cultural and societal episodes in world history, but the museum itself is also a treasure warehouse full of amazing artefacts to learn about.
Auckland Museum, with its wonderful and rare collections, is attractive, interactive, fun and informative, and it is a good way to introduce your children to learning and education before they go to school.

New Zealand National Maritime Museum

With over 1,000 years of national maritime history inside, this museum is a national treasure. Vast exhibits about boating, ship yards, sporting ventures and iconic New Zealanders that helped to sustain the maritime industry are all displayed here, and you can even get to see some of the oldest ships to have even been built in the country. If your children are into sailing, then this is the museum for them.

Museum of New Zealand – te Papa Tongarewa

The Museum of New Zealand is one of the largest and well-known museums in the world, and it experiences millions of domestic and international visitors every year. It can be found on the waterfront of Wellington city, and industry experts believe it is the largest archive of history outside of the USA. It is a place where art, design, artefacts, literature, prehistoric history and music all come together, the museum has also introduced new technological innovation to make the visitor experience even more memorable. From whale skeletons to art collections thousands of years old, the Museum of New Zealand is a must-see spectacle.

Canterbury Museum and the International Antarctic Centre

Although they are located miles apart, these museums are usually placed in the same sentence, as the most important and significant institutions which hold the world’s greatest collection of Antarctic history. You won’t be able to find anywhere else with such vast knowledge about the icy

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