Lil’ Chef

CookHere is my little helper Dallas. He loves to help me up doing stuff in the house, and so I ask him if he wants to help me make pancakes for Pop and he accept the offer with brite smile on his face, and so I put the apron on him, gave him a spatula and let him mix the batter pancake and he did mix it with  enthusiasm. I am so proud of him, and when i woke up in the morning , he would ask if we are going to make pancakes and coffee for him. Here’s our chef on the making, We always have a happy cooking at home and he made a really good banana pancakes.Lil cook

Stacie made this apron for her dad as a school project and now his son Dallas is using it. Stacie hand made this apron specially for his daddy.

Dallas is showing off his plate that he loves so much. Pop bought for him, he calls it the  blue kitty cat plate, and it has a matching bowl and cup.


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