Leaving my plants under my son’s care whlie I’m gone

Guest post written by Nicole Foster

I’m going on a conference trip for a week and I’m worried about how my plants are going to fare while I’m gone in this extreme heat. So I’m leaving my teenage son in charge of my plants while I’m gone. I’m a little worried about the house in general too. But mostly my plants.

I went online to see what kinds of things I could do to help him take care of my garden. While I was doing that research, I ran across the website http://clearwirelessinternetservice.com and after I looked through it some I decided to change over my home internet access to the company.

I found the idea to make some plant markers, which will help him know how often to water which plants. Now that I’m going to have it all set out for him so easily to do it the right way, we’ll see if he actually follows through and waters the plants like he’s supposed to. But I guess that I’ll just remind him that I’ll be able to tell the difference if he doesn’t water the plants.

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