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Simple Happy Life – Let’s Talk and Learn About Life. Share Your Thoughts, ideas, opinions, experiences, points of view, family matters and parenting ideas.

Worth’s World – Come See The World Through The Eyes of The Worthingtons’

J&J Milestones and Adventures– Documenting J&J’s Developmental Milestones and Adventures

In Pursuit of Success – Family Journey and Our pursuit of the American Dream

Life Mix – People, Place, Food, Life, Meme and Random Ramblings

Shy’s Mixed Thoughts – A Capricorn SAHM w/ Capricious Mind

Sissy’s Pastime – Enjoying life to the fullest!

Oh! GoSh Goodies… – Gossip and Shopping

Vantage Point In Life – It’s a Woman Thing! Expressing my thoughts and perspective

Family & Life Online – Sharing some tidbit of what LIFE has to offer

E! Fashion – Talking about Entertainment and Fashion Galore
Mommy Adin– It Sewtastic Mama Blog
Rose’s Blog– Obstacles and Glory Blog
Asmeen’s Blog– Las Vegas Blogger
Genny In a Battle-Genny
Marnelly’s Blog– Her personal Blog

~Lulu & Dave~

  • Bit’s n’ Pieces of my Life
  • Mouth’s Delight
  • Daily Snippets
  • Musings of Life
  • Travels and Explorations
  • Beauty and Fashions
  • Fun and Entertainment
  • My Little Life
    Celebrity Corner
    Life in Transition
    Shopaholic Chronicles
    Food and Drinks Journey

    Dias Family Spot
    My Life’s Perception & Inspiration
    Great Finds & Stuff
    Savour D’ Flavour
    Me & My Passion
    Shopping List & Product Reviews
    Fashion Trends Online
    Household Management
    Latest Management
    Spend Less, Save BIG!


      1. Apil baya imo Kat, ambot ngano wala ni show, pero apil imo blog sa blog roll naku for sure gyud. I think naa limit and mo show

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