Have you been to MiLa?

I never visited Mila but I hope I can have a grand vacation in that place. Milan is the second largest city in Italy and plain and it would be a great and wonderful experience if my family and I have a short or even long vacation there. The Simplon and St. Gotthard tunnels link it with the rest of Europe and make it Italy’s most important railroad junction. About 120 kilometer (75 miles) to the south lies the port of Genoa. Milan stood on the route of all the northern invaders of Italy and so was destroyed over and over again, for these reason there are few beautiful old buildings except the church of St. Ambrose, begun by him by year 386 but completed in the 12th century.

Milano Sant Ambrogio

Milano – Duomo

In the center of the city is the huge Gothic Cathedral, which has more than 100 spires and more than 3,000 statues. It is the third largest church in Europe that I surely love to explore. All around there are new marble-faced buildings and skycrapers, but one of the most famous building of the city is the Galleria. It is an arcade, or covered passage opening off cathedral square. How magnificent and interesting it that? hmmm and I can’t wait to save just so I can visit and explore Milano, an adventure and romantic get-away for the couples and family.

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