Dare Devil

This was tough day at the playground, it was really freezing and and Dallas doesn’t really mind about the cold weather as long he can run and and play with some other kids. On our way there, he was really excited and when he saw the playground, he was so excited that it was open, he said ” Pop, the pwayground(playground) is open, the gate is not cwose(close), and keep saying with excited look on his face that the playground is open. And so, he run around, climb everything that needs to be climbed, his running while having a runny nose too, it was a bit disgusting but he really doesn’t care. This climbing area is his favorite, its a bit high for his age I think, and so he invited me to climb with him, he said it will be fun, but i didn’t have fun at all. It was stinking cold out there. But anyways, we probably spent 2 hours. As long us he had fun, thats the important thing…….SOMETIMES.

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