About the Husband

Have I mention already that my husband loves to smoke cigars? Yes, he smokes cigar and few of his friends smoke cigars as well. He always makes sure to buy an extra pack when we travel because we don’t know if we can find cigar to the place we visited to spend our vacation. He buys extra just to make sure we have stock if we decide to extend our vacation. And cigar is a nice gift to give to his friends, they’re not really picking about brands as long as it taste good. Just like last year, we bought a few pack of it to give to his friends. I don’t know if it’s a cao cigars or the old one that he usually smoke but his friends are happy receiving it anyways. And next year, I am going to buy a few packs for my friends at home because I am going to have my vacation next year. I just hope they will like it too.

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