A drum for him?

I think it is late for me to become a musician but maybe not too late for the little man in my life. Some of my friends kids already knows how to play some music instruments like guitar, saxophone and drum and even this little man’s grandfather knows how to play the piano and banjo those instruments who play elegant and all. However, I think this little man wants to be a rock star and want to learn the drum instead. My nephew in the Philippines already had a drum set and really play the drums very well. I ask a few inputs about buying a good drum set for the little guy, so far I am still looking for a good quality drum set that is affordable. I am considering a drum machines at musicians friend for him if I can find the time to search it online because right now I am still in my country having my vacation. Anyways, I can start my drum search when I am home two weeks from now. I could ask him personally want he likes and maybe we could look at in online together.

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