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Many Thanks and Birthday Party

I want to thank a very dear friend who prepared everything for a special birthday party for me. I celebrated my birthday last weekend and it was one of the fun party ever. Thanks to Asmeen and her Husband for hosting that arty and had it done in her house. This post is a bit […]

Cruise Boat

Last year, husband and I went for a cruise. This was the boat that took us from Us to mexico. It was a fun experienced of course. It’s not a very expensive cruise but I had fun being in the sea for days.

Comfortable Bedding

What are the details you look into in buying a bedding? Are you particular with the manufacturer name? If you do, I’m sure you will like the earthy texture of peacock alley bedding as it gives comfort and complement the look of your bedroom. Having a soft and nice bedding to sleep on every night […]