Tulum Beach – Guide To Know Before You Go

Tulum a miniature bug town but served as a major port due to being surrounded by beached all around. Beaches all around with soothing breeze and wonderful atmosphere Tulum beaches are a paradise with long compasses of silky-smooth sand, with crystal clear water, waves mending their ways towards the bank filled turquoise splash.

This beautiful land filled with beaches is situated on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and has a marvellous natural beauty all along the Boca Paila making a visual of a garland around the beach.  Vibrant arts exhibition highly loved restaurants and food tracks, Tulum has authenticated oneself to Mexico’s premier tourist destinations to explore. Incredible beach beauty is making this beautiful stand out from the masses. 

Considered to be the top beach holiday destinations in the world, let’s compile the best Tulum Beaches.

Pick Your Tulum Beach to Visit or If You Are on a Long Vacation Then Visit All of Them:

Playa Paraíso

  • You can say that it is counted in of the most magnificent beaches in Mexico, Many of the visitants cherish the beauty of this attraction every year.
  • There might be question raising in your mind that if it’s popular it must be crowded well that is not true at all as the beach stretches far and long across the coast this beach knows very cleverly to play with the crowd.
  • This means plenty of space for everyone. Lounge on the crystal-white sand beach with crystal Caribbean waters in composition. 
  • The duly named Playa Paraíso is Tulum’s most picturesque or insta-ready spots. This sumptuous, immaculate extend of sand is enclosed by towering rugged cliffs and palm trees.
  • The place is very popular among yoga lovers and iguanas is the beach which is large enough to make sure that it never overrun infested with people.
  • There are several restaurants and food courts on the beach to get food, buy cocktails and explore the water sports like boats offering snorkelling excursions in the pretty warm sea.

Playa Ruinas

  • When you talk about your Instagram stories or social media post, this is the beach for your fan page. The beach is set under dramatic cliffs, atop which you’ll find the famous Ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum.
  • You can see the swaying palm trees rooted in silky sands. Do not forget to get mesmerised by the glittering turquoise expanse. If you’re looking for a picture-perfect setting, this is it.
  • Experience the beauty in pure serenity, early in the aurora, before or after you visit the vestiges. Gather the calmness and enjoy your own little paradise sitting on a rock feeling the serenity and love of nature.

Akumal Beach

  • A beautiful sand beach filled with palapa-topped huts. Akumal Beach is simply 30 minutes far from main Tulum and is the reason for being best for families and travellers looking for a bit more liveliness.
  • If you are willing to socialize and enjoy the facilities of luxurious beach than this your point. It’s more commercialised than other beaches in Tulum and so the crowd is common.
  • You’ll find a broad variety of palapa-roofed bars and restaurants serving delicious food and drink all day. You can see the amazing sea life like varieties of see animals often making an appearance. 
  • Spend your time on the beach with sandcastles and swimming. You’ll find the Beach umbrellas on rent and excellent food and ice cold beers can relish your whole day. 

Las Palmas Public Beach

  • Beauty with a calm stretch of pristine sand and turquoise waters. Las Palmas Public Beach is love at first sight and this beautiful beach is another fabulous sunspot in Tulum.
  • You can count it to be an isolated beach but you’ll still get the occasional vendor selling their jewellery and mementoes. Bring your own water, snacks and parasol and lay in the sun to your heart’s content.
  • If you’re travelling through taxi, be cautious that you won’t be getting much to pick you up after in the evening after 5 P.M.

Secret Beach

  • Secret Beach is a majestic corner in Sian Ka’an Biosphere, where beauty with wildness goes hand in hand. Inspire yourself for shimmering, crystal-clear waters and smooth sand.
  • But before leaving make sure that you get the correct location, you can take the help of locals to guide you. Well, feel astonished on the beach as you are the only comrade on the beach alluring the sun, after all its the secret beach for a reason. 
  • The Secret Beach is still very much a secret and is mostly visited by Mexicans. While Playa Ruinas and Playa Paraíso typically grab the spotlight, venturing off-the-beaten-track can reap great rewards in Tulum.
  • Target towards the Secret Beach, which lives up to its name in by proposing an isolated spot located mysteriously in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, an area that was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.
  • This gorgeous undisturbed beach claims transparent, peaceful waters and is often completely forsaken.

Soliman Bay

  • Soliman Bay is positioned merely south of Akumal, is considered mysterious hideaway, Most of the people don’t even remember it as now it’s being surrounded by private villas.
  • This beach is also providing great fun and amazing views to the public and is a great place to spend the day reclining on the beach and sunbathing.
  • Not only this you can also enjoy snorkelling, so get some snorkels with you. For the outdoor enthusiast, there is a lot more you can enjoy kayaking as well.

Paamul Beach

  • If you are willing to spend a peaceful beach day then Paamul Beach what you are looking for.
  • This beautiful and elegant beach is a very quiet place and is heaven for an introvert and generally visited by only residents around the area.
  • You can enjoy the snorkelling around here, with impressively vigorous rocks just underneath the springs. 

Playa Pescadores

  • Playa Pescadores another great option as a sumptuous seashore with calm, clear waters and insanely beautiful atmosphere. 
  • You can even relish the live music being played on the beach if you stayed the early evening.
  • Inhabited merely north of Playa Paraíso, this beach offers an enchanting view of Tulum’s ruins from the shoreline. Get relaxed with the cool breeze and eye-soothing shoreline. 

Now you’ve been very clear with beaches, now it’s time for your accommodation. Tulum Beach hotels are the best part of your holidays and you must go for Tulum beach if, you’re visiting Tulum for the first time. Looking for spending your days relaxing on the beach and carouse in a boutique resort. Here is the list to sooth your living at this beautiful beach land.

Find below the list of amazing hotels in Tulum Beach to experience your best time at your stay:

Let get on to another segment to get adequate awareness about the trip to Tulum so that you can enjoy your vacations to the fullest.

Tulum Beach – Thing you need to know before you go.

Tulum is by far one of the favorite destinations of many visitors in Mexico for its white-sand beaches, crystal-clear water, and trendy bohemian vibe. Now the current situation is that it has become a hotspot for most wanderers, and a yearly obsession for New Yorkers especially.

Choose Your Season Wisley

  • If you want to know about the peak season then that is December. If you are fond people then this can be your season.  Let’s clear the myth about season traveling.
  • December through April, you get a warm temperature and bright sunny day toe cherish, you must avoid the rainy season in order to appreciate the beauty of Tulum. But as you know that this time is peak season, price ranges are higher so will advise you to go for advance booking as it may be crowded.
  •  Summer season that means May/June to October. This is the time for so you can experience humidity and the price range are at its highest during some of these months.
  • Yes, the low season counts from September and October, do not ignore the fact that it’s hurricane season and is time for heavy rainfall. Late November is considered midseason, where weather improves and tourism picks back up again. Mostly at this duration, the rates are broken down by season still, check before you book

Pesos Over Dollars and Cash In Hand

  • Carrying pesos will make your fun time much enjoyable. There are some places which accept card cards and also more places take USD.
  • But you must know that the best restaurants and bars on the beach accept cash only, and to support local businesses there, explore the market with the currency that’s easiest for them to make a transaction with. You’ll save money using pesos over USD.
  • If you are willing to take cab rides then you must that they require few pesos as they are short trips and can only use cash for these.

Exchange rates at the airport

  • Well get clear do not exchange your dollars to pesos at the airport. The exchange rates are really horrible. You will cross several ATMs along the beach road, though all are not in function so keep your options wide open.
  • Tulum is a sumptuous portion of the Yucatán Peninsula with marvellous tourist attractions, Mayan history, great food, and beautiful Tulum beaches.
  • If you are on this beautiful beach then the food and atmosphere are important aspects, what you need to enjoy, but with a certain amount, you need to be sorted. 

Visting Touristry In Budget

  • As you know Tulum is well known for its beaches but there are other major tourist attractions. you can cherish but many of the sites in and around Tulum which are truly worth viewing.
  • You can get the opportunity to view the Tulum Ruins a few minutes from town in just a few Pesos. Situated on the coast they are simply stunning not only that you get to dodge people to get your great view.
  • You cannot ignore cenote or sinkhole, they should be in your bucket list. There are many options and variations nearby Tulum, diverse of them to swim in.
  • The Sian Ka’an biosphere, Muyil River Float, various cenotes in the area, and other Mayan ruins like Coba are truly worth a visit as well. They are worth being in your wish list as it’s an amazing experience.

Budget Your Accommodation

  •  As it is a tourist attraction it very obvious that the accommodation is going to be widely expensive and prices may also vary season to season.
  • You can prefer advance booking for cheap accommodation or you can camp, stay in hostels, jungle-side cabins, and eco-lodges.
  • Basic cabanas at places like the Papaya Playa Project start at a little less than $250 a night, but prices vary at the beach site as it is the main attraction and can cause heavy buck.
  • You can choose to rent a house or stay in a hotel further down the beach toward the entrance of the Sian Ka’an biosphere.
  • You get cheaper prices sometimes since the accommodations are not just only trek from the main shopping and restaurant area of Tulum beach road.
  • All hotels in Tulum have something to offer such as they all have different vibes, diversely beautiful, and all of them has their own unique amenities. Just be clear with the season or else your trip to Tulum can be expensive.

 Choose Bike Over Shuttles

  • In Tulum, you can find countless car services, buses, and shuttles to get you to and from the airport, but they are expensive and can shuffle your budget in that can case take bink on rent it usually costs a little less than $200 for the round trip.
  • The best way to explore Tulum town is by using a bike as it is cheap and efficient and you may now that Tulum town is just two kilometres from the beach what can be better than an easy bike. You can take your break at any time for a drink or a snack.
  • Not only this try to have your best meals Tulum as you get the best food here. You get amazing restaurants with unique decor and meal service that allows guests to sit and enjoy the company and surroundings.


Tulum will never without surprising you with sumptuous beauty, it’s the turtle beach at Akumal or a night out in Playa del Carmen or most talk about Riviera Maya and many nearby attractions.  Though it becomes a bit crowdy due to its joyful atmosphere. But if you have not counted this beautiful beach paradise into your bucket list then, cut it down and make new one and make this beautiful location your top-notch priority. Before your planning your holidays you need to know everything about the location and this article is a solution to all your problem before planning your amazing trip to Tulum Beach. Comment below and let us know what you favourite beach destination?