No one can think of a great budget while planning the best places to visit in Europe. But what no one can, we want to do that for you. This guide is all about the cheap places to travel in Europe.

If you have already thought of a destination to visit in Europe then this guide may change your mind. Some of the top destinations where you can travel cheaply in Europe are waiting for you.

Before visiting the cheap places to travel in Europe, you must know what travelers do to travel cheaply in Europe. Yes, they have great travel hacks that you can follow and plan your vacation on how to travel Europe on a budget.

Hotel Hacks for Staying Cheaply in Europe

  • Go through a travel check, are you going in off-seasons then you naturally get some great offers. If you don’t get one then wait for it because you are likely to get one.
  • Stop this middleman costing you more and directly go to the hotel website. This way you are just not paying for those middlemen and getting a hotel in your budget.
  • Think about your vacation priority. If any hotel is fine for you and you just need good hygiene. Book through AirBnB and stay at people’s homes.
  • For those who are planning for a vacation for more than six months, you very well know about some exceptions on your vacation. For example, northern European hotels are much costlier than Southern hotels.

Flight Hacks for The Cheap Travel Europe Countries

  • Have you ever thought why travel bloggers never forget to get their discount coupons applied? This is because they use Honey. It automatically applies those coupons that can be applied to the given deal.
  • Have you heard of incognito mode? It can be used in the browser and this will help to not save the data. This data is used to show relevant results but now you can get new offers by searching the same thing.
  • If you have not decided until now where to head for the next vacation then use the Skyscanner everywhere feature. It will directly move to the highest discounted destinations. Now scroll and choose which one you want.
  • While if you want to have the best budget on your vacation then forget the website you are using now. Well, at least you have to cross-check the fare with a minimum of four other cheap websites.

Activity Hacks for Traveling Cheaply in Europe 

  • BlaBlaCar is the most budget-friendly website which will let you cruise and get a tour of Europe. It is a cheap travel Europe hack.
  • Have you heard of Bayern Ticket, if not then check it now? You can get the cheapest train tickets for five people. It will let you travel in an unlimited number for a day.
  • Get the budget free activities done such as the Glockenspiel show at Minich, Speaker’s Corner in London, tasting German beer in Germany and various other fun stuff.
  • Also, rent a car and choose the low models to travel around the city cheaply. 

Bulgaria Bansko

Bulgaria Bansko

Skiing is an ultimate adventure that anyone would love to enjoy especially in Europe. The best of the mountains that are available in Europe are some great places to enjoy skiing. While most of the places that offer skiing are not very budget-friendly.

While we would want to recommend your perfect destination that will make your vacation excellent is Bulgaria. It has the word class ski resorts at an affordable rate. You will find various high-class ski resorts on the Pirin mountains.

Zigen House is the best of the hotels to stay in Bulgaria. Also, you have various pubs in Bulgaria to enjoy nightlife. In total it is a great vacation. While the expected budget will be between USD 70 to USD 200 per head.

The budget can vary according to the hotels and restaurants you choose.

Estonia’s Baltic Coast
Estonia's Baltic Coast

The large coast spread along the area that covers the national park and various islands will attract you. It has wonderful scenic views with a variety of activities to explore. A guaranteed thing found at this destination is relaxation and peace.

Die to the multiple islands, we want to recommend the most affordable ones and at the same time those providing quality services. While being at Estonia’s Baltic Coast, you must visit Parnu which is the perfect vacation for a budget-friendly holiday.

You will get to experience a lot of thrilling activities and affordable spas near your resort. Get your bookings done prior to six months and also book through online mode. It will save cost from discounts and offers available.



You must be surprised while reading London as a cheap place to travel in Europe. Most of the travelers may never count London as a budget-friendly. For an experienced traveler, it can be true. You just need to know about some basic formulas to save on cost on your trip to London.

Firstly there are various destinations in London that are just free to visit and so much to explore. Second, you can visit some affordable hotels such as books through AirBnB and save on hotel costs. Third have a hop on hop off service to save on local transport.

Above were some cost-saving hacks in London. Apart from these hacks, various destinations that you can travel are Hampstead Heath, South Bank, street food markets and various other affordable destinations waiting for you in London.

The Z Hotel Piccadilly is one of the affordable hotels to stay in. Also, you can expect a budget between USD 200 to USD 500 per head.

Kotor Montenegro

If you are looking for a destination where you can enjoy in summers and winters is Kotor Montenegro. You will love to experience the scenic views of Kotor. It has abundant places to visit and various activities to explore.

One of the top destinations to explore at Kotor, Montenegro. Boka Nights festival is a great way to enjoy a bunch of activities at the same time. If you are lucky enough to train the highlights of this event then your vacation is excellent.

Boutique Hotel Astoria is one of the top saving hotels at affordable rates. While Montenegro has abundant luxurious hotels to choose from. Don’t forget a hiking adventure to St. Ivan’s Castle. It will be a great experience to know royalty.

Porto Portugal
Porto Portugal
Porto is the top destination to experience the incredible views. The city is known for its top setting alongside a river. Douro river gets the attraction from various tourists from around the world. You will get to explore much more than a river.

Various water sport activities are available at the river. You need to book well in advance to avoid the crowded situation. Abundant tourists are found at the peak seasons. Boating and hiking are the top activities that you can’t miss. Walking alongside the river and having a variety of food is on the bucket list of various tourists.

The best hotel to stay at is the 1872 River House which offers great services. Also, get to one of the spas available at Porto. It is a must to relax for a day and spend some quality time on your vacation. The expected budget will be between USD 100 to USD 200.

Transylvania Romania

Transylvania Romania

Just the name of this destination is enough to plan a vacation to Transylvania. You must have already imagined the Dracula and his castle. Yes, this is the exact reason why most of the tourists are found in Transylvania.

Apart from Dracula various other reasons call for tour vacation at Transylvania. It is one of the top cities in Europe and you will get a unique experience. The high peaked mountains are worth visiting and get the experience of wild forests.

The perfect hotel to stay within your budget is Pension Am Schneiderturm. It is one of the high-quality service hotels. You must visit the national park where you will get to spot different species such as red deer and lynx. One of the best national parks in Piatra Craiului National Park.

The expected budget will be between USD 90 to USD 200 per head.

Novi Sad Serbia

Serbia is known for the various festivals held regularly during the year. You will enjoy these events and get to explore a bundle of activities. Some of the specific events that are the highlights of Serbia are the EXIT Festival.

You would love to note that this festival is held during July. Some of the top performers have performed in these festivals such as David Guetta and various other guests have made the news of Serbia. Don’t forget to miss the thrill between the large crowd.

The expected budget will be between USD 100 to USD 200. You can have a great time on your vacation which will be within your budget. Also, note the perfect hotel at an affordable price is Hotel Fortress Leopold I Novi Sad. 

LVIV, Ukraine
LVIV, Ukraine
This destination is a big savvy hotspot for all the tourists looking for experiencing a lot more than usual. You can get to know the Ukrainian mixture of culture with a European influence. It presents a unique aspect of the country.

What are the best things to explore here? It has various cities where you can enjoy the nightlife. The high-class bars and coffee houses will get you the taste of Ukraine. It is a must to explore and have a unique experience.

The perfect stay will be at the Lviv Central Jam Hotel. This hotel is much affordable and great to relax in the heart of the city. The expected budget will be between USD 150 to USD 300. You can save on costs by booking flights or rent a cab through online mode. 


HungaryHave You experienced Budapest? If not its time to get the best experience in Europe. This city is well known for its thermal baths that are best available around the world. While if you want to experience much more than a thermal bath then Hungary is a great destination waiting for you.

You will love to explore luxurious hotels and resorts available in the city. Also, the nearby destinations of Hungary are great to explore such as Pécs, Miskolc, Eger and various others that offer local life.

If you want to stay at a good hotel ad. Save money as well then book for Airbnb hotels. These offer great services within your price. Also, book the best flights to save on the major portion of the cost on your vacation.


ItalyThe top destination in Europe is Italy. You must be wondering why? The heavenly hills that give the joy of real beauty and oldest monuments of the world which are on the bucket list of most of the travelers. These are some of the basic reasons for abundant travelers to visit Italy.

Apart from that, you don’t want to miss the highlights. Luxury in Italy means living like royalty and who can say no to that? No one can. If you want to save in the budget then do land in Milan. This is the best city to save on flight costs.

The expected budget will be between USD 300 to USD 500 per head. You can save as much on flights. While Italy has a variety of cuisines to offer and don’t miss on luxury restaurants. Also, use the rail system for local transport or visiting any other cities in Italy as it will save much more on cost.



While reading Greece on the cheap places to travel to Europe list does not sound much trustworthy. But we would love to let you know that Greece is the high class and luxurious cities can even be planned on a budget.

You just need to know how it is done. Well, the first and foremost thing that you can do is travel by ferry rides. These will work as local transport. The major cost of Greece vacation is visiting Greece Islands that are already saved due to ferry rides.

Book the best hotels and you can expect a budget between USD 400 to USD 600 per head. Do book the one-way journeys that work as a major travel hack for various tourists. You may thing round trip is much better but ultimately it costs way higher



Don’t think hard because you can travel on a budget to the cleanest and safest city of Europe. It is the cheapest place to travel in Europe. First of all, if you want to save on cost then the book really early. Early means you should be booking at least a year before your vacation.

If you are saving on the flights through early bookings then you are saving a large part. Get to the Germanwings and explore the best rides of Germany by paying an affordable cost on local transport. This will make the cheapest place to travel in Europe.

The Railway system of Germany is also worth traveling. You will be watching the famous Alps from your train which is the perfect scenic view. The expected budget for the vacation will be between USD 350 to USD 700 per head. 



Croatia is like a money attraction where tourists will spend thousands of dollars without even knowing. You need to plan the vacation well before in advance to spend some quality time. So that you can spend within your budget.

You would find Croatia great with long beaches and a glass of wine on the beach. While you need to note various places that are budget-friendly such as multiple islands and coastlines. First plan where to go.

The expected budget of Croatia is between USD 400 to USD 800 per head. It will be a great vacation within your budget. You can get affordable hotels by booking through online portals. Also, avoid peak season to have great deals.



Want to spend time at a relaxing beach and get the best water sport activities in the world. The perfect destination where you can spend a great time with your family. Don’t forget to explore the best parts of Spain, that is the variety of cuisines available.

You will get various tasty meals that are not anywhere else than a Spain meal. These meals are multiple flavored and new tastes for your tongue. You need to have this experience for once in your lifetime.

Apart from the delicious meals, you will love the resorts that have first-class facilities available in Spain. These offer various other services accompanied by a comfortable stay. Get a glass of wine in your hotel room over the water.


Cheap places to travel in Europe

We hope that you found this article helpful. Every tourist is in search of affordable vacation and fulfilling your demands is what matters. So the above guide is devoted to all those mind-blowing cost-savvy travelers.

Here is a TIP# Get your homework done because what you may need during the vacation you can’t know. Be prepared especially with your budget.

How was your experience in Europe? Did you find anything out of budget? What was your budget? W at to give any travel tips? Share your thoughts in the comments below.