Plan Your Travel ItineraryYou have stepped into the new year and looking forward to another amazing year of astonishing travel experiences. You might have planned for amazing and voluptuous vacations to quench your wanderlust. Now its time to build your travel itinerary for 2020 with the travel plan based on the places that you can visit each month.

If you are wondering where to go specifically in which month then here is your guide. This 2020, plan your most idyllic travel itinerary with the monthly guide to revolve around the globe. Here are the best places you can visit each month respectively.

Let’s Begin The 2020 Travel Calendar and Plan Your Travel Itinerary:

January – The Plenty of Exotic Location

Chilling weather, beautiful beaches, astonishing panoramas, January has a lot to offer. You’re likely to catch the glimpse of northern lights or willing to explore sugarloaf mountain, January is the best month to make it all. There are some warm places to explore but you ought the best shopping locations along with it. The plenty of exotic location gives you a reason to fall in love with traveling especially in January.

January to early February hands down the best time to ski in the rocky mountains. Exploring tropical climate, mind-blowing attractions, and a plethora of adventurous series January is a satisfying month for all. Southern and tropical areas work well if you are seeking the dose of sunshine. Though the temperature and atmosphere vary from place to place, this pristine month so far promises you the best time to fall for greenery and beaches altogether.

Here are a few examples of amazing places to visit in January: 

  • Davenport, Florida 
  • Tempe, Arizona 
  • Dubai and more

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February – Month Of Romance

February is a well known month for romance and the best time to explore the romantic and isolated locations. February is the month that welcomes the refreshing spring and says goodbye to the harsh winters. With Valentine’s day in it, make it the perfect month for couples to travel and spend a romantic time together. Every picture on any location you take is perfect for your Instagram.

If you have a love for winter than this is the last span to soak the beauty of winters. The weather in February is just perfect and one cannot sketch out amazing time for himself than this month. February is the time when all major festivals to happen and with proper planning, you can be part of it.

Here are a few examples of amazing places to visit in February:

  • Snowmass, Colorado
  • Alaska and many more

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March – Most Marvelous Month

March is the most marvelous month to plan your traveling. Late February and the whole of March is the time to enjoy the festival of diverse destinations. Its time to celebrate the music festivals, beer parties, and much more fun of multiple destinations. March is blooming, pleasant, and beautiful. With the moderate temperature, it’s the time to relish the bright gloomy daffodils, gardens, and parks.

So postpone your meeting and get ready to explore the beauty of various destinations with the most pleasant month. There is no single location that can make you regret your decision. March is the perfect month to build memories with your family.

Honestly, it is very difficult to list all but here are a few examples of amazing places to visit in March:

  • Paris, France
  • New York
  • London and many

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April – High Beauty At Springtime

There something to love about travel all the time of the year, but when it comes to April it’s a bit extraordinary. Its springtime, holding its beauty high April is the most prominent month to travel. If you love lengthy walks to the beautiful lanes and occasional beers then this is the perfect time for you to travel the most pleasant locations. The blistering summer sun is yet to present so its perfect time for you to enjoy, not too quiet not to busy.

April is the perfect time to check out the busier destinations. Blossoming beauty, nature, and liveliness to most of the must-visit destinations including botanical parks, tulips, orchids destinations in April are beyond your imagination. With blossoming days April also offers you marvelous nightlife, it’s once in a lifetime experience. That much is not enough it’s the great month for events and beginning of mass visited entertainment extravaganzas. Pack your bags to cherish the beauty of wonderful, picturesque locations.

Here are a few examples of astonishing places to visit in April:

  • San Diego 
  • Atlanta
  • Oregon and many more

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May – Voluptuous Vacation

Spring is still rolling on the street, pleasant atmosphere, and positive vibes May is everything you require for voluptuous vacation on amazing destinations. Finally, it’s warmer weather, so you do not have to carry your warm clothes and pullovers. Exactly this is the month of bag packaging. If you are a wispy traveler, you can just go with some pair of jeans to roam around the globe.

Willing to enjoy beaches and exotic locations with fewer crowds then this the perfect month for you. And here the best part comes, it’s one of the best to travel in a budget. Hotels and airfare start decreasing its price. May is all about great outdoors, water sports, and springtime beauty.

Here are a few examples of astonishing places to visit in May:

  • Ruidoso, New Mexico
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming 
  • Yellowstone and many more

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June – An Abundance Of Delicious Produce

Here the saving month comes, exploring the world and as well as saving your penny isn’t it great. June is by far the cheapest month to travel. It’s a simple case of supply and demand, and demand for flights and accommodation is comparatively lower while the children are at school. June is calm before the storm, so here is the time to enjoy the calmness.

Though its the warmer month yet you can enjoy the beach locations and outdoor sports. June is an exceptional time weather-wise to plan a trip before most school vacations start, the summer crowds surge, and the heat descends. An abundance of delicious produce coming into the season of beautiful regions. June is the month of gourmet food and glittery vineyards.

Indeed, it is very challenging to list all but here are a few examples of amazing places to visit in June:

  • Maine, Portland
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Seattle City and more

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July – The Peak Summer

July is the month of freedom and exposure. Yet on peak summer, there are plenty of places to explore where you can escape the heat, crowds and beach-bound traffic jams. The season is hot so what can be better than water sports and soothing parks to enjoy. Most beautiful beaches and parks all around the globe make July an amazing month for you.

The United States is the only place which has great weather in July many locations of The USA promise the best summertime. Just make sure you book in advance so that you don’t need to suffer while traveling. This is the best time to enjoy water parks and national parks.

Here are a few examples of astonishing places to visit in July:

  • Humptulips, Washington
  • Zion National Park, Kane and more

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August – Offers Best Picturesque Destinations

August is one of the few times when you can plan your amazing trip for a week or a two. The world has no shortage of wonderful summer vacation destinations. Offering best picturesque locations, zoos, national parks August has it all. You can step your foot out to learn new cultures, and sample new cuisines, you may also want to learn about antiquity or just spend a week driving through eyesores and glitzy shopping malls in the best cities around the whole

You long to saturate up the sun on a perfect beach day or get your running shoes and stroll on land or spend some time unwinding in the best hotels around the globe regardless of the weather, there is a perfect August destination waiting to welcome you.

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September – The Sweet Spot Between High and Low Seasons

There are numerous reasons for September to be a great month to vacation. Here comes the shoulder season, it’s the sweet spot between high and low seasons. The crowd gets dispersed this month so that you can plan a pocket-friendly trip. Of course, top temptations will likely always have a wait but queuing up for hours is largely a summertime headache.

Traveling to a beach destination for a poolside vacation and you probably want to go when the weather is warm. September is the perfect time to enjoy and pamper yourself. You might just find that September is your new favorite month to travel with all favorable conditions. With reasonable rates and the fewer crowd, it’s all your me-time, perfect September destinations are waiting to welcome you.

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October – Month of Autumn

October is the quintessential month of autumn. October is known for all good reason, a season full of fall fragrance, cinnamon brooms to pumpkin spice. Winter is not far away still a bit warmer for long walks on great destinations. All of you might know off-season traveling has the best deals. It generally means lower prices with fewer crowds. Exploring destinations that are out of their main seasons.

As you have heard the end of summer marks the end of peak demand for travel. The aggressive prices and value-added offers make you go gaga around the world. Spring in the southern hemisphere and autumn in northern, no other months provide you with such favorable conditions.

Since October is sandwiched between Labor Day and the holidays, most families stay grounded during the month and so here are the best deals for you. Places like Washington or New York are best for you to relish in October. The month marks the beginning of the dry season in many African and Asian destinations. provides all the information required while traveling at any location. Do not forget to click on our amazing article – The 11 Best Places To Travel In October|Hope On The Journey to gather extensive information embrace the allure of every exclusive destination.

November – Shoulder Season

Budget is a make or breaks for any vacation and when it comes to November kudos, it is the perfect month to travel. though counted as shoulder season yet turns out to be the favorable one. Places like Savannah or Minneapolis are at full blossom and is drenched with spring spirit. One of the best perk to travel in this season you get to see all raw and real places. Even locals won’t mind sharing stories to you this season gives you the best time with locals too.

Overwater bungalows and extra magical scenery on the world’s best destination is worth spending your time and money. provides you with precise details about your dream vacations. Click onto our astounding article- Link to relish the beauty of the best destination in November. 

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December – The Goodbye Month

Here again, comes the goodbye month to the running year. Planning out Christmas and new yours with an amazing trip to your dream destination. What can be better than an exotic year ending?

December is traditionally the month when people all over the globe go on their winter holidays with the attraction of stealing in a period worth of sun at a sultry paradise during the chilly and harsh winter months is definitely tempting at some of the best places to travel in December in the world. Perfect time on the perfect destination can make your life so much better. Probably the coldest month yet has the amazing snowfall and sneaking wonderlands to offer.

The comfort of ending the year and entering into the new one with all new hope and resolution with an exclusive destination choice of many people. Snorkeling, skiing, late-night parties, beach walks December is the heaven month for you to relish any destination on the globe. Let’s understand the best place to travel in December briefly with a precise article of – Best Places To Travel In December to enjoy each destination to the fullest.


Each month has precisely the best to offer and you cannot refuse. It usually happens to everyone that you urge for a great vacation but lack of information especially choosing the best destination at the best time can make your holidays a big-time mistake. provides you with the best and most valuable information on each month with the perfect destination to have the most memorable vacation regretting a single moment.

So don’t waste your time watching television go and check out all the articles for each month and build your itinerary to have the most amazing and fun time. So, what are you waiting for, hurry up and pick the best destination according to the month you are willing to spend your holidays.

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