Planning for a Siesta Key vacation can be a tedious task but we have made this too simple now. You can easily get to know about the best things to do in Siesta Key. Also, the mentioned details are worth using.

The travel hacks while planning a vacation are necessary. You can get to know about these travel hacks below. Also, the guide will let you know how you can get these activities done within your budget.

Trolley Ride

Trolley Ride

The trolley ride tour made Siesta Key more popular in the world. This ride is worth exploring and what is the best feature of the ride? It is totally budget-friendly which means it is a free tour available at the Beach road.

You can sit on the ride and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the city. The open ride takes the limelight and adds to your fun. The ride will take you to various destinations of the Siesta city.

It is one of the top things to do in Siesta city. Also, note that the ride is like a minor roller coaster as the roads are up and down. It will be a great enjoyment for your family and friends.

How to get a tour?

For getting a trolley ride you need to reach turtle beach park or the Siesta Beach Park. Trolley rides will be available there. This ride is in itself the best way to get from one location to another on the beach.

Also for reaching the beach, you can rent a car from your hotel or if you stay near to the beach then a walk would be enough. It will be economical to travel to.

Boating at Siesta Key

Boating at Siesta Key

Sailing on the waters of Siesta Key is the perfect way to enjoy water sports. This activity is most suitable for family travelers. If you want to travel at Siesta Key then you can’t miss the boating rides on the water.

Get a boat on rent or book a boating tour or you can book boat tours online. Various ways are available to go for boating but the most recommended tour will be available online. You will get good deals online.

While boating on waters you will get to experience the warm sunset and freshness of clear air. One more option to book a boat tour is package tours that will get you a bundle of activities at saving prices. Private boats are available to get the enjoyment of boating.

How to get a tour?

If you want to get the perfect location for boating then the gulf waters are the best. You can have different areas but the gulf is the most recommended option. You can reach to the gulf from the above-mentioned trolley ride.

Trolley rides are the most economical. Also if you have already rented a car then it would be the better option. Various other transport options are available for the gulf waters. 



The first and most recommended things to do in Siesta Key beach is the kayaking adventure. It adds thrill to your vacation. This adventure is not for the faint-hearted tourists. You need to have good stamina to go kayaking.

It is no surprise that kayaking tours are available online and we have already recommended the package water sports tours that will enable you to save on cost. Also booking a separate kayaking tour is also great.

Separate tours for kayaking will leave you with a breathtaking adventure as they will be solely focusing on kayaking adventures. While kayaking tours are very near to vacation homes so if you are staying in one then you have a perfect adventure waiting.

How to get a tour?

If you are staying in vacation homes then no need to worry about transport but for all those tourists staying at remote hotels can book a car on rent. Trolley rides from the beach are also a good option.

Make note that trolley rides should be taken only when you are staying near to the beach. After reaching the beach then get a trolley ride.


Things to do in siesta lake beach - Cruising

Various cruises are available that can be booked online. If you want to save on cost then book on low seasons so that you can save on cost. Booking in advance will be good enough to be stress-free on your vacation.

While choosing a cruise tour you must understand which tour will take you to what locations. Choose the best locations around the Siesta Key Beach and get the perfect cruise for your vacation that will be loved by your family.

The additional highlight of Siesta Key tours is the sunset tours that will give you a more relaxing vacation. Sunset tours are the highlight of Siesta Key beach and every tourist loves these tours. It is also recommended by locals.

How to get a tour?

You don’t have to wait so that you reach Siesta Key and then book a tour. Hurry now and book the tour online. To reach the cruising area you can book a rental car. It is the most affordable way to reach cruises.

Some of the cruises will give you the facility of hop on and hop off and these cruises are the best. You can explore the destinations even from the inner parts.



If you want to make the most of your vacation then don’t stop at cruising, you need to explore the fun from paddleboards when they are on the water. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to paddleboard.

You can book a lesson to learn paddle boarding. It is the easy process that you can learn real quick but once you get a hand at it then you are ready for the thrill. While paddleboarding you have the opportunity to interact with marine life.

Various fishes can be spotted on the water while paddleboarding. For younger tourists, various lessons are available so that they can paddleboard on low waves. If you didn’t find any suitable option to book online then you rent a paddleboard from the beach itself.

How to get a tour?

Don’t worry if you are at the Siesta Key Beach because the paddleboard can be dropped to you and also it will be picked up when you are done. You just need to book it online.

Also next to the beach various paddleboard facilities are available to rent the paddleboard. The expected budget for paddleboarding depends on the number of days.

Biking at Siesta Key Beach Or Turtle Beach

Biking at Siesta Key Beach Or Turtle Beach

If you are a biker then it is good news that you can bike on the beach with your friends and family. You will love to bike across the water and have fun on the beach. This is a great opportunity to live your biking love.

Biking is not limited to the beach, you can visit around the whole city and get the best view of the city. Biking tours are also held in the city so that it becomes easier for you. You can book online for biking tours.

You need to note that a biker must be an adult that is above the age of 18. Various options are available to rent a bike. You can choose various bikes such as electric bikes, scooters, and various ordinary bikes.

How to get a tour?

While if you are booking a bike tour online then no need to think about the transport. But renting a bike will need you to get the perfect places from where you can get one.

1224 Old Stickney Rd, Sarasota, FL 34242, this address is for the Siesta Biking and Kayaking tours. You can visit here and choose yourself. Choose the best tour according to your budget and services provided.

Beach Bazaar

The most popular bazaar of Siesta is the beach bazaar. No vacation is complete without visiting this destination, you want to purchase some good stuff at your vacation. It is the best destination to purchase gifts for your friends and family at a low price.

This bazaar is the oldest form of the Siesta market that you cant imagine its stuff. It is present in Siesta for around 32 years. You can buy anything from shirts to eatables. Do complete your shopping here.

This bazaar is a good way to interact with locals. You will need to guide to bargain if you are a bargaining shopper. Don’t worry if you can’t bargain because stuff will be available at low rates already. Don’t forget to check out the vacation store that is loved by every traveler.

How to get a tour?

You can reach the beach bazaar very easily as it is situated in the heart of the city. We would like to recommend that walking is the perfect way to reach the beach bazaar.

Also, walking routes are available and it is the most economical way to reach the Beach Bazaar. The location of the beach bazaar is 5211 Ocean Boulevard Siesta Key, FL 34242 (941) 346-2995. You can directly get to the location.

Sandal Factory

Sandal Factory

The largest brands of sandals are found at the sandal factory. You will be thrilled to have a factory tour. This tour will be fascinating enough to visit the whole factory. While this factory is really large to spend the whole day.

Don’t worry if you are not fond of sandals because the factory is not just limited to sandals. You can buy various other stuff at the factory. As you can read the word factory, you can understand that it will have good rates to buy quality stuff.

This factory is one destination to buy every stuff. While do check out the beach stuff that you can buy. If anything you want for your vacation then this factory will get you everything.

How to get a tour?

If you want to reach the sandal factory then you don’t have to be confused because it is the most famous spot of Siesta Key. You can find it easily through renting a car or the best option is Siesta Key frog hop.

The Siesta key frog hop lets you visit multiple locations in one day. Get around the city and note the address of the factory as 5232 Ocean Boulevard

Siesta Key, FL 34242 (941) 217-4249.

Jet Ski

Jet Ski ride

The jet ski adventure takes the limelight of the city. If you are to explore one great activity in a day then jet skiing is the perfect option. You will need a whole day to ride on the jet ski and then visit various destinations on the jet ski.

One jet ski can have a maximum of 3 people and you can choose various models of the jet ski from the online website. It has multiple jet ski tours and various jet-skiing lessons for beginners so start from there.

You will need to spend around 4 hours at the Siesta Key to explore jet ski fun. Try to avoid the peak seasons of the year because this may lead to a high rate of tours. 

How to get a tour?

For reaching the jet ski station you have multiple options. The first option is to book the online ride and get amazing deals where you will get the facility of transport.

Secondly, get a car and book the jet ski on your vacation. You can also save on your vacation if this is the last-minute decision by getting a package deal. Have fun on your ride.


Things to do in siesta lake - Diving

Want to try scuba diving? If you are not trying this great adventure because you don’t know how to dive then no need to worry. You can go for scuba diving without any worry as various programs are available for beginners.

These programs will help you out to learn quickly and live the joy of diving just like a professional scuba diver. For all those scuba divers this location is just perfect and you can get to rent diving equipment very easily.

You will memorize this scuba diving experience throughout your life. Siesta Key makes this experience very friendly as you get experienced trainers for diving lessons.

How to get a tour?

You can easily get a diving tour. If you want a perfect diving tour then book one online. Also, you can reach to the address and rent the diving equipment at 7660 S Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34231 (305) 609-7725.

Also, diving lessons can be purchased on the beach with various experienced divers. If you want to get better options then book online tours. To get a perfect package.

Snorkeling and Parasailing

Snorkeling and Parasailing

If you are still in doubt then the best tour package we can recommend you is Snorkeling and Parasailing tour. You can get a package so that you will get both a water tour and a sky tour.

If you are someone who is afraid to explore this great adventure then take a lesson. Various experienced trainers are available as large companies are present in Siesta Key that will provide you great services.

This package is a famous one and is explored by a large number of tourists every year. At a time 2-3 people can explore this tour for about 2 hours.

How to get a tour?

You can book various tours through Siesta Key Watersports. It is a popular company that provides great services for every water sport. While booking a package tour be ready to get the best deals.

The drum circle

The drum circle

If you have enough of the various activities available at Siesta Key then you must explore the traditions of Siesta Key. You will love to know how locals and tourists both can sit at the same place and interact.

You can spend some quality time by reaching the Siesta Beach. You can take part in this tradition every Sunday. Don’t miss out on the night fun. Various parties are held and get to know the nightlife of the city.

While there are various events held during Sunday that you can watch at Siesta Key or take part in those events. You will spend a good time at the beach if you are visiting on the weekend.

How to get a tour?

Well, there is no need for a tour and save on cost. Just reach to the Siesta Key and take part in the Drum Circle. But if you want one then there are various tours available for tourists. Take a guide with yourself and he will help you out further.


Siesta Key has everything that you have wanted to experience. You can define it as a dream vacation. Various things to do in Siesta Key are mentioned through detailed research.

We have provided details about how to reach the various destinations and booking facilities available at Siesta Key. 

Here is a TIP# the best things to do in Siesta Key must be chosen while keeping in mind the best packages available online.

Have you experienced various water sport activities available at Siesta Key? What was the highlight of your vacation? Which things to do in the siesta key you loved most? Share your experiences in the comments.