Montmartre is known in history for its golden days and you can experience some too by visiting this beautiful destination. If you have already planned a vacation to Montmartre then read the best things to do in Montmartre.

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The Heart of The City: Montmartre’s Museum

Montmartre’s Museum

By Musée de Montmartre – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Spend your time with the beloved history of Montmartre. This one is the guaranteed place where you can’t get bored not even for a second. You must be thinking how? It is due to the unique things found at the Montmartre Museum. 

This destination is a Great hideout for those tourists who are looking for an affordable stay in Paris. You will find the coolest hotels to stay with some perfect meals to have in top-notch restaurants nearby the museum.

Don’t forget to book your tour as various tours are regularly held at the Museum. Various tourists come to visit Montmartre museum from around the world. It takes lit to book a perfect tour. We would recommend you for online booking in advance to be on the safer side.

Montmartre Cemetery Shows the Unique Side of Montmartre 

Montmartre Cemetery

By Son of Groucho – Flickr: Another Statue, CC BY 2.0

It is the undiscovered part of Paris by various tourists. The cemetery is really great if you love to discover new and unique stuff available in this world. It offers a great view while being watched from outer parts of the cemetery.

This Cemetery will let you come closer to the artworks and masterpieces available around the world. If you miss this location then maybe these pieces will just be available in pictures. It is time to know about the culture and heritage of the city and learn more about it.

The place is usually viewed as a great cat spotting area and various cats are seen near to the cemetery. You need to book a tour and get to know the timings and venue of the cemetery to have a comfortable visit.

Musée d’Art Naïf Max Fourny: Explore The Artwork

Musée d’Art Naïf Max Fourny

By Pline – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

It is a world-class museum that attracts most of the tourists to visit this part of the city. Various masterpieces are available to look at in the museum. You need to book the tickets to get into the museum and you should check for the timings.

This museum is just perfect for art lovers as it showcases various structures and paintings from the artisans of Paris. You cannot ignore this location as it is one of the best things to do in Montmartre city.

We would also love to tell you that if you are lucky enough to congratulate you and at the museum which is regularly held in the museum every year. These events can be of any kind from educational tours to foreign events.

Interact With Nature at Sacré-Cœur


By Alexander Migl – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

This destination has something for every tourist who wants to get the most of their vacation. You will get to explore the large space of greenery, climb to the mountains, visit the picnic spot, go camping or just have fun with friends and family.

The topmost thing to do at Sacré-Coeur is climbing to the mountains and getting the highest view possible. It is a breathtaking view that you can’t miss and you will get to explore various other destinations from the peak point.

Start by booking the tours available for the city and explore various other undiscoverable parts off. You will get a surprising look at various other things available in the city. The climb will take about a few hours of your day so be ready with your walking shoes.

Le Mur des Je t’aime: Write On Walls

Le Mur des Je t'aime

By Ana Paula Hirama – Paris – France, Mar2015, CC BY-SA 2.0

Are you going on vacation with your partner and want to spend some quality time? Then this is destination will get you that privacy which you wanted on your vacation. Although it is just a wall that screams 250+ languages.

You must be wondering what is written on the walls? The walls have been written as I love you in various kinds of languages and you can show your love for your partner on those walls too. This is a great way to spend some quality time.

Or get a photo clicked with the wall as it is the perfect destination where most of the tourists click abundant pictures. You will get to spend a relaxing time and hold your partner’s hand while walking freely.

La Recyclerie: Have You Been to a Eco friendly Restaurant?

Get some good experience in eco-friendly restaurants. You will love to watch this kind of restaurant as it is one of the unique places in the Montmartre city. You would love to know that this restaurant attracts major tourists in town.

The highlight of the restaurant that attracts tonnes of tourists is its use of eco-friendly techniques. You will get to watch a unique process in the restaurant. This process makes the restaurant a whole unique thing in town. It has become the some of the topmost things to do in Montmartre.

Various activities are held at the restaurant such as flea markets and various other workshops. The location of the restaurant is 83, Boulevard Ornano, 18th arr. You can rent a cab as a local transport in the city.

Book A Bistro Tour

Bistro Tour

Montmartre is found with various Bistros at every corner of the city. Well, the abundance of these calls for a visit at least once. You are required to choose the one that suits your location. You can find the nearest bistro.

Also, various tours are available to be booked online. You can have a bistro tour and taste the excellent flavors of various drinks. These are some top-notch drinks that you will love. Note that only adults are allowed to be on the tour.

Also, note that you can get a guide for your tour so that it becomes easy to get the whole vacation done smoothly. You can get a guide by booking various packages online. These packages will offer you good discounts.

Cherish New Flavours At Café Lomi

Café Lomi

If you want to explore the best cousin of Montmartre then Cafe Lomi is the perfect destination that you need to visit. You will be surprised to taste a variety of flavors in the unique dishes available at the cafe. Most of the tourists come to visit Cafe Lomi to test the exquisite flavors.

Also, Cafe Lomi is an affordable restaurant where you can have a meal at any time of the day whether it is lunch or dinner. Don’t forget to taste the local breakfast of the Montmartre city which is something you need to taste once. The culture of the city is presented through its food.

The budget that you can expect while visiting the cafe is between USD 100 to USD 200 per head. The budget will vary according to the age of the tourist such as kids will have a lower budget. This restaurant is a popular destination in Montmartre city.

Dalida: Learn About The Most Popular Tale Of Montmartre 


While visiting the Mont party city and not coming across the famous city of tales will make your vacation incomplete. Montmartre city has long-lasting tales that present the culture of the city from its golden days.

If you don’t visit Montmartre city then you will not get to know the fascinating story of the Dalida. The sad life and the drastic tales are worth knowing about. We would not love to share the tale right now cause you can totally experience it at this city with the minor details.

You would love to know the main highlight of this tale was that Dalida was a famous star who enjoyed stardom in her life from a very little age. The tale goes on and on and it takes various twisting turns.

The lost windmills of Montmartre (Maybe You Can Find One)

The lost windmills of Montmartre

By Vincent van Gogh

You must be wondering what kind of adventure is the last windmills of Montmartre? It is a great adventure and you should be ensured that you will be having thrilling fun here. don’t be confused because these are those windmills who were lost during the old times.

So why not go for an adventure to find those lost windmills and sink into the adventure of the city. There are various tours available online for this specific adventure and it is one of the kind that you can experience.

You should note that this adventure attracts a lot of tourists hence it gets really packed during the peak seasons so you need to hurry up and book your tour as soon as possible. Also, you can get great deals and discounted offers so don’t forget to get one.

Reach To New World Through a Polaroid Tour

Well, there is a photographer waiting for you at Montmartre city. You will want to get the experience of this photographer because it will get you some memorable pictures that you can keep for your life.

It is one of the unique experiences that is available at Montmartre city and you will not want to miss it. While checking this activity at Montmartre city you need to book some of the tours prior to your vacation.

You have to book a Polaroid tour to make your vacation outstanding. This tour is the highlight of every vacation at Montmartre city. Kids especially love this kind of photoshoots. The expected budget will be between USD 200 per head.

Picasso: Know About The Legend


Who doesn’t know Picasso? Everyone in the world knows about him and his great paintings. What if you were going to watch one? No one can say no to it. Every tourist would love to visit the Picasso paintings.

The great news is you will be watching one in Montmartre city. Now you would be wondering how we can watch Picasso paintings in this kind of city? Yes, it is totally available at once because you may not know but it is the art hub of Paris.

Also, you might not know that various artist from around the world has come up from Paris city itself and that too from Montmartre city. This thrilling adventure is for all those tourists who have a keen eye towards artwork.

Place du Tertre: Bring Out The Artist Inside You

Place du Tertre

By Nimbusania – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Are you in love with those wall paintings that fill the city with bright colors? Well if you haven’t experienced then it’s time to fill your life with bright colors by watching those artisans who will be painting the walls with large landscapes all around the city.

Place du Tertre is all about the art fun that you can explore in the city and have a great meal from nearby destinations. Have a glass of wine and stroll through the street and get the experience of various artwork available on the walls. This is an exciting journey that you would not forget in your whole life.

The most important part of this place is, it is within your budget you have to spend nothing at all. You are interacting with local artisans, visiting their work, having a great meal and good drinks. All this in your budget at no cost. Now we think there’s a need to visit this destination.

Show Your Team Spirit at Best Basketball Court

Best Basketball Court

Get the timings and venue to enjoy the sport. You can hop on the court and enjoy being part of the basketball game. The photo opp is available at the basketball court which is worth admiring by the tourists.

You will love to watch the bright color paintings from far or just play with some good players. It is a treat for both the basketball lovers and art lovers. This destination is a unique combination of both the worlds.

Also do note that this destination is budget-friendly. You don’t need to pay for just admiring the art or maybe playing a game with professional players. If you want a tour then you can expect the budget between USD 100 to USD 200 per head.


If you are reading till here then we hope that you have found the perfect experience to explore in Montmartre. You will love this vacation at Montmartre.

Here is a TIP# Explore these things by having a full-fledged plan for your vacation. Learn about the budget.

Have you been to the above places? How was your experience at Montmartre? Have you experienced the best of the things to do in Montmartre? Do you want to add any adventure apart from above? Share your experience and feedback below.