Be ready to explore the world’s best luxury hotels and underwater experience from around the world. The best things to do in Maldives are waiting to be explored. You can not wait once reaching there. Don’t worry if you get tired because the Maldives has a spa facility to relax and freshen up your body. Read below to know more about the best things to do in the Maldives.We have listed the top things that you can experience at the Maldives. It is our guarantee that you will not be bored at any moment in the Maldives.

1. Dine Under Water

Dine Under Water

Visit the first dining restaurant under the water and get the world’s best experience. You won’t get wet and you will have the best experience in the world. You will get to taste the variety of food available at the restaurant.

The best food available at the restaurant is seafood which has the best flavors. You need to get these flavors on your tongue. It is a family restaurant. Dinning underwater is an experience that you can not afford to miss. Do check it out.

Also if you are in luck then you can watch various species on the roof swimming in the water. It’s an incredible experience to watch those species swimming over your head. You will not get this experience anywhere in the world.

Expected charges

The expected budget will range between USD 60 to USD 300 depending upon the number of course meals you want to have. The budget will change if you are an adult or a child.

You will get champagne in compliment if you are dining in the cocktail hour. Book online to get the best deals. You can have various complimentary gifts if you book the best resorts in the world.

Timings and venue

If you want to have the best experience then you should follow the timings of the underwater restaurants. These are not open 24 hours we pre-book them online.

11 AM–2:30 PM – 6:30–10:30 PM
Conrad Maldives, 2034

2. Rent a private boat

Things to do in Maldives

If you are someone who is visiting the Maldives with four families or with your partner then renting a boat is the perfect option. You will get a relaxing vacation on the oceans and you can sit freely on the boat. The private boats are without any stress.

If you are not a boating person then take a regular boat and go boating with your family. While private boats are the popular form of boating that you will love to try once. Private boats are the perfect option.

While boating doesn’t forget to interact with marine life such as sharks are available in the ocean. These are really playful and you can play with them. Around 800 species will be found on the ocean.

Expected charges

You can expect the budget from ranging between USD 150 to USD 300 as it depends upon the services you choose. Various service providers charge differently according to the size of the boat.

Timings and venue

The timings are variable according to the package you choose. Multiple shifts are available you can choose online. Also, multiple locations are possible to rent a boat at the Maldives.

3. Bioluminescent Plankton

Bioluminescent Plankton

For all those science lovers this destination is waiting for you. You will experience various science shows held regularly at the Plankton. You can’t miss these experiments as these show the unique aspect of Maldives.

While planning for a vacation this destination is something that you can’t miss especially at nights. You will love this destination and the night view is great. While stepping in the white sand barefoot you will watch a magical effect.

The magical effect that you will get to watch is the blue-green light. This effect can be watched from the shore. You can take a ferry ride and add the extra adventure to your vacation. 

Expected charges

This one is obviously a budget-friendly destination. You will love to watch it. There is no cost chargeable and you can get the effect while sleeping under the sky. 

Timings and venue

No opening and closing hours as you can visit anytime. The perfect time to visit the shore is during nights. You will get the perfect view while gazing at the star on a calm night.

4. Whale Submarine

Whale Submarine

This adventure is equal to living an extraordinary life in the Maldives. If you know about the Maldives life then you can live one in this great Submarine excursion. This adventure is a unique one from any you have experienced in your life.

You will get to watch the various species through the submarine and watching different species from the whale submarine is among the top things to do in the Maldives. You will not want to miss out on the huge fun.

Also, you can take your family on this tour. It will take about an hour to complete the tour. You will love this tour as inside a submarine it will like an underwater house.

Expected charges

The charges will be according to the age of tourists. If you are an adult then you will have to pay USD 150 and children will have to pay USD 80. Also if you want to book online then this option is available too and you can save on cost through online offers.

Timings and venue

The regular timings are 9 am until 8 pm while mostly timings will be Sunday to Thursday – 10 am – 2 pm, Friday and Saturday closed. You should follow these timings accordingly.

5. Beaches


The Maldives is known for wonderful beaches and if you have enough of underwater life then you need to enjoy life on land. If you want to experience the best beaches around the world then you should choose some of the unique beaches.

The bioluminescent beach is one of the recommended beaches that you will love. You will find glow in the dark beach and that is the highlight of this beach. You will love to watch the highlights of this beach.

Different beaches will get you different experiences so you need to choose wisely. Do choose large beaches to avoid the crowd. The Maldives is usually filled with a lot of crowds, especially at peak seasons.

Expected charges

If you look at the budget then every beach will vary in your budget. But these beaches will have no cost if you just relax at the beach. If you are shopping for some stuff then you can expect to spend USD 100 to USD 200.

Timings and venue

Beaches are open at any time of the year. You will find the perfect view at night and if you are exploring water sports then the day is the best time. Nights are perfect for a long walk at the beach.

6. Multiple Islands

Multiple Islands

Various islands are available to explore at the Maldives. These islands have multiple highlights. If you are confused about which island to choose then you can read our guide about the vacation to the Maldives.

You will get complete details about the top attractions to visit in the Maldives and the best places to stay at the Maldives. While it will become a tedious task to plan the perfect location but this guide will help you out in every way. Don’t forget to read about the best hotels available in the Maldives.

Also if you get confused then read the top destinations to visit at every island. You will love to explore the multiple and unique activities. The best islands that you can’t miss our Biyadhoo Island, Fihalhohi Island, Maafushi Island, Male Island, Hulhumalé Island, and various other specific islands.

Expected charges

Different islands will cost you differently. If you want to know the exact budget of Maldives then read the article mentioned above. You can plan the vacation very easily through this guide.

Timings and venue

Islands are available to visit every time. The important thing to note is you need to book tickets. It is the local transport that will cost you to move from one island to another.

7. Couple Massage

Couple Massage

The Maldives gives the best couple massages and tourists themself have recommended these massages. You will love to try one for yourself. It can be a relaxing experience on your vacation that you need after a whole day.

Various travelers book the massages just after they land on the Maldives so as to get relaxed and be ready for the next day. This way you will be stress-free and completely charged up to enjoy the other destinations.

If you want to know about the massages available at the Maldives then you must know multiple massages are available. Solo or couple massages are some regular ones. You should be an adult to have a massage. Book a massage online to save on cost and get some package deals.

Expected charges

If you are booking a luxury resort then you can get a massage free of cost. Some resorts give complimentary massages.

 If you can’t find one then these massages will cost you around USD 200 to USD 400 per person. The amount can vary from one island to another.

Timings and venue

Every spa is available for a massage from morning to evening. A spa is open for about 12 hours and no need to worry as you will get the best massages at the Maldives.

8. Snorkeling


If you want to find the perfect destination to explore snorkeling in the Maldives that provides first-class services then Naifaru island is the best island among all. You will find some good companies that provide snorkeling services.

If you want to book a snorkeling tour then get one or you don’t know how snorkeling is done then book a lesson. It will help you to get the perfect experience and that too with perfect guidance and safety.

While snorkeling you will have the chills in your body and that is noted as the perfect adventure. This adventure will be a lifetime experience. You should be an adult to explore it. Also, kids can enjoy snorkeling to a limited extent.

Expected charges

The expected charges are around USD 200 to USD 400 which can vary at different islands. The tour will cost more for adults and children will cost about half of the price.

Timings and venue

You can explore snorkeling at any time of the day. It is open for 24 hours and no need to worry because you can book anytime. You can take a flight from Male the capital city of Maldives that will take 15 minutes to reach.

9. Diving


We don’t think that any tourist gets enough of the underwater adventures. If you get one more underwater adventure then tourists can never say no to it. The best adventure at the Maldives is scuba diving.

You will be exploring abundant species underwater. For those who don’t know how to dive then book a diving lesson. Scuba diving services are well provided in the Maldives. You can hire professional trainers to help you out exploring scuba diving. 

Most of the snorkeling and diving tours are provided at Naifaru island. We don’t want you to have any bad experience so try one of the best services on Naifaru island. You will love to have the luxury experience of professional trainers.

Expected charges

The expected budget will be between USD 350 to USD 500 per head. It can vary for different islands. Also if you book a lesson then it can be charged extra. Diving tours are limited to adults. 

Timings and venue

Naifaru island is already mentioned above as the best destination for a diving adventure. Also, the islands are open from morning to evening. So get your experience during day time.

10. Luxury Stays

Luxury Stays

While exploring every activity in the Maldives you should not forget to book the luxury hotels and resorts of Maldives. These are not more than an experience in the Maldives. You need to get that experience once in your lifetime.

Some of the best destinations to stay at the Maldives are four seasons Landaa GIraavaru, Jumeirah Dhevanafushi, Park Hyatt and various other locations that every tourist loves.

We would love to let you know that various on the water resorts are available for stay and this is the best experience. So choose the water resorts as you can’t find them anywhere else.

Expected charges

Different resorts will charge you differently. The expected budget is between USD 1400 to USD 2000. Do note that you need to plan the vacation according to the budget so keep a slack for extra expenditures.

Timings and venue

You can book resorts anytime but during the tour, vacation resorts are open during business hours only. Do book in advance to have a hustle free visit. It will save your time. 


Things to do in MaldivesWe have mentioned the best things to do in the Maldives. If you didn’t note the best destinations to experience every activity then do note it for a better experience.

We have listed details for the budget and timings of the destination. These minor details are helpful for a relaxing vacation. Choose the top things to do in the Maldives and then plan the budget accordingly.

Here is a TIP# get a much better experience of your vacation by reading the guide mentioned in the article to plan a budget-friendly vacation.

Hope you found the best activities to explore and got the best destinations to visit from the above-mentioned guide.

Have you been to the Maldives? What was your favorite island? Which activity did you love most? What was your favorite spot at Maldives? Which tours did you book online? Share your experiences in the comments below.