Milan is known as the fashion city of the world. You can expect top-notch brands from the world and read below about the top things to do in Milan. The high-quality restaurant and bars of the city demand a visit from every tourist. The city is added with much more art and culture which can be explored at The Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral and the Santa Maria Delle Grazie convent.

If you are wondering Milan is just about the fashion city then you need to know the economic heart of Italy, Milan. The national stock exchange makes Milan the financial capital of Italy. You need to visit the future city of Italy. The art forms and great events are undeniable experiences.

Golden Triangle: Shopping Capital of Milan

Things to do in milan

You can not end the vacation without buying a tribute for the perfect vacation. Golden Triangle is known as the shopping center of Milan. Get to know the famed designers of the world who relive in Milan through their designs. It is known as one of the first things to do in Milan.

If you don’t know then every unique piece in this world comes through inspiration from Milan masterpieces and unique designs. Sinking into this ethnicity and admiring it looks on yourself is not enough. Do try some of them and get filled with excitement.

Enjoy Nightlife At Tunnel Club

Enjoy Nightlife At Tunnel Club

Are you confused about this destination? Whether it is a tunnel or a club or a club named as a tunnel? You are right it is much more than a club and a lot more like a tunnel. The most famed rocking events are held at this club.

Once you are inside, coming out is not an option. It is not like you can’t come out but you will not want to. You must know that it is really hard to get the perfect tickets especially during an event and every weekend you will be escorted by a great concert.

Visiting Hours: the club is open after 6:00 pm while the vents are held at 11:00 pm.

Location: Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini 30, 20125 Milan, Italy

Contact: +39 339 403 2702

Relax at QC Termemilano

Relax at QC Termemilano

QC Termemilano was more based on the idea of a wellness center. Now it has become the sole day out the cause for relaxing and exploring the unique features of each sauna. You can spend a full day with your family.

The whole experience starts with a changing room. You need to have euro coins to enjoy the small parts of the QC Terme.ilano journey. When you insert one euro coin in the locker, you get to use it and while reopening the locker; you get your back.

Take a good shower to clear your body from the oils and be ready to enter into a new world of freshness. The real things begin when you enter the Theatre of Marvels. You relax on the bed and it rises on a leave and the room is filled with air. 

Move to a number of relaxation rooms which are themed differently such as a water-themed relaxation room, an earth-themed relaxation room, and a salt room.

Add to the experience 

  • Buffet to have a meal after a relaxing day at Spa
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi 
  • Water Treatments
  • Water jet relaxation
  • Hot pools
  • Thermal Spas

Location: Piazza Medaglie D’Oro, 2 corners with Via Filippetti, 20135 Milan Italy

Contact: +39 02 5519 9367

San Siro Stadium: Be Thrilled With Famous Sports Of Milan

San Siro Stadium: Be Thrilled With Famous Sports Of Milan

It holds the football legacy of San Siro which will give you an opportunity to fulfill your curiosity about the behind the scenes of the sport. The perfect way to start exploring the stadium is by booking a tour.

The tour will begin from a good old room to refresh your brain with the jerseys collection of legends. It is just like walking in the footsteps of those champions who once ruled football. Then you will move to Inter and Milan locker rooms and after crossing it you will get the complete view of the San Siro field.

Don’t forget to pop some questions with the guides who are available at all times during the tour. At last, you will get a full-fledged description of historic and structural aspects of the stadium. This exposure is a part of the thrilling things to do in Milan.

Visiting Hours: SUMMER 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM WINTER 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Admission fees: adults USD 20 children below 6 years free

Civic Aquarium of Milan: Get Acquainted With Marine Life

Civic Aquarium of Milan: Get Acquainted With Marine Life

The third oldest aquarium in Europe is just around the corner of Milan city. You need to know the abundant species but don’t expect a full stop after visiting the aquarium. A lot more fun is just going to start from now on.

You will get to explore the history of the museum and how it became the third oldest museum in Europe. Since it was built in 1906, and the only surviving structure from that era hence it speaks of the past. 

  • The Aquarium Library is one of it’s kind in Milan. It features specific books related to marine biology. Those of you interested need to have a look.
  • The reef is another exceptional door that can not be missed for anything. It is specifically constructed through original material from reefs. The lightning and look at the species are a treat to eyes.
  • Starfish, have a look at the star of the aquarium which is a starfish. It is the popular species available in Milan. 

Visiting hours: Every day from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Contact: +390288465750

Location: Sempione Park

Family Time at Aquatica

Family Time at Aquatica

Want your kids to play beside you and you can relax while watching them? It is a good time to visit Aquatics. Here at Aquatica, you will be charged up to explore more fun than any other activity fun. The park is the number one activity on the list of top things to do in Milan.

If you are planning to visit Aquatica then be sure to pack your sports stuff because you are going to enjoy basketball, beach volleyball, and a solarium. This park is much more interesting than you can imagine.

  • Space Bowl is the hot spot of Aquatica which is usually not explored by faint-hearted travelers. You will get spin right before diving into the waters just below the bowl.
  • Crazy River, take a raft and ride along with the slides of the river at the foot of Aquatica. You can walk for 20 meters and find the river below the hill.
  • Tower of slides, take a walk to the tower and while you are at it; you will be really thrilled until you get there. Once goo gets there, sit on the tower for a while and take the complete look of the park. Then get to the slide and splash into the water.
  • Spray Park, this area is an exotic location inside Aquatica. It is the best place to play games with your family or friends. Water games are the best and you can play several of them at the spray park.

Additional features

  • Food and drinks
  • Wardrobe
  • Relaxing Gazebo
  • Sunbeds and umbrellas

Visiting hours: 10 am to 7 pm

Location: via Gaetano Airaghi 61, 20153 Milano MI Italy

Contact: +390248200134

Charges: The charges start at USD 23 and for further tours, You can contact on the above-mentioned number.

Pinacoteca di Brera: Get Inspired From Masterpieces 

Pinacoteca di Brera: Get Inspired From Masterpieces

Have you watched a painting and admired it for hours? If not then you will be at this destination. Pinacoteca di Brera is the main gallery of Milan. Also a hot spot for art lovers. You can not miss it on your vacation as the Italian masterpiece including paintings from Raphael are not available at any other destination.

  • Get a look at the chronological work done in the museum. Every painting has it’s position separately throughout the gallery.
  • Gallery has 38 halls which are unique in their own aspects. Admire unique kinds of arts in different balls.
  • Courtyard inside the art gallery is a suitable spot to relax during your visit to different halls. 
  • Drawing cabinet is the sole place in the gallery where you will explore those drawn paintings from the famed Italian masters that have created history. It includes paintings from Leonardo da Vinci.

Visiting Hours: Every day from 8:30 am to 7:15 pm

Location: via Brera 28, 20121 Milano MI Italy

Contact: +3902860796

Expected hours: 2-3 hours for a complete tour

Teatro Alla Scala: Enjoy The World Of Famous Artists

Teatro Alla Scala: Enjoy The World Of Famous Artists

One of the leading opera houses in the world is situated in Milan. Teatro Alla Scala has presented various popular artists and is going to present more of them in the coming time. You should be ready to book the tickets and enjoy your time in Milan.

  • La Scala Theatre Ballet, you may not have thought that it is just an opera house because it is more than that. A separate ballet house is yet to be experienced Teatro Alla Scala
  • La Scala Theatre Orchestra, it is one of the things to do in Milan which tops at the whole opera house. Most visitors are just getting the whole tour just to have a look at the Theatre orchestra.
  • La Scala Theatre Academy, the art at the Teatro Alla Scala is spreading beyond the boundaries through the academy. Anyone wishes to learn can take admissions or get to know how children are taught through a complete tour.

Transport: book a tram ride to the opera house, it is much easier and economical.

Location: 20121 Milan, metropolitan city of Milan, Italy

Museo del Novecento: Take A Look At the 20th Century

Museo del Novecento: Take A Look At the 20th Century

This museum is known for its collection pieces of the 20the century artworks. You will be discovering a unique art kind with a view of an Italian. The art gallery has become a whole new experience after the renovation which added two stories to the art gallery.

  • International Avant-Garde Artist, the known artist who ruled artworks for centuries are showcased in the gallery. Some of those masters are Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, and Amedeo Modigliani.
  • Kinetic and Programmed Art, the specific section is devoted to Art. It features works of Gruppo T. Also the section specializes in most of the Italian arts which can be experienced just in Italy.
  • The famed Arte Povera, the last section of the gallery is devoted to the famed artist. It is the best part of the whole gallery. 
  • Exhibitions and contemporary art: if you are on a budget then plan for an exhibition and get the best tour at affordable prices. While being at an exhibition you will get to watch some specific masterpieces.

Location: the Arengario palace in Piazza del Duomo

Other museums in Milan

  • Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan
  • MUDEC- Museums of culture in Milan
  • Museo Martinitt E Stelline
  • Museo Nazionale Della Scienza e Della Tecnica
  • The Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan

Beautiful places to stay

Beautiful places to stay

Being the most beautiful city, Milan is the destination for some of the exceptional and the top budgeted hotels to stay. Here is the list of the top hotels to stay.

Velvet Grey Boutique Hotel (Duomo)

It is the perfect destination where you can stay in Duomo. It has top ratings according to the travel bloggers. This hotel is suitable for any kind of budget. 

Bulgari Hotel Milano (Brera)

While visiting Milan you may not want to miss out Pinacoteca Di Brera. This destination is nearby to Bulgari Hotel Milano. The hotel is just perfect to visit the best destination of Brera. You will get to experience the luxury stay in the hotel.

Hotel Milano Scala

With a relaxing so this hotel tops the list of any traveler looking for a budgeted vacation. You will get to experience the historic interiors of the hotel with a rooftop lounge. Also don’t miss the complimentary breakfast on your bookings. It is nearby to the Teatro Alla Scala.

Apart Hotel Lupetta 5

If you want to plan a perfect stay to live in the heart of the city then Apart Hotel Lupetta 5 is just what you were looking for. It is nearby to Duomo di Milano cathedral and the Palazzo Reale with a 6-minute walk.


museums in Milan

Milan is a city that can be fit for any budget. If you are fond of a big city then you must visit. Once you are set to plan for the top things to do in Milan, you would know that Milan is a luxury pass to all visitors.

Here is a TIP# Choose the best spot and plan well in advance. Do stay in the perfect hotels. 

What was your best part of Milan? Which museum did you love most? How was your short experience in Milan after this article? Share your feedback in the comments below.