This guide presents you with the most popular places to visit and things to do in England. You will love to explore these places and have the thrill of incredible things to do in England. Don’t forget to choose the best destination according to the activities available.

The below guide has the top destinations that will let you enjoy the topmost thrill of England. Get the taste of royalty and first-class services. Every destination is in itself a unique place.



It is the perfect destination to start your vacation and get a dose of architecture. Any vacation at Liverpool is not complete without The Beatles. You will love to watch them and the next best thing in Liverpool is Britain’s largest cathedral.

You will love to enjoy various outstanding activities and thrilling adventures Waiting in Liverpool. If you are confused about where to head first then read the guide below and learn what to explore and where.

Things to do at Liverpool:

  • Mersey Ferry: this ride will take you to the most beautiful part of the city. You will get to experience various stops around the city that are the topmost attractions of the city. This ride is hopped on hop off the ride, where you can book a cruise and enjoy the whole city tour.
  • The Beatles Story: if you are not a fan of the Beatles then you will become one after visiting this place. Listen to the largest merchandise of Beatles and spend some quality time.
  • Book your tickets at Anfield: Football is the popular game in the city. You need to watch the thrill of the game with your eyes, live at the stadium. It will be the best time of your life.
  • Shop on Bolding Street: get the local and popular stuff of the city at an affordable price on the street. It has the best stuff that you can buy for your friends and family.



The capital city of England is just a never-ending conversation about its top attractions. You can have non stop the fun at various destinations in England. From Buckingham palace to Knightsbridge to Carnaby Street, various attractions are full of experiences.

Also, each destination is known for its breathtaking activities that you can enjoy with your family. You will love to know about the local residents and don’t forget to have the taste of local food.

Things to do in London:

  • Thames Cruise: by booking a cruise tour you will get to enjoy the nightlife of the city. Also, the cruises are available on the day too. It will get you to various attractive locations such as tower bridge and London’s eye.
  • O2: it is the best location to enjoy various festivals held in the city. The destination attracts various music lovers and party rockers. You can enjoy the Emirates Air Line that will take you across the water.
  • Piccadilly Circus: if you want to watch some of the strange things about London then this place needs a visit. You will come to know why this place is known as the heart of the city. The Trocadero house is something you can’t miss.
  • Hyde Park: one of the most popular attractions in London and also the largest park in London that has various memorials to visit. Go for paddle boating and play with swans.
  • Have a tattoo at Camden: the variety of cultures is something you will love to experience at Camden. Various unique things are available at Camden such as vegan bakeries, piercings, international cuisines and much more.



If you are planning to visit London then just a nearby city that is Cambridge is worth visiting. You will get to know about the historic city of England. This city has a wonderful Cambridge university. You will get to explore some of the great activities at Cambridge.

Once reaching Cambridge you may want to visit Cambridge University, apart from that you can also explore boating rides and various other tours.

Things to do at Cambridge:

  • Cycle Hire: the medium-sized city can be visited by a bike and you will love the biking adventure. Also, there are biking lanes that you can’t ignore. You will come to know that it is known as cyclists paradise.
  • Kings College Chapel: whether you are a church person or not, you will love to experience the Christmas eve roll. This event is held during December. The chapel is a great experience if you visit from inside.
  • Tours: a great university tour is worth visiting Cambridge university. This is a world-famous university. Also, walk around the university and get scenic views.

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle Upon Tyne

It is one of the lively city that you can visit in England. Various historic monuments and peaceful adventures were available in the city. Starting your day alongside a river and walking on the Millenium bridge is the perfect beginning of the day.

Various artists can be seen in the city such as Anthony Gormley, Damien Hirst, and various other artists. Don’t be in doubt and read about various activities that you can explore.

Things to do at Newcastle Upon Tyne:

  • Discovery Museum: it is one of the best museums to explore the cultural heritage of the city. Also, the Stephenson Museum is another place that is best to explore by kids. Various historic monuments are available at the museum.
  • Newcastle Cathedral tour: book a whole tour of the castle that will take around a few hours to visit the castle. canopied font and lectern are the highlights of the case that you can’t miss. The castle is the perfect place to relive your dream experience.
  • Thrilling heights at Tyne Bridge: it is the 165 feet above the bridge that is a bundle of seven bridges. Crossing the bridge is a great adventure whether you walk on foot or bike. This place is just perfect for every age group. 
  • Enjoy at Laing Art Museum: various events are held regularly at the art gallery. You will love the atmosphere and the unique art forms. The biscuit factory is the largest commercial art and craft house in the UK.
  • Jesmond Dene: it is the incredible city that will give you joy. One of the best destinations is Millfield House that is the perfect destination for a variety of activities. You will get a bundle of information at this place.

South Dorset

Want to have fun and get all the adventures at one destination then you need to visit South Dorset. It has a variety of cuisines that are worth exploring especially the seaside restaurant. 

Want to visit some of the specific attractions that take highlight from your vacation, then read below and know more.

Things to do at South Dorset:

  • Biking: Gold Hill is the perfect destination for a biking tour. It also hosts the annual cheese race that you can take part in or watch from outside. It is the rare spot found on any vacation.
  • Poole Harbour: get the thrill of water activities at Sandbanks the expensive side of South Dorset. It gives out some of the first-class services to its tourists. You will get to experience various actions water or just relax alongside the water.
  • Delicious Food: the perfect destination to get the taste of local food is Bridport where you will love to try the variety of cuisines. It is also the place that will give you budget-friendly meals.
  • Fun on the Beach: Strand beach and Natural Reserve is the best combination of the beautiful flower that gives scenic views and relaxation on the beach. A tourist spends all day here. It is the most popular attraction of South Dorset.

The Lake District

The Lake District

It is basically a National park and the most favorite attraction of England. Also visiting The Lake District gets you a package to various nearby destinations. Ambleside and Windermere are some of the popular nearby attractions.

Also, the Lake District is popular for various activities that you will love to enjoy. Let us know about those activities.

Things to do at The Lake District:

  • Lake Cruises: one of the most visited activities done by every tourist is the Windermere Lake Cruise. This is the highlight of a perfect vacation. You will not want to miss out on this golden opportunity to view the whole lake at one go.
  • Lakes Aquarium: this destination is the second-best popular destination at The Lake District. You will love to interact with wildlife in the water. Abundant species are available at the Aquarium.
  • Climbing on the Mine: this is the combination of two activities at once. You will be able to climb the mountain and visit the mines. It is a thrilling activity most recommended by tourists. 
  • Peter Rabbit Spotting: various Peter rabbits are found in the world of Beatrix Potter. This is a great activity and you will have tonnes of fun. 


What can be better than a peaceful vacation? You will not only get to explore the scenic views but something which is of value to your heart. You will love the great adventures and historic vibes of the destination.

The one thing that you can’t ignore at Bristol is regular festivals that are held. These festivals will create the best memories of your life.

Things to do at Bristol:

  • Ferry Ride: Harbour is the best and when you can ride a ferry while doing a harbor your then that is the best opportunity you can’t ignore. You will get to see the whole harbor and relax at the ferry.
  • Crossing the Clifton Suspension Bridge: this bridge is a thrilling activity that will pound your heart. While crossing the bridge you need to be careful and do explore this destination to add the fun to your vacation.
  • Board Games: the unique board games are found at Bristol. The perfect destination to find these board games is Chance and Counters. Have fun or relax at the place while drinking a beer.
  • Book a theatre show: various regular shows are held at Bristol, if you want to get the perfect one then the Edge Theatre is the place for you. You will get to explore some unique shows held regularly.

St. Ives

It is the famous town of the UK and the only port of southern England. If you want to explore the first-class resorts of town then you must visit St.Ives. You should be ready to spend some money and enjoy yourself. 

Also, some of the incredible activities available at the St.Ives are worth enjoying. It is the best place to have the fun of water sports and land sports both. You can enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

Things to do at St. Ives:

  • Surfing: while surfing is the specialty of St.Ives but if you don’t know how to surf on the water then you can learn very easily with a good lesson at St.Ives. the most popular destination to go surfing is Porthmeor Beach.
  • Hiking: the small but beautiful village of Zennor is something you can’t miss at any cost and this opportunity will get you to hiking around the village. You will love to explore the scenic views.
  • Walking barefoot on the island: the incredible coastline of the island is worthwhile to take a walk and get the most scenic views. You will love to go barefoot and enjoy with your partner.
  • Riding rail routes: the most iconic and historic rail routes are available at St.Ives. If you are not getting the thrill of these routes then you are missing out on a lot of fun. Various rail routes are available to enjoy with your friends and your family.

Jurassic Coast

Jurassic Coast

This town is the historic town of the UK. There are various small towns that you can visit during your vacation and have a peaceful time at beaches. Also, it is the perfect place to take an evening walk alongside the huge ocean.

The most scenic views are available at the Jurassic Coast. You can’t miss the scenery of this destination which is known to the world. Read below to know more.

Things to do at Jurassic coast:

  • Rock Climbing: while visiting the Jurassic coast, there is no option available to miss out on rock climbing. The best of the mountains is just a step away and you need to explore that. 
  • Kayaking: water sports are something loved by every tourist and if you are one among those tourists then this activity is perfect for your vacation. If you don’t know how to go about it then get a lesson and learn easily.
  • Diving: the best option to explore the underwater wildlife and have the world-class experience then diving is the perfect water sport for you. You can get a Diving lesson or just splash into the water if you know how to dive.
  • Rock formation views: the most perfect rock formations are available at the Jurassic coast these rocks give a peaceful vibe. if you are visiting the rock formations then Old Harry rocks are the best destination to visit.
  • Stunning Jurassic coast views: visiting the Jurassic coast and not getting its view is not something to miss. You will get a treat for your eyes while visiting the Jurassic Coast.
  • Hurdle Doors: ut is the iconic destination and one of the recommended ones from the tourist. You will love to watch out the hurdle door. These have incredible views and various unique activities to explore.



While getting the best and unique experience at Oxford, you can get very easily to these destinations. If you haven’t slept in cells then it is time to sleep in a cell and get the most of luxury.

Also, you should not forget to visit the church while there are other amazing activities that you will enjoy at Oxford. Here is the list to know more.

Things to do at Oxford:

  • Harry Potter’s location Tour: who doesn’t know about harry potter? It is time to visit those places that were filmed with harry potter movies. You will love to go into those old days and form new memories.
  • Ice Cream Cafes: the best ice cream that you can enjoy anywhere in the world is at Oxford. You will love to get the taste of midnight bagels and get to enjoy the best services.
  • Cruise: the inspiration of Alice in Wonderland is this river where you can go for a river cruise. You will get to watch various rabbits, sleepy dormice, and various other creatures
  • Boating: Sail on a boat and get the dun of boating with your friends or family. Don’t forget to visit the oxford university and do book a tour to get the best deals.


The meeting of two river meets at one destination is York. You will get to see the river Foss and the River Ouse at the same destination. Unimaginable art is found in York. You will get a breathtaking experience by visiting the incredible galleries.

Some of the great monuments that are an important part of the city and the country’s heritage. You should watch all of these monuments. Some of the top attractions to visit and things to experience are listed below.

Things to do at York:

  • Chocolate story: get to know about York’s chocolate story and taste some of the best chocolates present around the world. The fully guided tour will be available to you if you book one.
  • National Railway Museum: whether you like trains or not this time you will love to go on a train. As there are around 100 people who can get on the train. It is a museum that you can explore while being on a train.
  • Experience Viking: if you are a fan of Viking then get to enjoy the Jorvik Viking Center and have the fun of the most iconic show. It is a very popular book and you need to book the tickets well in advance.
  • York’s Museum: the best dining rooms of the world that you can explore from the 20th century are the yorks museum. You will love to watch the old times. Watch the underwater swans and play with them on your tour.
  • Clifford’s Tower: it is the last structure available at York that you will get to explore. It is the symbol of England’s power that was built by William. He was the conqueror who built this tower.

Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle

It is the oldest castle in England. A typical fairytale place where you will experience the luxury of 1000 years ago residents living in the castle. If you have not experienced the English world of those old years then its time now.

Some of the most enjoyable stuff that you should not forget to miss has listed below. These things are loved by every tourist.

Things to do at Corfe Castle:

  • Fossil Hunting: the recommended location to visit at Corfe Castle is Kimmeridge Bay. This is the best place where you can enjoy fossil hunting. This activity is not found anywhere else.
  • Powerboat: Corfe Studland bay is the perfect location to get the fun of Powerboating. At the bay, you will also get to explore a Pizza. You will get to ride the boat and view the whole bay.
  • Traditional Steam Train: if you haven’t watched the steam train then you would love to watch the whole Sunday special. It is also known as the Santa lunch that is the fun activity to explore.
  • Cream Tea: visit the castle gardens and have tea like a royal. You will get to explore how royals have a year. Get a tour to visit the castle and book it online. 


Things to do in england

Visit any of the above places and the joy of some best locations is guaranteed. You will have a great experience in the world. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the best experience.

Here is a TIP# Choose the best destinations from the above list available according to the activities available at each destination.

Have you been to any of the above places? Do you have the experience of the above activities? How was your experience? Share your views.