The magical ride is not far away and for those who are planning, we have made it a lot easier. Now you can know the top Switzerland scenic train that is unavoidable on your journey. It is the known fact that Swiss trains are the highlight of every vacation.

What to Expect at Switzerland Scenic Train Travel?

The first thing about swiss trains is the best infrastructure in the world. Explore some of the best destinations through the train and while you are at it don’t miss out on the Swiss ski break. These are generally on your way especially when you are traveling during winters.

Bernina Express

Bernina Express

It is the topmost Switzerland scenic train ride that starts from the high peaked glaciers of The Alps and drives to the palms of Italy. You can experience breathtaking views of glaciers, Alpine gardens, and mountain peaks. It crosses over 2223M on the journey. You can book a journey for 7-15 days through Bernina Express.

  • During your train journey, you will get to have a look at the Albula line which is also added as UNESCO World Heritage. Through Bernina express, you can even book for a multicenter UNESCO themed holiday.
  • The Bernina express crosses over 55 tunnels and 196 bridges. You can watch various Jungfrau-Aletsch Glaciers specifically if booked through multicentre UNESCO themed holiday and various other hot spots.
  • You can book for a journey at any time of the year but it is strictly recommended to get an advance booking. Most of the tourist websites take advance bookings only.
  • If you are looking for a stay then chur is the perfect destination nearby to most famed resorts of Davos and Arosa.
  • If you are a traveler from outside Italy then you need a passport to travel through Switzerland scenic train.
  • Various other top destinations through Switzerland scenic train are Valposchiavo and the Brusio circular viaduct, Ospizio Bernina, Alp Grüm, Landwasser Viaduct and many more.

Connects: Chur – St. Moritz – Tirano – Lugano

Availability: it is available for the whole year

Ticket Type: travel pass or half fare card can be purchased after reservations


  • Reservation cost: USD 20 to USD 35 per person (only advance booking)
  • If you are booking through travel pass then it is free of cost after reservation cost
  • Half fare cards will cost you USD 30 to USD 80 per person.

Centovalli Railway

Centovalli Railway

One of the flexible kinds of vacations can be booked through Centovalli Railway. It begins from the underground part of Locarno. It took about 2 hours to cross the Italian border and reach Domodossola. The journey ends at 250 m.

  • The highlight of Locarno is the peak point of Santa Maria Maggiore which is situated near the Valle Vigezzo to Domodossola. 
  • The Italian border is a wonderful place to stay and explore various vineyards, waterfalls, long bridges and lovely villages. 
  • If you want to stay and extend your journey then book a resort at Ticino. You mountain resorts are one of its kind at Glacier Express.
  • You have two options while booking; day trips or multicenter trips according to your suitability. The trips are worthwhile experiencing and you can book a new trip being on the old one.

Connects: Locarno to Domodossola connecting with Brig, Montreux, and the Bernese Oberland

Ticket Type: trips can be booked after the reservations

Availability: while year, mostly booked during winters


  • Reservations can be done as part of entry fees on the train that costs USD 10 per person
  • Day trips will cost USD 75 per person for first-class and USD 45 per person for the second class. (mostly include Locarno to Domodossola)
  • Multi Centre Trips cost USD 70 per person for first-class and USD 40 per person for second class. (Locarno to Montreux)
  • Multi Centre trips cost USD 80 per person for first-class and USD 50 per person for second class (Locarno to Zermatt)

Glacier Express

Glacier Express

A memorable tour can be enjoyed by booking a tour for Glacier Express. This tour starts from the heart of Switzerland, St. Moritz. The train crossed the miles over 2000m and It nearly takes 8 hours. Journey Time: 8 hours or less. You can enjoy the journey all around the year.

  • The Excellence Class, it is a VIP booking for the train ride. The main features included are the confirmed window seats, check-in desk, nice drink at your arrival, àmuse boūche before lunch, seasonal 5-course meal and an afternoon tea.
  • Bistro, explore the great bistro with snacks and drinks. Have a bite in between your journey. Standing tables along with the bistro. Also, it has a postcard facility that you can check.
  • Two Air-conditioned carriages: a first-class carriage with 36 places and second class carriage with 48 places. Do keep in mind it is a no-smoking train. Every place with 4 seats or 2 seats and a center table.
  • The routes are explained during the ride. These are explained through earphones available on the train. You can very well understand each route according to your convenience.

Connects: St. Moritz – Chur – Brig – Zermatt

Ticket Type: tours can be booked according to the number of days of your vacation.


  • Booking fee: USD 30 per person during winter, USD 40 per person during summer, spring and autumn.
  • Chur to Brig or return journey: USD 65 per person for first-class, USD 40 per person for second class
  • St.Moritz to Zermatt or return journey: USD 120 for first-class, USD 70 per person for second class.

Gotthard Panorama Express

Gotthard Panorama Express

The Gotthard Panorama Express starts from Lucerne and it crosses the on Lake Lucerne while giving the astonishing looks of the lake. This journey takes two and a half hours. On the way to the next destination, you will find various villages and towns. 

After crossing the tunnels and getting chills inside, you will reach Ruess Valley. The wonderful scenic views are here. After exploring the famous destination you will move ahead towards the Ticino region where you can stay or move to Lugano.

  • Gothard Line is the highlight of the journey where the train climbs for almost 1100 m for as below as 470 m. It makes the tickling sensation in your stomach.
  • Various masterpiece constructions are on the way of this Switzerland scenic train ride such as galleries, spirals, horseshoe tunnels and bridges. These are some of the famous structures and built by local engineers.
  • The known cruiser will start your journey from Lucerne. It is a worthwhile ride to get the scenic view of the lake. A paddle steamer ride is also an addition while you are aboard on the train.
  • The first-class carriage is accompanied by an exclusive facility of panoramic windows to get a complete view. Don’t forget to pop questions with your travel guide on the seat.
  • Photo carriage on the train is a great place to sink into the Switzerland scenic train vibes. More luxury is added on the train with trolley service to serve drinks and food.

Connects: Lucerne – Flüelen – Bellinzona – Lugano

Ticket Type: 7 to 12-day tour can be booked as per your convenience 


  • Booking charges are USD 20 per person
  • Lucerne to Lugano charges or return journeys are USD 70 per person for first class.

Availability: the whole year

Arosa Line

Arosa Line

It is a short ride from Chur to Arosa which will take around one hour. It is the oldest line of Italy that mounts to 1000m on the mountain. You will be able to watch the traditional streets of Chur. After crossing various marvelous structures, the Switzerland scenic train reaches Arosa.

  • The unforgettable scenic view of Schanfigg is worth its exploration at Chur. The Maltese tower and Obertor gate is the addition to the masterpieces by civil engineering.
  • The Plessur river is a long-lasting view that is stretched over a vast area. It is the second last destination from the 1800m above Arosa.
  • Arosa is located above the sea level which is really high. Even a return journey is booked to explore the sea level.
  • You can even extend your tour as Bernina express is just nearby. These tours can be stretched through booking a multicentre vacation.
  • The journey at the Arosa line is given multiple times in a day and generally called a short and flexible Switzerland scenic train ride.

Connects: Chur to Arosa

Availability: throughout the year and multiple times in a day.

Ticket Type: half fare card can be purchased to book a tour


  • Reservations can be done if you are planning a pre-booking or directly book for the trip if planning for the immediate trip.
  • The first-class carriage from Chur to Arosa costs USD 30 per person.
  • The second class carriage from Chur to Arose costs USD 20 per person.

Emmental Regio Express

Emmental Regio Express

It is one of the best trains that connects multiple stations and through this flexibility you have the option to easily extend or cut short the vacation at your convenience. The Emmental Regio Express starts from Lucerne and crosses various world heritage sites and reaches to Bern.

  • The perfect staying destination is the southern resort at Ticino that gives a world-class experience to every tourist.
  • Explore the first Biosphere Reserve through Switzerland scenic train ride. It is situated in the glorious town of Entlebuch. The abundant variety of flowers and wildlife is yet to explore in the reserve.
  • The traditional farmhouses are the next part on your way to have a look and you can even explore them while staying at the town for a while.
  • Famous Emmental cheese production can be watched on your ride and cow grazing is a great look. The milk is converted to cheese and produced organically.

Connects: Lucerne To Bern

Availability: 1.5 hours journey take place multiple times in a day throughout the year

Ticket Type: book your tickets without any reservation through online mode or half fare card


  • Reservation is not compulsory 
  • The first-class carriage costs USD 30 per person (direct trains)
  • Second class carriage costs USD 20 per person (direct trains)

Lake Constance Line

Lake Constance Line

The hidden gem of Zurich is rarely discovered by various tourists and you will get that experience through Switzerland scenic train ride vacations. Lake Constance line is one of its kind. The special highlight of the line is the largest waterfall of Europe, the Rhine Falls. 

  • Schaffhausen is an unlimited town with various opportunities to get a great experience along your way to finishing the Rhine river. 
  • The Rhine river combines into Lake Constance and emerges with a wonderful view. The view is far reached towards the ending of Romanshorn.
  • Don’t forget to miss the medieval era through historic buildings in the Schaffhausen town. The journey will move to St.Gallen after crossing the lake. St.Gallen is a historic city with high peaks of mountains and lovely views.
  • The tour can be extended through Lake Constance by combining with Pre Alpine Express. It is another center that highlights the Toggenburg region.

Connects: Zurich to Lake Constance

Availability: 2 and 2.5 hours multiple times each day throughout the year is available

Ticket Type: book a tour through half fare card


  • Reservations are not mandatory, direct bookings can be done.
  • Zurich to St. Gallen, first-class carriage journey for USD 45 per person.
  • Zurich to St. Gallen, second class carriage journey for USD 30 per person.


Switzerland’s scenic train rides are more than just a train experience. You will explore multiple scenic views and historical gardens. Lake Constance is the personal favorite scenic train ride on the list.

Here is a TIP# UNESCO World Heritage centers are almost every Switzerland scenic train. You can extend your ride or combine it with others. Take help from the charges and book the trips accordingly.

Want to book now then go through these Switzerland scenic train rides.

Which Switzerland scenic ride was your favorite? Did you find the luxury services surprising? How was your experience? What was your favorite destination on the train ride?

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