11 Best Restaurants In Mexico City

Mexico being a highly accomplished city is loved by all, its streets filled with contrasts that make every visit a completely different one. One of the great joys of a visit to Mexico is its cuisine, its crispy tacos, mole sauce. In Mexico thrives in the summer, but it is probably best to visit from November onwards. You can find Aztec Ruines, colonial buildings, Art from the early 20th century. Mexico City walking you will fall in love with the kind people and colorful culture of this great city.

Here are some best restaurants for must-try dishes in Mexico

Food For Foodie:

Pujol11 Best Restaurants In Mexico City 1

Undefeated, the best gourmet restaurant of Mexico, Pujol offers a contemporary take on classic Mexican dishes in a stylish and modern, Mexican-designed setting. Famed chef Enrique Olvera regularly reinvents the menu, which is presented as a menú degustación, a multiple-course tasting extravaganza. If that is not enough it also proposes two different dining options at his highly acclaimed Pujol: a multi-course tasting menu in the formal dining room and a “taco omakase” gourmet eats at the low-slung bar featuring diversified antojitos, tacos and botanas. Menus of tasting come as a choice of to choose anyone either corn or seafood-focused. It takes several weeks to get a table here so now you know the popularity, so reserve well ahead. Simultaneously, seats on the taco bar are easier to book at insufficient notice and come as 10 courses of Asian-inspired bites with drinks, and amazingly surprise cusine crafted by the chef and served by the host.

  • Must taste: Infladita langosta, charred aubergine tamal, brown-sugar roasted pineapple with cilantro.
  • Location: Tennyson 133
  • Price: menú degustación M$1840
  • Visiting Hours: 1:30-10:45 pm Mon-Sat


Seafood is the star attraction at this stylish dining hall with a seaside ambiance and impeccable service.

  • Must try: tuna fillet Contramar-style – split, swabbed with red chili and parsley sauces and grilled, The creamy tuna tostada topped with avocado slices.
  • Location: Durango 200
  • Price: noon-6:30pm Sun-Thu, to 8 pm Fri & Sat
  • Visiting Hours: appetizers M$143-297, mains M$263-583

Expendio de Maíz

If you really want an unmissable, unique experience this is the place you are looking for. No menu, no official name (except the ‘corn dealer’ description), just a relaxed, communal table with food straight from the comal hot plate to wow you. Expect to pay M$200 for four courses of generous snacks with a drink like kombucha or mezcal. Cash only.

  • Must try: crunchy smoky pork carnitas and Oaxacan cheese on house-made tortillas
  • Location: Av Yucatán 84
  • Price: meals from M$200
  • Visiting Hours: 9:30 am-6 pm

Quintonil11 Best Restaurants In Mexico City 2

This contemporary innovator consistently makes the Top 50 Restaurants in the World list in 2018 for exclusively showcasing traditional Mexican dishes. Representing a new wave Mexican cooking, the kitchen serves a long, 10-course tasting menu that showcases ingredients indigenous to Mexico: corn, beans, squash, chiles, and mushrooms.

  • Must try: Chef Jorge Vallejo gives local, organic ingredients starring roles, which dazzle when Wagyu beef meets opulent pulque and chipotle chile reduction and elevate crab tostadas to a smoky revelation.
  • Location: Newton 55
  • Price: mains M$330-595, menú degustación M$2490
  • Visiting Hours: 1-4pm & 6:30-10pm Mon-Sat

Let’s talk about Tacos

If you are in Mexico and do not have tacos then you definitely missed the essence of Mexico. Who doesn’t know the delicious taco- a traditional Mexican dish comprising of wheat tortilla topped or petite hand-sized corn or with a filling. The tortilla must be wrapped around the filling and have a bite.

Listed below are the best restaurants to enjoy Tacos

Los Cocuyos

Suadero- beef tacos measured in the capital, but this always-open stand reigns supreme. Getting that delicious olfaction to your nose to the bubbling barrel of meats and run for the artery-choking campechano which is a mixture of beef and sausage taco. The adventurous eater can try Ojo (eye) and if not then can try their speciality Lengua (tongue) tacos. For vegetarians, there are nopales or cactus paddles but needs to stand in a queue be prepared.

  • Location: Bolívar 54
  • Visiting Hours:24hr
  • Price: tacos M$18-25

Por Siempre Vegana Taquería11 Best Restaurants In Mexico City 3

If you are vegan you can join in the street-food action which includes soy and gluten taco variants of al pastor, chorizo and loganiza or sausage. The late-night experience is incomplete without self-serve tubs of toppings such as nopales (cactus paddles), potato, beans and salsas. There are also dairy-free cakes and Oaxacan ice cream at this street stall. Another branch with seating and the same hours is around the corner at Coahuila 169.

  • Location: cnr Manzanillo & Chiapas
  • Visting Hours:1pm-midnight Mon-Sat
  • Price: tacos M$10-20

Tacos Don Juan

A solemnly good taco bracket that’s habitually swarming with locals. The offerings vary daily: on Friday and Saturday it’s carnitas (deep-fried pork) only and on Sunday you can rely on an old standby – bistec con longaniza (beef with sausage) topped with whole beans.

  • Location: cnr Atlixco & Juan Escutia
  • Visiting Hours:10am-5pm Mon-Fri, to 3pm Sat & Sun
  • Price: tacos M$17-25

Territorial Flavors

Experience the Sunshine State on a plate at territorial Flavours presented by best Mexican restaurants.

La Polar

Run by a family from Ocotlán, Jalisco. La Polar’s version of this Guadalajara favorite is considered the best in town. Spirits are raised further by noisy mariachis and norteña combos who work the half-dozen salons here.

  • Must-Try: this boisterous beer hall has essentially one item on the menu: birria (spiced goat stew).
  • Location: Prieto 129, Colonia San Rafael
  • Visiting Hours: 8 am-1 am
  • Price: birria M$146

Coox Hanal11 Best Restaurants In Mexico City 4

Started in 1953 by boxer Raúl Salazar, this unpretentious establishment prepares Yucatecan fare just as it’s done in don Raúl’s hometown of Mérida. The Sopa de lima (lime soup with chicken), papadzules (tacos stuffed with chopped hard-boiled egg and topped with pumpkin seed sauce) and cochinita pibil (pit-cooked pork) are top-notch. Tables are set with the obligatory four-alarm habanero salsa.

  • Location: 2nd fl, Isabel La Católica 83
  • Visiting Hours:10:30am-6:30pm
  • Price: mains M$70-150

Los Tolucos11 Best Restaurants In Mexico City 5

You are in Mexico than how about local favorites some of the best pozole (hominy and pork stew) are much popular among locals in Mexico City. The Guerrero-style green pozole here has been drawing people from far and wide for more than four decades. A partial photo-menu with tacos and carnitas (braised pork) helps get things started. It’s three blocks east of metro Lázaro Cárdenas.

  • Location: Hernández y Dávalos 40, cnr Bolívar, Colonia Algarín
  • Visiting Hours: Hours:10am-9 pm
  • Price: pozoles M$93-102, tacos M$29

Tamales Chiapanecos María Geraldine

Search for the incredible and majestic tamales by Chiapas native doña María Geraldine. Wrapped in banana leaves, stuffed with ingredients such as olives, prunes, and almonds, and laced with sublime salsas, they’re a meal in themselves. Her silver pots are at the passageway next to the arched wing of San Juan Bautista church, under the huge Location’TAROT’ sign.

  • Location: Plaza Hidalgo, Coyoacán
  • Visiting Hours:4-11pm Fri, 11am-10pm Sat & Sun
  • Price: tamales M$35


Mexico is an amazing city with unimaginable diversity. If you are a food lover then this place is a paradise for you from family-run cafes or destination prix-fixe restaurants to legendary street carts, the delicious Mexican tacos and regional flavors you’re never far away from a life-changing meal in Mexico City. We’ve organized this guide by neighborhood, so keep it handy while you’re there, and you’ll always know where to go next. Comment below and let us know what are the dishes you are going to try in these amazing and top restaurants in Mexico City?