Virginia is a hub of theme parks. You name it whether it is an amusement park or a water park, there is everything for each person. You will not be bored with this place. Why? Because this place has never-ending activities and a load of fun. While living in this place people may not want to visit any other country. If you are not aware of its incredible activities then read below and know more.

If you are planning for best places to visit in Virginia and you have no idea from where to start then this guide is all about answers to your confusion. You will come to know what to visit and when to visit.

Best Places To Visit in Virginia

Luray Caverns

Luray Caverns

It is the largest cave in the United States. The most beautiful scarves that you will find in the world. One of the most attractive and visited caves by travelers. You will get to enjoy thousands of patterns carved.

There is a large water body in the caverns that you must visit. It is 18 to 20 inches deep which is not really deep. The shadow of the towering stones in the water is worth the view. If you are looking at white stones in the cavern then these are calcite.

Calcite is naturally white necessarily when it is found in its purest form. The white stones carved in the cavern look just as if you are in a filming set. 

The awesome musical instrument that is the great stalacpipe organ is found in the caverns. It is the world’s largest instrument that is not found anywhere else.



The destination for outdoor activities in Abingdon. You will also get to know nature by living with it and enjoying. Your hunger to explore the various new things will end here. You can get thousands of things to do.

If you want to swim between mountains and with a great scenic view then you can have your wish fulfilled here. The food has an abundant variety and you will get to eat something different. You can visit some specific places to get the taste.

The Damascus Brewery and Studio Brew are some of the places that are worth visiting. You will come to know about craft breweries. Harvest table restaurant is one of the specifics in the place that you can explore.



Shenandoah Valley is the place where you will find the most beautiful Winchester. It is known as apple capital for a long time. Due to the vast orchards and large export markets to the world. 

What to explore here? It is the annual spring event that takes all the limelight every season. You can’t miss this event especially if you are visiting during springtime. 

The Shenandoah Apple Blossom festival attracts more than 250000 visitors each year and you can be one among them. 

Also, it has the ground of the most scenic six battles during the civil war. You need to go to Family Drive-in Theater if you haven’t been to one. It is a great chance to get something new. 

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

It is the only resort island available at Virginia. It is located on Virginia’s eastern shore. If you are planning to visit various cities then this destination is reachable to all those. It is the centermost island to do various activities as well.

You will find Chincoteague Wild ponies which are the specialty of the national wildlife refuge. The most relaxing and beautiful place to spend some quality time. You can relax on the beach or go and watch the sunset, there are bundles of things to do.

Firstly you can visit Chincoteague bay and get some experience of the scenery. Then you can visit miss molly’s inn where a film had been made. This film also got the award. 



This place is for some of the classics. What you can enjoy is never-ending. Starting from concerts on harry potter that you can book advance because obviously, they will be pre-booked by various tourists so hurry up.

If you don’t know about history then you must know about the craft beer revolution and food revolution. It has something great to enjoy. You can go on a segway tour and learn them all. Kids and full family can have fun.

You can visit Henricus for a special candlelight tour, especially for couples. You can spend some quality time. The Richmond Black restaurant experience is one the specific of every trip. You can eat there after doing various activities.



If you want to make something great out of your vacation then this place is it. You will get everything from fun activities actually most of them listed at the end of the article and various other things to explore.

The first place to visit is The Norva, it is a theater downtown. If you can visit somewhere in the evening then you can enjoy the downtown clubs and live music at Gershwins. Hell’s Kitchen is one more place to visit.

Submarines are something that has been explored by very few people. If you are one among them then stop waiting. Also, enjoy cruise tours and relax on a cruise while watching the sea waves.



It is the best place to explore and one of the easiest possible destinations to reach. It has great transportation facilities and local hospitality is an advantage too. With the first-class facilities, you have much more to do.

It was Virginia’s second-largest lake that is explored by most of the tourists. Everything can be accessible within the walking distance. While visiting this place don’t forget to visit the unique museums and great meeting facilities.

The wonderful spa facility is something to relax here. Then you can go to live sporting events held regularly in the city. The shopping centers are enormous and you can buy great things for your friends and family.



Alexandria is situated on the Potomac River within Washington D.C. it is preserved and shows off its beautiful places. One of the prettiest cities that you can visit in Washington. It is a relaxing and refined place for your vacation.

It offers multiple tours that can at least take a day per tour so you need to plan for it. If you are visiting more than one city then pre-book your tours. Various tours found here are bike tours, boat tours or food tours.

Go for river boating on the Potomac River or take a walk and explore beautiful views of DC monuments. These are worth watching once. Torpedo factory art center is the place that attracts various people and offers you to meet with various artists.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach

If you are planning to visit Virginia then Virginia beach should be on your list. It is a one-stop destination for all your experiences. You will not only love the scenic view but there are various activities that are mist a try.

800000 gallons of water at an aquarium with dolphins, whales and sea turtles can be only seen at Virginia beach. The Broadwalk is the major attractive site if you are at Virginia beach. King Neptune is one more highlight.

Bow comes to the man-made hill which is known as Mount Trashmore. Don’t be surprised by the name because the hill is made by solid waste. It is an example of landfill reuse. It has a skatepark, walking trails and playgrounds for kids.

Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park

Park is located in the middle of the Shenandoah valley and piedmont region. It is spread along a vast area that you can enjoy hiking, walking and mountaineering. You will get the chance to look at waterfalls and mountain streams.

The most interesting place to visit at the park is the skyline drive. You can visit more than 105 miles on this tour and will come to know about picnic areas, campgrounds, front royal, rockfish gap and much more.

Apart from hiking and mountaineering, you will experience swimming holes, rock formations and Appalachian trails. These are some more highlights of the park that you can enjoy. Don’t forget to learn the park’s background that is much more interesting.

Virginia Creeper Trail

Virginia Creeper Trail

It is a 34-mile long road that was once a railway track and now converted to a railway trail. It is a great experience to bike on a level at creeper trail. And 100 feet away from the trail you can get a campground on the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area.

Also, horseback riding is one more interesting thing to experience while crossing the long creeper trail. Then you can go fishing at South Holston Lake from 8 miles away. Cross country skiing is a great way to enjoy it if you are going during the winter season.

The trail is safe and bordered by pastures so you can visit without any fear. You can be at ease while going with your friend or family.



It is a small town but has a lot to love and share. It is situated in the wight county. It is a sub-region of the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. It has a population of around 8000 that makes it a slow traffic city but helps you relax with peace.

The first place that you can visit is the Windsor castle park. It is the heart of downtown that features a lot of great activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, picnic area, woodland trail system and much more.

There is a various walking tour to Darden’s country store, the schoolhouse museum, Historic St. Luke Church, Fort Boykin Historic Park, Smithfield’s porcine parade, the 1750 isle of the wight courthouse and Smithfield visitor center and arts center.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway

If you are an old person or a youngster, the blue ridge parkway has to offer for every age group. The variety of activities will be the highlight of your vacation. There eight campgrounds that you can choose from.

You can camp at any campgrounds with your family and enjoy the peace of nature. You can get a chance to listen to the southern Appalachians at various music concerts. It will add something new to your vacation.

Hiking and photography ate the main activities loved by travelers. You can know more about the city by the rangers available everywhere for your safety. You will love the feel of a slow traffic city away from that noise of towns.

Rocking S Ranch

Rocking S Ranch

It is located at the foothills of Shenandoah valley. This is a gorgeous place and will get your attention eventually. If you are a horse lover then no need to think about it, you just need to go for it.

It is something that will give you a great outdoor adventure. There is also a good variety of food available for family and kids. You can then go to the inn at Vaucluse spring which is perfect after you get tired from your full-day exploration. 

If you are planning to visit rocking s ranch then you should reserve your seats and avoid any future problems. Also, you will need to let them know about the number of members who will be going to visit.

Things To Do in Virginia

Busch Garden Williamsburg

It is not just a single activity but the bundle of activities that will take a full day of yours. Busch Garden is generally a theme park that has various activities such as Le Scoot, Pompeii and Roman Rapids. These are some water activities.

For those who love something more than water activities, they can go for the land of the dragons and sesame. Mini swings are some of the major highlights of the park. Some rides for little kids are Aero-planes and balloons. 

Do not wait in the queue if you are planning for your family vacation. Go for online booking and check prior to at least a few months. It may be possible that tickets are sold out at peak seasons. So reserve your seats prior.

Kings Dominion

It is the best of the vacation if you are visiting kings dominion. You will get a major thrilling adventure to experience that you can’t imagine. You can expect something incredible. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

The 150th roller coaster is the very first thing for all those adventure lovers out there. Don’t think about safety because safety has been the top priority of the theme park. You can go for rides on dominators and volcano.

Intimidator 305 is one more great experience at kings dominion. Rebel yell is one more good ride if you are over 6ft. Anaconda and flight of fear are some rides for teenagers and thrill lovers. There are much more rides to enjoy.

Buffalo Mountain Zip line

If you have never gone to Zipline canopy then Buffalo Mountain Zipline is the right place for you. It has a treetop cable. It has beautiful forest not just limited to adventure lovers but also to nature lovers.

Then there is the wine tasting that you need to visit. You will love the experience if you haven’t tasted or visited the for the wine tasting tours before. Also, it is available for adults and you will come to know about various processes.

You can book for various tours because the Buffalo Mountain Zipline is not limited to zipline canopy, you will have various activities to choose from. You need to book a tour for yourself. Do book a tour online to save time.

Splashdown Waterpark

Whether to visit and have fun from various activities or going to celebrate a function for your friends and family this place is the perfect destination for the whole day. You can reserve for as many people as you want.

It has bundles of things to do such as water slides, lazy river, children’s play area, pools and much more to explore. This place is the perfect location for a day visit. You can expect to visit for some hours and then get back.

Also, go for booking online especially for peak seasons. During summers this place gets a lot of crowds. If you are going on vacation then book it prior through the online modes.

Water Country USA

Virginia is a hub of theme parks as mentioned before. You can visit these parks if you are planning during summers. This park is filled with great facilities such as resort facilities. Provided you book in advance and have fun later.

The very first experience that most tourists think of is colossal curl. Why is the first choice? Due to the unique structure only available in North America. Then a relaxing pool and water slides are for little kids.

The other ride is splashtastic which is featured for kids who want to enjoy rides. With relaxing in the pool kids can have their fun too. Various other activities you can enjoy like surfers bay wave pool offers much more.

While keeping in mind the safety of the visitors at Water Country USA you can also have swim lessons for kids and adults. This will ensure safety for those who are afraid of water.

Flashback Old Time Photos

For those who want to remember their memories for a long time, it is a well worth moment. You can visit and get your photo clicked with tour family and friends. You will recreate some of the special moments in flashback old-time photos.

This is the perfect place for kids and you can choose from various themes. The recreation of photos is worth saving and you can get different scenes. You have to go inside the studio and then you can experience a fun atmosphere.

While visiting at flashback old-time photos, the various great shops to get some quality products for your friends are available. You can purchase at good prices as gifts or for yourself too.

Hour-long Ghost Tours of Williamsburg

For all those ghost lovers and adventurers this place is worthwhile to visit. You can get kids with yourself if you want to. This place is totally safe for any of your friends or families. You can have a great thrilling time to enjoy.

It is a one hour tour that will explore the thrilling and haunted history of Williamsburg. It starts at the Kimball Theatre and goes on through various haunted locations in the city. One of the places in the civil war and the battle of Williamsburg.

Now don’t think it is a very boring tour because it showcases one of the real parts from the history of Williamsburg. If you don’t get along with the thoughts of a ghost or ghosts the. This place may not be for you.

iFLY Virginia Beach Indoor Skydiving

If you are looking for something more than simple activities than skydiving is the best of water activities. You can visit iFLY at Virginia beach. 

This place is generally pre booked during summers that are from April to October. If you are a fan of skydiving and want to get first class facilities then pre book your tickets.

Most of the travelers never forget visiting Virginia beach. But the long Virginia beach makes you forget everything. We want to make sure that you don’t miss out on these activities and regret later.


By reading the guide, we are sure that you have got an idea to raise the bar from your previous vacations. You will enjoy some of the great things.

Here is a TIP# Plan every activity before you proceed for your vacation. It helps to focus on enjoying than stressing out on tickets.

If you are in doubts then comment below and we will let you know how to be stress-free from your vacation planning.

Also, we would like to know who all have gone to Virginia. Did you love the place? What are some suggestions you want to give to others? What we’re the highlights of your vacation?

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