Best place to travel in September

Time to take a virtual tour for your next trip and plan for the best places to travel in September. The next vacation will be one of those memorable ones just one condition; plan it in advance. How can you do that? has provided some top locations for you.

While you are just one step away from a great experience be sure that you don’t miss out on any important detail. Let us have a couple of minutes on a virtual tour of 7.

1. Pawleys Land, South Carolina

Pawleys Land, South Carolina

While scrolling down the pictures of unique beauty is just enough to have a desire of visiting Pawleys Island; one of the best places to travel in September. Don’t agree with us, agree with those who are visiting this unique place and absorbing what the island has to offer.

  • Black River Outdoors Center: why not escape from the beautiful landscapes and visit something thrilling. Don’t forget to have a look at the huge ocean and relax on the beaches.
  • Blue Wave Adventures Dolphin Tour: while the dolphin is a lovely part of vacation but what makes them much interesting is when you interact and play with a dolphin closely. Get a tour to do the same.
  • Charleston Adventures: we did tell you that island has to offer what you can expect and here it is. Some of the unique adventures are waiting for you at the Charleston Adventures.
  • Additional things, Georgetown Art Gallery, Georgetown county museum, harbor walk, rice museum, Hazzard marine, hobcaw barony and much more.

2. Port Isabel

Port Isabel

Before choosing Port Isabel to be ready to give a treat for your eyes because as you already know that Texas is an adventurous city; Port Isabel is one step ahead to offer a lot more than adventure. It is a whole package to a bright and colorful world. Here are some best places to travel in September at port Isabel.

  • Black Dragon Pirate Ship: who doesn’t know a pirate and what is more adventurous than a pirate. Well, you already have an answer and this ship is ready to take you to a new thrilling day.
  • South Padre Island Dolphin Research & Sea Life Center: if playing with dolphins is not enough then go a step ahead and look for the sea life available at Port Isabel. Much more interesting than you can imagine.
  • Gravity Park: here comes the welcoming destination of Port Isabel that takes away the heart of every traveler. Want to know more about it then visit here or just book a ticket directly to explore it personally.
  • Additional things, South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center, virginia’s spa, Pirate’s Landing Fishing Pier, dolphin docks, Port Isabel Historical Museum and much more.

3. Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan

Firstly, it is among the best places to travel in September, you want to know why? The warm weather is not a hurdle here and you can enjoy the fresh atmosphere. Dipping your toes in the freshwater is the first thing anyone would love during September. Also, a lot more is worthwhile at Lake Chelan.

  • Lake Chelan Tour: first things first, every vacation simply starts with a lake Chelan tour. It will help you to catch a look at various other important spots of Chelan. You will come to know about its culture and cuisines.
  • Waterpark: now comes the interesting part of lake Chelan where you can enjoy numerous activities underwater or on the water. Visiting during September has its own benefits.
  • Ruby Theatre: catch a movie at the theatre as you can explore a rainy day during your vacation so why not warm up yourself with a hot cup of coffee in front of the big screen. It is a good date with your partner or family day out.
  • Private Boat Tour: what can be better than a private boat on the public water, it is time for some privacy. You can relax and have time for yourself or have fun with the tour family.
  • Additional things, skydive into a winery, golfing, biking, camping, helicopter tour (a personal favorite), riverwalk park, fishing, Stehekin (hotspot), and much more.

4. Nags Head, North Carolina

Nags Head, North Carolina

The Nags Head is more inclined towards the fun side of a vacation, you will get awesome tours and relaxing experience on the beach. While you must know that beaches are something that has various unique things every time you visit. A lot more to explore but where to start? Let us choose below.

  • Jennette’s Pier: the longest pier of South Carolina is just around the corner and you can explore it if you plan a vacation to Nags Head. It is a 1000 feet long bridge on the water and offers various other things to do.
  • First Flight Adventure Park: while thinking about a vacation at Nags Head how can we forget about adventures? It is one of the top things that you explore here. The best possible vacation will be if you place the First Flight on your list.
  • OBX Bowling Center: not much like those ordinary bowling centers. It has a pre-booking system because obviously it gets packed during September and you don’t want to miss this opportunity.
  • Additional things, barrier island aviation, life on a sandbar hair wraps, wright brothers national memorial, outlet nags head, jockey’s ridge state park and many more activities that you can’t miss.

5. Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

It is the southernmost beach of California and for many years it is a hotspot of water activities. A lot more fun adventures are waiting for you at the beach. Don’t take it as an ordinary beach because it is one of the longest beaches that has much more to do beyond a water sport activity.

Want to know what makes Imperial Beach among the best places to travel in September? Read below.

  • Surf Camp: surfing is a lovely adventure at the beach and professional surfers are generally found at the beach to explore their hobby. You can book a tour if you are not a pro at surfing. 
  • Horseback riding: as we told you that the beach is beyond expectations so here is something unique. Riding a horse alongside the huge waters is a view you don’t get every time. Take it as an opportunity and explore when you find it.
  • Bayshore bikeway: you must have done biking at various cities in various trails but this biking tour is something you will remember for life. It is a bike away alongside the beach that can be explored somewhere else.
  • Additional things, border field state park, Tijuana Estuary visitor center, surfboard museum, imperial plaza, silver strand state beach and much more fun spots at the beach.

6. Narragansett, USA

Narragansett, USA

It is known as the perfect vacation for your eyes. You will find lush green mountains and scenic locations of the world that are just relaxing enough to charge up your body for the whole year. Want to explore more? Read the various things to do shown below.

  • Get a surfing lesson; surfing is a great fun activity that you can’t miss at Narragansett if you don’t know how to surf then it is easy to get a lesson and go on those high waves. Have fun at a new adventure.
  • Clamming: it is a unique activity found mostly in Narragansett and you can also take part in this outstanding adventure. The most interesting part of this adventure is it is free of cots and good for a budgeted vacation.
  • The ferry ride to Block Island: A 30-minute ferry ride and you are there. You will find a new location that is block island on the same vacation. You can spend a whole day here while doing some great things that the island has to offer you.
  • Additional things, hiking to the black point, waterfront drinks, coast guardhouse, buy gourmet goodies, visiting coastal growers markets, have a bite at a crazy burger and much more fun. 

7. New Orleans

New Orleans

For all those who are going to visit for the first time to New Orleans, it has the most inspiring views; all those who are frequent visitors already know about the unique adventures and breathtaking beauty. While we want to add something to your visit so here is your list to do,

  • Festivals are the natural beauty of New Orleans as they are found every day. You can explore a variety of things such as pop music, PO-boys, Tennessee Williams and many more things. These festivals make New Orleans one of the best places to travel in September.
  • Streetcar Rides, these are much more exciting than you can think. You will explore most parts of the city with these rides. Book one online to have a great discount and visit the different parts of the city.
  • Nightlife: with jazz performances and cocktail drinks you will get to explore a variety of stuff. The extraordinary experience is worthwhile to visit at multiple bars of the city. It is great fun to be in New Orleans.
  • Additional things, french quarter, cultural arts, sports events, airboat adventures and much more fun things to do.

places to travel in September

We have provided you with a short experience of a September vacation in the US, you can get to the best places to travel in September and watch them with your eyes. 

Here is a tip# Grab a pen and note down a list of things you would like to do to make your vacation wholesome. Note down your favorite among the above best places to travel in September.

Read our guide to the top vacation destinations of October(next month) for extending your journey.

Have you been to the above destinations? What was your favorite part? Which vacation would you like to take this year? How was your experience? Which best places to travel in September were your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.