Best places to travel in june in the us
You must note that May to September is the perfect time to visit any location of the United States and while you are at it, let us consider June. Also, June is the peak season of the United States when most of the tourists are found.

You want to plan a perfect vacation so take a look at the destinations below. These are perfect for travelers from any age group. If you are still confused, no need to worry we have made it simpler; read the things to do and you will know what to visit first.

Maine, Portland

Maine, Portland

The epic history is just the beginning, the exceptional reasons to visit Maine are yet to be discovered. The unique food trucks to explore at Maine are beyond the words to explain. Why? Have a meal priced between $ 8 to $ 10. You will know it.

While the adventures tell a different story about Maine, the waterfall fun is a great opportunity during June. The hiking trails and ocean offers peaceful vibes and charge up your body for the whole year.

Things to do in Maine

  • Casco Bay Islands: Get a ferry ride and visit casco bay islands. A beauty that can’t be missed for anything. While getting on ferry ride you can hop off on various other islands, have a look.
  • White water Rafting: The highlight of a Maine vacation is rafting on thundering water and recalling the childhood thrill. The tickling sensation in your stomach while going up and down on the river is unexplainable.
  • Oxford Hills Waterfalls: With the name itself you must have imagined the lush green beautiful environment, apart from a waterfall; visit the apple orchards.  Hike to the hills and live with nature.
  • Climb Baxter State Park: Visit the state park not because we are saying but because it has those moments that you can recreate for your vacation. Climbing on the mountain is a must; when you feel curious about reaching on top.
  • Additionally, Things: Higgins Beach, Stay at the Breakers Inn, Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Bowdoin College, Snowfields at Sugarloaf

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City is known for its big thrills and romantic destinations. Book various shows and rooftop cocktails are worth a try. You can explore from thrilling adventures to family day outs, it is found really attractive for various tourists.

The luxury hotels and charming dinners make a great evening. If you are still confused to explore Kansas city and want to know about the best places to travel in June then read below.

Things to do in Kansas city 

  • Brewery Emperial: Check out the fine and classic variety of beers. Taste the best of Kansas City at this hotspot. You will find a good ambiance and a great hub to chill out.
  • Historic Jazz: Kansas city is very well known for Jazz. You can book a show or grab one on your vacation; evening shows are the best. Eating after the show and enjoying life permitted is lovely to experience.
  • Light District: The district goes on and on but the main highlight is a royals or chiefs game. Have a drink and be in the crowd to cheer the team. 
  • Scavenger Hunt: families spend a great time going for a scavenger hunt. It really gets the best during June, you can enjoy the atmosphere and thrill to hunt. Plaza is an ideal location to check out for a scavenger hunt. 
  • Additional things: Swope park zoo, The Giralda Tower, The Country Club Plaza, The Nelson Atkins Art Museum, world war 1 museum, and various others.

Nashville, Tennessee

Being in Nashville is more about enjoying the little moments that you come across every day. The peaceful and relaxing activities are a must, you can start with visiting southern hospitality. It is a huge gallery and an important landmark in the city.

Apart from exploring culture, the film shoots at Nashville films is the second-best destination. The unique fun at Nashville offers endless cuisines and a variety of flavors to be explored. Want more, explore by reading below.

Things to do in Nashville city

  • Radnor Lake: Apart from hiking trails around the lake, you can go bird watching and dip your toes in the lake to feel the water. The up-down paths are challenging to explore.
  • Nashville Zoo: with the thousands of animals at the zoo, it passes the whole day even without knowing; especially with kids. You can book the tickets or get a tour online.
  • Gaylord Opryland Resort: The resort includes 3000 guest rooms and a lovely interior to admire. You can park at the Opry Mall to avoid the parking fee and explore it at a low budget.
  • Soccer with The Roadies: The soccer team of Nashville is known as The Roadies, catch a game and have fun. Be ready to hear the loud noise by the cheer team.



The hotspot of several festivals attracts tourists all year but the month of June is the peak season to enjoy most of Seattle. The city does not settle here and offers abundant opportunities at thrilling adventures in every corner of the city.

Starting with watching skyscrapers and yourself being the part of skyscraping, you have a lot of other options to explore. June gets the charm as the atmosphere is just perfect to rock the various activities. (Know more below)

Things to do in Seattle city

  • Whale Watching: You have two options either to directly go for whale watching at the San Juan Islands or book a tour that will guide you a closer look at Whales. You can play with them and interact with whales, specifically Orcas.
  • Woodland Park Zoo: The best part of Seattle lies at the zoo where kids spend the whole day. They play here or come to spend quality time with family. You can book the tickets online through a whole packaged deal.
  • Seattle Aquarium: You must have a look at marine life and admire those creatures. Get a closer look with some of them through tours.
  • Art Galleries: Seattle is home to 200 art galleries each of them is unique to itself. You will find worthy art pieces to explore. Be sure to check the venue and timing of the art gallery.
  • Additional things: pike place market, the ferment troll, the gum wall, Ballard locks and much more.

Read our complete guide to choose some top places in Seattle that attract most of the tourists.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South CarolinaYou are going to come across with the oldest and largest of the United States situated in South Carolina. It is a beauty that lets you experience a luxurious way of living. Ask yourself, how high standard you can go to Charleston?

Exceptional events are popping out in every season. From food events to recreational events, feel the load explore endless activities. While the various secret Alleyways makes this destination more amazing and one of its kind. Read more below.

Things to do in Charleston

  • Golf: This destination is for golf lovers, you can catch a good game with various professionals. Charleston calls for abundant experts who embrace the quality of golf courts.
  • Spas: Have a relaxing day at natural therapy spas that takes hours of time. Well, what is a vacation all about? Nothing without a relaxing spa. Book a pre-appointment and love yourself.
  • Paddleboarding: Charleston safaris are renowned and offer an exclusive experience to each tourist. Don’t know how to paddleboard? Book a lesson for yourself.
  • Schooner Pride: The 18th-century model is worthwhile to watch and if you get a chance at boarding the ship then you are lucky to be there. Check the online status and book it.
  • Additional things: wild dunes resort, coastal expeditions, fishing charter, kayaking tours, and various others.


New York’s finger lake region presents Ithaca city which is found to be an ideal spot to visit that lets you experience the scenic landscapes and some important landmarks. It is the mysterious city found with various curious tourists to unravel history.

The waterfalls and various small parts of Ithaca add to its beauty. You need a good time to visit the city to explore them all. Visiting during June, you will encounter the peace under waterfalls and scenic views. Various other adventures at Ithaca city are just mentioned below.

Things to do in Ithaca city

  • Waterfall Hiking: A normal hiking day is what you have experienced every now and then but at Ithaca, you can get a waterfall hiking tour. It is a unique fun and gets much better with a group.
  • Finger Lakes Fly Fishing: various kinds of flexible flyfishing tours are available. You can choose online and save the dates. Ithaca is all about unique things that get this one on your list.
  • Paddle n more: you must have already known about paddleboarding, similar to surfing. Just much better. June is a really great time to have a paddleboarding tour. 
  • Bird Watching: watch abundant birds from the hotspot of the city. You can book tours, recommended. It really makes a birdwatch better and you will find rare kinds of birds.
  • Additional things: Ithaca scienter, horseback riding, hiking or running, camping and picnic spots

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New MexicoWhile Albuquerque is known for the population, but beyond that, you can explore the powerful heritage of Albuquerque. Start planning a vacation for Albuquerque as the month of June is really a peak season and you don’t want to be a latecomer.

The exciting shows and worthwhile landmarks add to the experience. You can’t miss the exclusive and delicious variety of cuisines with a touch of authenticity. It is based in New Mexico and that means the flavors are more inclined towards Mexican style. While a lot more things are here to do at Albuquerque, find yourself below.

Things to do in Albuquerque city

  • Watch a volcano: Valles Cathedral National Preserve is the perfect destination to visit a volcano and get really close to it. It is worthwhile to watch on the tour.
  • Hot air balloons: what can be better during the month of June to be in the air? It is a worthy experience of life. Various tours are available daily so no need to worry, even the flexible ones are available.
  • Golfing: customized tours are available for golfing and some best golfing courts can be booked; through pre-bookings. Various high altitude golf courses are available too.
  • Jeep tours: stroll down on the city and visit the hotspot without even thinking through a jeep tour. No need to plan for various stuff because it will come planned through a jeep tour.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The best part of visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is you get to visit the dazzling mountain peaks. These are way above the ground and hence the level of heat reduces, which means you can explore a good atmosphere with lush green mountains.

The month of June is generally found to be the perfect time to visit The Great Smoky Mountains due to various rainfalls and hiking trails. While the water sport activities are found much more enjoyable by the tourists. Clingman Dome is one of the recommended points at the National Park. Read in detail below.

Things to do in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

  • Waterfalls: visiting a waterfall at the national park is something worth remembering for life. You can even take the shower under the waterfall. It is what tourists love; they also play here.
  • Cades Cove: visit the nearest place to the national park and get to know them in a quiet and peaceful environment. You can go camping at this location or just admire the landscapes.
  • Wildlife watch: abundant animals are found at the national park and those who are camping will have a great experience at wildlife watching. Apart from that book a wildlife tour to get the most.
  • Auto tours: while if you want to sit back and let someone else do the work; then its time to choose an auto tour at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Santa Barbara

Santa BarbaraHere is the perfect getaway for a budgeted vacation during June and some various affordable activities to do at Santa Barbara. It is among the best places to travel in June. While saving at various activities don’t forget to book a lavish inn by the seaside in Santa Barbara.

From beaches to wineries to luxury hotels, you can have all; if you plan to visit the top attractions at Santa Barbara. One of the top locations in Cachuma Lake that offer scenic views and boating facilities. Want more? Read Below

Things to do in Santa Barbara city

  • Beaches: A beach is an ideal location to visit during June and if you don’t then don’t regret it. The whole Santa Barbara has long beaches so you need to have quality time at the beach.
  • Kayaking: set on the boat and get set go sailing on the water. If you don’t know how to; the. You have an option to book guided tours. Various professionals do visit to have fun.
  • Polo: Santa Barbara is one of the best places to travel in June that presents with abundant options to explore; specifically recreational fun.
  • Skateboarding: remembered your olden days of skateboarding? Santa Barbara is the place to relive them. Ortega park is the perfect location to go for skateboarding or learn from guides. (Add to tour list of hobbies)



One of the best places to travel in June in California. The rich history and nightlife is the special highlight that you may not want to miss. Various activities that suit every age group are found in California. You will need a long vacation as California is going to offer some great hotels that you will not want to leave. 

You must be wondering why June? This is the time when you can avoid the crowd and plan a vacation within any budget. With the various things to do such as racing, surfing, whale watching and an endless list of things, you don’t want to empty your pocket. Read the best things to do below.

Things to do in California city

  • Coronado Beach: spend your summers by showing off your beach body that too on the best beach of a special city of the United States. Click great pictures and have fun on your vacation.
  • Zoo: children love what the zoo offers, the abundant wildlife creatures; interact with them. Feed the birds or roar with lions, great fun to explore. Do note that it is the largest zoo in California.
  • Sunset Cliffs: what is better than a sunset view and a clear view in the month of June? Never found at any other time. While the Cabrillo monument is just nearby to explore so have a look at it.
  • Cruise tour: yes the best cruises of California are in California. While during June they are real prices high so don’t forget to book in advance.
  • Additional things: Torrey pines gliderport, SeaWorld San Diego, Belmont Park, La Jolla Cove, maritime museum and much more.

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How can we miss the capital city of the United States? It gets the limelight from various other outstanding destinations. Missing out in Omaha especially if you have not visited even once, maybe regret later. Want to know why?

Omaha comes with a package, the rich history at every corner of the city, Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium takes you on both land and water, classic architecture to admire for hours, incredible activities for every kind of traveler, last but not least first-class facilities at lavish hotels.

Things to do in Omaha city

  • Seafood: Explore the rich variety of food, grab a bite at top restaurants. The lobster roll is the personal favorite and recommended food that you can try. Let us know which variety you loved most.
  • Classic Interiors: the unique lifestyle can be explored only when you visit the classic architectural style at top-notch palaces. Great structures were built in ancient times that you can tour on the vacation.
  • Museums: American history is one of its kind and you can be its part, various art exhibits are held every month that you can book online. The harbor is the best place to visit for a worthwhile vacation.
  • Benson Beer Festival: be a part of the festival and make your vacation closer to history. You can make new friends or interact with locals. It is a great way to hang out.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

The foremost reason why Salt Lake City has become a personal favorite and the best place to travel in June is you are free here and no need to worry about anything. It means you can visit every destination without a rental car, a great paradise for a movie, known as the art capital and a lot more.

The stress-free city is all you need during a vacation, you are going to get the same. Eat at multiple varieties of cuisines, either vegetarian or nonvegetarian; something for all. Have children on board, let them know that they have some fun to do at Salt Lake City.

Things to do in Salt lake city

  • Hogle Zoo Complex: Those travelers who are accompanied with kids will definitely visit Hogle Zoo and cheer up your kids with the culture if city. It is great fun and various age groups are seen in the zoo.
  • Art Capital: Cultural tour is a deep attachment to Salt lake city. You can book a tour online and then admire the masterpieces. Thousands of tourists visit each year at the art festivals.
  • Recreational fun: you can explore a bunch of things such as fishing, boating, canoeing, birdwatching, golfing and hiking. Various other activities are found in Salt Lake City. The perfect destination to explore these activities is the Four Corners Area.
  • Additional things: doubletree suites, NBA’s Utah jazz, ski resorts and much more.

Planning for a Salt Lake City vacation read the complete guide to help you out.

Cap Cod

Cap Cod

Cap Cod is a timeless space where you can enjoy the slower way of life. The wild waves at the beaches call for thousands of tourists and the beauty of the ocean is memorable. If you want to know how your parents lived, then this is the city.

Many small things make a great vacation, why not choose a city that gives you those things which you forgot a long ago. One of which is a drive-in theatre just recalled some memories; you can explore the last available drive-in theatres of the USA at Cape Cod.

Things to do in Cap Cod city

  • Harwich Port: it is voted as the happiest seaside town in the United States. Every Wednesday night is a party that you can enjoy at the port and take part in the nightlife.
  • Nantucket: it is among the best places to travel in June at Cap Cod, you can find some of the affordable things to do on the Island. The restaurants are great to be explored.
  • Swimming Holes: want privacy? Then these swimming homes are just what you are looking for. Except these to be your best of the vacation. They are in lots at every corner if Cap Cod.
  • Additional things: Lighthouses, seafood, Classic main streets, top-notch islands and much more



This hidden gem is not discoverable to most of the tourists, while California is an admired city in itself; Sonoma is the charm. Here you can pamper yourself with the luxurious hotels and spas. What can be more relaxing on a vacation?

The outdoor recreational activities are some highlights of Sonoma that you can explore with your friends and family. June gets to be the perfect time to visit Sonoma due to various valleys that are available. You can sink into a peaceful atmosphere and stay away from the daily hustle.

Things to do in Sonoma city

  • Farm to table food: what does a traveler want on vacation? It is hygienic and organic food, which you will get at Sonoma city. The favorite place among regular tourists. Call it a food city.
  • Russian River: ever to be to the smoothest and quiet waters of the world, this river is much more like that. You will find the ethnicity attached to this river is more diverse and discoverable through locals.
  • The lodge spa: why not pamper yourself a bit? It is a vacation and you need to relax a bit. Get a spa booked at the lodge doa that offers some unique therapies to its customers. Be stress-free.
  • Wineries: who doesn’t love a good drink or in fact a classic one? It means you need to visit the ancient wineries of Sonoma city. It offers some recharging drinks and exciting flavors for your tongue.

Coachella Valley

The unique experience at Coachella valley is a sure shot option and guaranteed one that can be explored somewhere else. Why? Ask yourself, how often do you stay at a camping site on the shores instead of a hotel visit? There is your answer.

Being the best places to travel in June that takes you billions of years back in history; meet with dinosaurs and know their kind. Take a tramway ride that 12 million people have already taken at Coachella. If you are still in doubt then don’t forget to read below.

Things to do in Coachella Valley

  • Desert Hills: take a tramway ride which is a thrilling one in Coachella valley, it will take you to a peak of the desert hill. It is a great way to chill out and be relaxed with positive vibes.
  • Hacienda Hot Spring: what most you can expect during a June visit? This is it, you can get a worthwhile visit at the hot springs. It is much to help with relaxing and relieving the stress from your body.
  • Revival Stores: shop something authentic from the city that is a memory from your vacation. Coachella has a great ancient past that you will find interesting and its a memory from the culture is an honor to have.

Sturgis, South Dakota

Motorcycles and Sturgis are the two terms that can’t go without each other. They are not even said separately, why? The Sturgis motorcycle rally is an incredible event that takes you out of the world; thousands of tourists visit Sturgis just to have a look at the rally.

Apart from the rally, Sturgis gives a bunch of things to explore. Various exhibitions at Sturgis are a breathtaking experience to view those streamliners and antiques; clicking a picture with these is the best part. You can explore more at Sturgis by reading below.

Things to do in Sturgis city

  • Buffalo Chip: it is known as a legendary destination and we will tell you why? The hardest bikes from the world are found here. Whether you are a bike lover or not this destination will offer a thrilling adventure of your life.
  • Custer State Park: the abundant wildlife in the state park is a great way to interact. What is more interesting, you are going to bike in between; but again it is completely your choice.
  • Crazy horse: it is a memorial that you must visit, even the locals are found here. It is situated on the colossal Mountain which is one of the weighted peaks of the city. It will become the largest sculpture after being completed.


Best places to travel in june

We hope that you have a choice and are planning your vacation. If not then read the other guide to plan your Vacation without any stress. Want more destinations or something specific then mention in the comments.

Here is tip# Start planning early to avoid any future problems especially for dates. These are mostly not considered by many tourists.

Don’t forget to book the tickets in advance and get online deals. The best places to travel in June can be explored well if you follow the above tip.

Have any more ideas? Want us to share more like this? How was your experience with the best places to travel in June in the US? Did you been to any of the above places? Share your experiences below.