Best places to travel in january
If you are already into the mood of those chilling weather that you experience during January then it is time plan for an exceptional vacation. is ready to fill your weekend with an abundant chance of making memories.

Well, you must be in doubt, where to start thinking? Which best places to travel in January? What destinations are best in the United States? Which ones are budget-friendly? Here are all your answers.

Davenport, Florida

Davenport, Florida

One of the greenest of the United States is situated in Iowa. It has numerous destinations that are hidden gems and even undiscovered yet by travelers. You can explore those and make your vacation one of its kind.

Being a town next to the Mississippi river calls for great applause as you are going to live thousands of experiences at one time. Interacting with nature is one thing and living with it is another. Here is your plan to start the vacation.

  • Chocolate manor: most certainly no one can say no to chocolate and when you are going to taste some of the unique ones. Then it is time to book as soon as you can. Get a chocolate tour in Davenport to kickstart your vacation.
  • The Putnam Center: you must have been to the various science centers and museums but this one is going to take your breath away. Admirable work is an inspiration for every traveler. You can spend quality time here.
  • East Davenport: you have a lot to do at Davenport but this town is something nothing can match. You can explore the town with the various activities it has to offer.
  • Additional things, B.J and Mabel Palmer Mansion, Duck Creek Parkway, Vander Veer Botanical Park, Davenport Skybridge, Figge Art Museum, Freight House Farmers Market, German American Heritage Center in Davenport, Lock and Dam Number 15, Adler Theater, Credit Island

Tempe, Arizona

Tempe, Arizona

Once called The Hayden’s Ferry is now a rich and popular destination among the topmost best places to travel in January. The most important part of Arizona is just a step away and offers a great experience of your life.

No need to be in haste because you can plan your vacation real smooth with the below mentioned top destinations to visit in Tempe. While you read them, don’t forget to have a look at the budget as it is one of the affordable vacations.

  • Segway down Tempe Lake: while thinking about a lake, you can yourself imagine the beauty but what if we tell you that you are going to have unique outdoor activities around the lake? Yes, you can and at any time of the year.
  • Big Surf Water Park: now January is the time when you can explore the best parts of Tempe. It is a great opportunity to be in this location and visit the hot spots of Tempe. You need to book tickets priorly.
  • Karsten Golf Court: one of the tops facilitated golf courses around the United States which are enjoyed by travelers. You will have a good time here with your friends and family. Book your seat as it can get crowded.
  • Additional things, Kiwanis Lake and Park, Marquee Theatre, Tempe, Diablo Stadium, Tempe, The Mill Avenue District, Papago Park, Tempe, Pollack Theater – Game Room, Halle Heart Children’s Museum, Sleuth Box

Pahoa, Hawaii

Pahoa, Hawaii

The lush mountains and scenic landscapes are a perfect getaway for any kind of vacation. You can explore century-old buildings and the rich history of the city. The climate of the city has made it possible to be on the list of best places to travel in January.

What makes Pahoa more unique is its location attached to the volcanoes where you get the thrilling adventures. These are the oldest volcanoes in the world and the best ones in the United States. For all those who are watching volcanoes for the first time, it is a great experience.

  • Isaac Hale Beach Park: starting with one relaxing location is the choice of most of the tourists as they get tired of traveling. Relax a bit at the park and then move to the thrilling side of the city.
  • Big Island Twilight Volcano: time to watch a volcano closely and know how it can change your life forever. The way lava is so calm and peaceful, you may want to think about your thoughts once again.
  • Whale watching tours: yes you can watch a whale and why just watch? You can interact with them closely. Hawaii is open to unique stuff if you are ready to explore like no one can.
  • Additional things, Raelian UFO Peace Park, lava flow, Kaumana Lava Tubes, Treehouse on top of Kilauea, Hawaii’s tropical Botanical Garden, Walanusnue and various other things to explore at Pahoa.

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Lake Havasu City, ArizonaIt is one of the most isolated cities in the United States, so why must tourists travel here? To get away from the daily hustle of your life, this destination makes a perfect escape. You are going to have fun and explore the adventures of your life.

All this you are getting at Lake Havasu City without any stress in your daily lives. You are not connected to the urban area so you must forget it on your vacation. This is the time when you can really enjoy yourself without thinking about anything. From where to start your vacation, here is the guide to plan in detail.

  • London bridge: which vacation will be coming without visiting the most ironic places of the United States? You must have a look at the bridge and take some cool pictures for your vacation. It is a century-old bridge that holds great history.
  • Lake Havasu: while visiting a lake, you can not forget various things that can be explored such as fishing to start with and boating. Now, this is just starting because you have a lot more to do around Lake Havasu.
  • Bridgewater Channel: this destination is known as the ideal match for a natural liver and whaT about adventure lovers. You are also welcome to have fun by renting a private boat and sail on the water. Show your boating skills with professional boaters.
  • Additional things, Lake Havasu State Park, Lake Havasu’s Hiking Trails, Lighthouses, Aquatic Center (watch marine life), Golf courses, bird watching, stargazing, cycling, off-roading, Lake Havasu History Museum, Rotary Community Park and various other activities.

Paso Robles, California

Paso Robles, California

You would wonder, if we can’t even pronounce it correctly, how is this city going to be among the best places to travel in January? You are on the right track but the city is entirely different as you can imagine. It has wonderful experiences hidden.

Also, it is really important to mention that Paso Robles is one of the perfect getaways for any local citizen of the United States. You will find a lot of acquaintances in the city as it is one of the romantic cities in California. Where to start your vacation? Here is the plan.

  • LXV: Wine tasting tours are an important part of the city and this destination is among the top-notch ones. You will get to explore some of the best drinks in the world. It has good spice blends.
  • Hot Springs: you will get to watch various hot springs around the city. One of the best hot springs that you can explore is River Oaks. Also, you can get a spa at the hot springs and this is the best feature of the Paso Robles.
  • Downtown: when you have had most of the fun then get down on the streets and have a dose of the thrilling side of the city. The downtown district is the best part and features one of the friendly aspects. It has a rich culture and heritage that you can explore downtown.
  • Additional things, spearhead coffee, boutique shops, brown butter cookie company, the pour house, the tin city, Krobar Distillery, Orale, Fish Gauche, Hearst Castle, Cambria, Morro Bay, Lake Nacimiento and much more.

Mexico Beach, Florida

Mexico Beach, Florida

Panama City is in itself a natural wonder and being close to this city, one of the trendy and popular destinations exists which is Mexico Beach. It is known among the best places to travel in January. It offers some of the exciting activities to explore.

Before you think about the exceptional activities, you must know that the beach is really close to various top-notch restaurants and perfect scenic locations on the way. Here is a head start to all those planning for a trip to Mexico beach in the coming January.

  • Boating:  While you start a beach day, head to the boating area and get yourself acquainted with the waters. You can rent multiple kinds of boats such as a private boat which is recommended by most of the tourists.
  • Fishing: yes fishing is a great opportunity that you get on the beach. It is the best part to relax and catch fish just for those who know how to fish. Or book a lesson so that you can learn fishing and add something new to the thrill.
  • Nightlife: the lives of Mexico are thrilling and adventurous and that doesn’t end during the day. You can even explore the nightlife of the city with lovely parties and festivals. You can take part in those to have fun.
  • Additional things, Aquarium, marine life, theme park, zoo, water park, sports activities, pandora, Busch gardens, bok tower, bird watching, and various other activities.

Punta Gorda, Florida

Punta Gorda, FloridaThe most easily accessible location of Florida and can be reached through multiple routes, it is known as the heart of the city. With the large population in the small city, it has abundant tourism destinations and you have to really make a good plan to go smoothly.

While planning for a great vacation, you must know that Punta Gorda has a lovely atmosphere that makes it among the best places to travel in January. With the variety of activities and rich culture will add flavors to your holiday.

  • Peace River Wildlife Center: while strolling on the streets you can visit the first destination to be the wildlife spot of Punta Gorda. It has thousands of species in one place and you can interact with them very closely.
  • Escape Rooms: want to add thrill, we are talking about real thrill here. Then visit the escape rooms and unlock some doors with your intellect. It is totally safe for any age group who is capable of using their brains.
  • Bayshore: it is among the sweetest and magical destinations of Punta Gorda. You can have the best of your time while sitting in the park and spending quality time with your group. A huge playground is also available for kids to play.
  • Additional things, Hector house plaza, Blanchard House Museum, South County Regional Park, Gilchrist Park, AC Freeman House, Charlotte Flatwood Environmental Parks, Peace River Botanical and Sculptural Gardens and much more.

Edisto Island, South Carolina

Edisto Island, South Carolina

The sea islands are just perfect and our personal favorite. Why? Well, the first reason is that they are sea islands and the second is no peaceful destination is available in the United States then this sea island. Edisto Island is one of its kind in the country.

While the experience is just enough to let you know that the island is a great getaway for any traveler. Whether you want a relaxing environment or reliving Mother Nature or just experiencing recreational fun then Edisto island is the answer to all of them.

  • Dolphin and Whale Watching: it is a great activity to watch marine life creatures and playing with is another fun. You can do that while you are on a holiday, you just need to book a guided tour.
  • Serpentarium: Visit the Serpentarium and engage yourself in the new world of wildlife. It is an indoor destination with cool creatures to interact and you would be standing in between of all these creatures. You can feed them or watch them closely.
  • Additional things, Edisto Island Historic Preservation Museum, ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge, Edisto Beach State Park, Kings Farm Market, boat tour, canoeing, kayaking and various other activities to explore.


places to travel in january

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