Places To Travel In April

You have chosen the perfect time to plan a vacation for the United States. With the perfect atmosphere and best places to travel in April, you are going to find an ideal holiday. You will love how things will be turning out? You can demand anything in your vacation, is it a budget or water fun or thrill or mystery or all of it. Get away from your daily hustle and do whatever you loved most; This is your time.

Planning for the best place to travel in April but confused among some then we are here to let you choose according to the things they have to offer. While you can suggest some to your friends according to their suitability. Choose which sport you like most and book your tickets right away.

San Diego

San Diego

The lush green scenic views and sunny beaches call for each tourist looking for San Diego as a number one destination on the vacation list. No better place other than San Diego can be explored if you want to have an experience of a full package deal. From water sport activities to luxury resorts to 1st class facilities, You get it all.

For those tourists who are planning a budgeted vacation, the month of April gives you a kickstart. The Comic-Con International at San Diego lets you enjoy video games, popular shows, various festivals and much more at an affordable cost. Still confused about what to do at San Diego learn about some top things to explore at San Diego.

Things to do in San Diego

  • Embarcadero: can’t really pronounce it? But why to pronounce when you can have fun at the topmost destination of San Diego. The heritage ships are worth watching here, but it is backed by the waterfront park that attracts most of the tourists.
  • Point Loma: As you read the Point Loma is really a point where the rocky peninsula thrills with the unraveling history. While the 100000 graves are scary but 77.5 acres of land offers much more. Whale watching expeditions is the personal favorite.
  • Surfing: hurray! For surf lovers, you just made it to San Diego. The surf spots are a never-ending list that you can’t even imagine. Del Mar gets some points from professional surfers. They are seen often here.

Washington DC

Washington DC

If you want to enjoy what no one has even started then April is the best month to put your step into Washington DC. You can explore a bunch of festivals at the same time while exploring great activities. The national Cherry blossom festival is one of the highlights of various festivals in Washington DC.

Want to explore top things to do in Washington DC then check out the list given below.

Things to do in Washington DC

  • District Wharf: It’s all about the small things that give great happiness, you can find that too in your vacation. Yes, you guess it right; District Wharf is just the place. Chill with your partner at rooftop patio or get a Water taxi or both and a lot more.
  • Old Town Alexandria: Washington is huge, you need to check out the whole city to be a part of those adventures. Free trolley rides and red brick sidewalks are fun when you also enjoy Money Magazine.
  • Dumbarton Oaks: Never heard of it? Well, now you can directly explore it. Peaceful but extraordinary with cherry trees and a rose garden. Getaway from the hustle of the city.
  • Bens Chili Bowl: Taste the official food of DC, can’t stay far from it; right? It is the love that you enjoy on your tongue. A half pork sausage and a half beef are just iconic, what to say more?

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

Beyond looking at the cultural history of Atlanta, the worthwhile part is much undiscovered. You must explore the exceptional magic theatres famous around the world. These are much-awaited part by every tourist who plans a vacation to Atlanta.

Being the most historic country, its heritage departs from 1000 years ago. The Broadway shows and the orchestra is just a bit of it. While the endless variety of cuisines is much unexplorable. You must visit chosen restaurants to get to most of Atlanta. While you can’t miss out on these best places to travel in April at Atlanta.

Things to do in Atlanta, GA

  • Georgia Aquarium: The best thing about this Aquarium is its an Indoor Aquarium. Why? It gives you a feel of marine creatures passing by you or just above you but not so close. The free self-guided tour allows you to wall anywhere lost in the Aquarium.
  • Fern and Museum: well museums are kind of boring but not those who let you watch an extinct species, dinosaurs. While getting a bit educated about the museum and booking a show at 3D Imax film.
  • Krog Street Market: it is a huge market specializing in wonders of food cuisines and outlets. The stalls are something you want in your dreams and get you excited.

Oregon Coast

Best Places To Travel In April In The US

Want to get your body tanned and have an experience of Best festivals of the year than April is the month at Oregon Coast. Be ready to go under the sun on the high tidal waves at the beach, while enjoying a good drink at a luxurious resort.

Apart from the Lucky tourists who get a chance to enjoy the festivities in April month, the all-around events that take place throughout the year can be joined as well. Want to know in detail about them then check out the list below.

Things to do in Oregon Coast

  • Seaside Promenade: you have heard of the prom, it is the place where you can chill even during an April visit. Broadway Street (a popular one) is connected to the promenade, have a look at it.
  • Ecola: the scenic landscapes of ecola are unique. I haven’t seen much anywhere else as they get the ideal location between Cannon Beach and Seaside. So yes cannon beach is a relaxing spot too. But ecola gives you the views of three of them.
  • Three Capes: what is it? A rock, what? Yes, it a popular rock, that is present on the coastline of Oregon coast; now it made sense. It is the perfect spot to sit on the rock while reading a book or sink into the water, choose yourself.

New York City

New York CityYou are going to have the best time of your life by planning a vacation to New York City, why why? The upcoming hotspot of America is the most famous New York City. Being April the luckiest month to explore the most famed events around the world.

One such event that you can explore is the Tribeca Film Festival, exclusively happening in April in the USA. You’ll be glad to meet with various top celebrities and upcoming artists of the film industry.

Things to do in New York City

  • Broadway Show: the term broadway and new york are complimentary. The Broadway show is a look at 41 theatres at once. You may not know but it is a spot of millions of tourists every year. One of the famous shows is The Lion King.
  • Brigade Theatre: want to get tour heart out with the laughing grenade then it is time to visit Brigade theatre. You don’t want to miss even a single show but you most certainly need to book in advance.
  • Western Hemisphere: want to have a look at the whole city and that too at the rooftop then you can’t miss The Western Hemisphere. An 1131 foot high place that no tourists would be bored of.

While you can’t miss out on the various top destinations in New York City, read the full-fledged guide to plan the perfect vacation.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

The charming lights and brightly colored city is among the best places to travel in April, Las Vegas. Hours and hours get lost at casinos and theme parks. The time flies at Las Vegas. If you are able to move forward from these charming lights then you will notice that the city has a lot to offer.

Various tours are available such as helicopter tours are some of the highlights of a vacation. Don’t forget to miss out on the water sports activities and the five-star hotels. The topmost things that you can explore at last Vegas are mentioned below.

Things to do in Las Vegas

  • Neon Museum: Actual fun begins in Las Vegas when you visit the Neon Museum. It gets you the thrill of bringing back the old signs. A package of every part of the past from Vegas.
  • Strip Club: It must have already made to your list when thinking about Las Vegas, no to kids. You have a great experience especially for those who are visiting the first time.
  • Nightclubs: yes the nightlife makes vegas what it is. Missing in that is a regret. You can chill at any restaurant as each one of them is the best one to visit. Pool parties in Vegas are a part of nightlife, be ready with your pool party outfit.



If you are looking for a budgeted vacation and that too being in the US then Denver demands a visit. You are not only looking towards famous towns but also a major part of the US. The island is covered by sea through most of the parts, which makes it a great spot for water fun.

Starting with relaxing at an incredible beach, stroll down on the street and explore what you may have never seen in the US. The street art of Denver is admirable and takes hours for tourists to move to any other destination.

Things to do in Denver

  • Climbing Company: get the thrilling adventure on your way to Denver. Need good stamina and willpower to start the climb while the guides will help you out to complete the adventure.
  • Botanic Gardens: the lovely variety of flora is a unique highlight of Denver. You can really enjoy the peaceful vibes of this city at Botanical gardens. The gardens are a good hotspot for camping.
  • Mile High Tour: this destination calls for applause from various tourists visiting each time. The destination gets you thrilled with abundant activities to explore at once.
  • Mount Evans: get to the top peaks and various on the way stops of Mount Evans. The fascination journey starting from the foothills to the peak is much enjoyable. The best part about mount Evans is to have fresh air and charge your body for the whole weekend.



Planning for a dose of history or wildlife mystery, let all of them fascinate you. While there is much more beyond the historic side of Springfield. The underground voyage is an exceptional adventure, can’t miss that. Book a packaged tour, mostly available to save on cost.

Being the friendliest city in the United States, don’t forget to get acquainted with locals. The first thing you can do is book an Airbnb hotel, save on cost and let you interact with local people. The civil war beauties are still waiting to be explored at Springfield, admire them.

Things to do in Springfield

  • Tramway: get your load on the load and be ready to have a fun tour on your vacation. The tramway ride is a good way to get a tour of the city and enjoy it with your friends and family.
  • Dickerson park zoo: who can say no to a short trip that will get you close to nature and unique wildlife of the city. You will be standing between 500 animals and over 160 species.
  • Pythian Castle: did you know about the royal life of Springfield? If not then you must take a look at it. It is a luxurious palace that is unique in itself. The grandness calls one visit.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts

The exceptional landscapes and an extraordinary adventure is just a step away. Boston is known for its history, the culture and makes a lasting place in the hearts of every traveler. If you are not able to discover the loveliest aspects of the city then you need to ask yourself when?

One of the unique and best places to travel in April is the luxurious properties and some of the high tech ones. If you are a foodie, the variety of food is getting the mouth watery. Want to know in detail, waiting for what? Read below

Things to do in Boston

  • Fenway Park Tour: among the topmost destinations of Boston, Fenway is called as one of the great ones. Various games are played which you can enjoy by booking a pre-advance show.
  • Tea Party ship: these are much adored and loved by travelers just from one look. Even if you are someone who finds it boring then wait till you go inside. The inner tour will find its way to your heart.
  • Brewery Tour: taste the authentic flavors of Boston, why not have a whole tour? You can book one online and get to know about the production of a brewery and a variety of its products.

St.Croix Islands

St.Croix Islands

Before knowing about the St.Croix Islands, be cautioned! You are going to experience a problem while choosing among a lot of topmost best places to travel in April in St.Croix Islands. Being one of the largest islands of the United States, St.Croix Islands leaves you with hundreds of choices.

The United States has a bunch of islands in itself. So the first question arises which island to travel? One recommendation, St.Croix Islands is an ideal destination to explore the best beaches. The variety of food is one more special thing about your vacation. Some chosen things to do from hundreds are below.

Things to do in St.Croix Islands

  • Water sports: sink into the water and have fun with your family. The time in the water is just like stopping time and living the moments that can never come. You can swim, dive or go for scuba diving.
  • Family night: want to have fun with your kids by doing various activities at once. St.Croix island features various activities that can be done on the island. Starting from indoor and outdoor adventures such as volleyball and baseball.
  • Theatre and show: book the famous theatre art that you can explore and even take part to learn. You must book it online as they get really high priced during peak seasons.



Firstly we want you to name what you expect from your vacation? Is it outdoor and recreational fun or unraveling mysteries or maybe theme parks? You are lucky enough to experience them all at colorado. especially during April each of these places is open.

While choosing from various destinations, don’t forget to enjoy the high peaks and beautiful mountains. Most of the tourists do enjoy a dose of historical architecture and a warm bath at waterfalls. Want more fun? Read below

Things to do in Colorado 

  • Hot Springs: the summertime is just nearby especially for those visiting during April and if you don’t visit a hot spring; then it is just a waste of time to travel during April.
  • Sand dunes: let your toes feel the warmth of the sand. It is a peaceful time that you can spend at the colorado national park. While thinking of a national park, don’t forget to interact with nature and wildlife.
  • Toltec Railroad: you must be wondering what is a railroad? It is one of the most scenic places that you can ever visit; even the most unique ones. It has a railway line alongside a lake and road to walk by.

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Wanting to sink under the deep oceans of Oklahoma and the city’s culture has given the locals a positive vibe. It is also known as the friendliest city of all. Hike around the city or climb mountains, your choice. The cheerful city will charge your body.

If you are a music lover then Oklahoma is a must, it is a nationally recognized destination. And Route 66, can’t miss that. It is the topmost road trip destination in the United States. Do something more thrilling, read below.

Things to do in Oklahoma

  • Museum of art: you can learn the masterpiece techniques at these museum world known as Oklahoma City. Take a look and admire the museum for an hour at the museum. It is really enjoyable and worth visiting.
  • Crystal Bridge: want to explore a unique destination that every tourist doesn’t then you are on the right way. You can explore something beyond ordinary water activities and historical tours.
  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbour: the water rides are also available at Oklahoma for all those eager tourists. We are very sure that no vacation is complete without having fun on the water, especially during April.


Best Places To Travel In April In The US

Texas is a never-ending city, make sure that you can discover the most of it. Every vacation at Texas brings something new to your experience. The most budgeted tours are available in Texas while these are much flexible too.

You can choose an ideal time and date and book easily. The culture is one powerful tale of Texas and more than that the ethnic cuisines need to be tested once. You can relax in the month of April and avoid the crowd. Waiting for more? Read below

Things to do in Texas

  • Playboys Mansion: The best vacation can be started at this mansion where you are going to enjoy the most happening bath under a waterfall with your family and friends. Explore more activities by booking in advance.
  • South padre island: the island is most famous for the various bars and lounging activities that you can’t ignore and just can’t stop. These are neverending bars and restaurants to grab a bit in.
  • Buc Ee’s: it is the curious spot that is really not heard by some. You must be wondering what this place is? It is a great stop to order the best cuisines and snacks for your children.


Best Places To Travel In April

If you had enough of the theme park and recreational fun then we have something more in the store. Honolulu is just what you need. With Underwater diving, Honolulu has just got more interesting. If the thrill of being under the city is not enough then we have a lot more.

While the beaches are the relaxing part of Honolulu but Air adventure and water adventure at the same time can be seen in Honolulu too. Want to know how? Read the first thing to do in Honolulu.

Things to do in Honolulu

  • Floating in the river: tubing is the fun technique used by various travelers to have thrilling adventures at Honolulu. While Honolulu is the hotspot for all those water fun that you want. It is a lovely place for an aqua life.
  • Enchanted rock: while being water you can even set a camp and live like those traditional methods that were used by ancients. You will get to explore the fun side and the unique side of Honolulu. Don’t forget to stay away from the high tech equipment.
  • Fort Worth Stockyard: horses are found here and you can have a horse ride on the way to your hotel. It is one of the peaceful places. 
  • Waikiki Beach: get a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere with a bunch of things to do at the beach. Or just heta tanned body.



Want to watch live, the greenest of the world; then this is your chance. Get around and know about the beauty or explore the extraordinary fun. The one destination at Portland lets you do a bunch of things, Washington park. Either sit and relax at the park or visit the zoo; your choice.

Live and admire the royal life that existed in the past at Portland, the great mansions take your breath at once. While the gardens can’t be ignored at any chance, the beauty and huts are inspirational. They recall the Chinese history from the Ming Dynasty. And a lot more at best places to travel in April at Portland, read below.

Things to do in Portland

  • The Zoo: elephants are the highlight of the zoo and we don’t want you to miss 232 species available at a single destination. The new African elephants are the lives of each tourist.
  • Pittock Mansion: 46 acres of land and that too with 46 rooms in the mansion, can you expect or even imagine such a big house? No one can. While you can have a look at it certainly. Various tv shows and films are presented in the mansion.
  • Urban Forest Reserve: lost in the jungles of portland and discover something new on your vacation. It is what a vacation is all about? Having a unique and memorable time in your life.


Best Places To Travel In April In The US

The mysterious journey of Salem is not for the faint-hearted. You are going to discover the haunted past but relax because a lot more is there to chill and hang out with your friends and family. If you are visiting in April then no need to worry, it is a friendly city.

You can learn about the witches and the witch trials at the witch trial memorial, or take a look at Pirate museum for fun. The food is good and the atmosphere gives positive vibes to any tourists, book a day walking tour to know about unquestionable attractions of Salem.

Things to do in Salem

  • Count Orlok’s Gallery: isn’t it incomplete if you miss out on a scary destination that too at Salem. You cant do that. Get a nightmare through the scientific but horrific films at the gallery.
  • Salem Witch Trials: just one more scary adventure for a horror lover or just give respect to those who lost their lives by visiting their memorials.
  • Crow Heaven Center: here you can relax, but you will get to watch unique delicacies. The witchcraft shop is famous in the United States more like the wand shop from Harry potters.



Chicago has to offer something to every tourist, if you are looking for a budgeted vacation then you got it, learn a bit but in an exciting way; you got it, yes you just name it and Chicago is a hub to all. The thrill and beauty are at the are place and you will realize this at Chicago.

But why is it among the best places to visit in April? The answer is sunsets, you can’t imagine the view from the 103rd floor of Willis Tower. There is one more secret reason that we want to share, you can avoid the crowd and get the best prices from the peak seasons during April. You must have already chosen Chicago, so read below.

Things to Do in Chicago

  • Crossing the elevated trail 606: while biking is good fun especially during early mornings. Get to know the city and stand at the trail 606 to watch the sunsets with a glare on your face.
  • Willis Tower Skydeck: what to tell about this 103 story building? It is the attraction that calls every traveler to Chicago. Curious about its height? It is 1353 feet above the ground. Yes, really thrilling.
  • Lincoln Park Zoo: On a budget, visit the free zoo of the country. One of the last zoos in the world that are free to visit. Which is your favorite animal? Mammals or birds or reptiles, no worries you are going to watch each of them.
  • Alinea: Got curious about the name? It is a top restaurant in Chicago. Why? If the sexy interior is not enough to prove its popularity then add the masterpieces on the Alinea menu to your list.


Best Places To Travel In April In The US

Various places to visit in April are famous all around the world but Us beats those places. You can’t even imagine how the atmosphere works on the tourist’s side compared to other regions. The balance between hot and cold is just an ideal one.

Here is a tip# Do read in detail about those best places to travel in April that you loved most; because you may never know what you find next.

We hope that the article was fulfilling. I love to have your feedback. Did you have a vacation at any of the best places to travel in April? Share your experiences in the comments below.