New york vacation
If you are ready to experience the nightlife at New York and the statue of liberty then New York is calling your name. You can be in your budget line and experience everything about New York City.

This guide will provide every information about how much does a trip to New york cost. You’ll get everything you need to plan for a trip to New York. From the money-saving hacks to budget every minor detail, we have done everything for you.

Also don’t miss out on the very popular places in New York and the most favorite adventures that you can explore. If you are a fan of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S show then you can not handle missing out on visiting the central park.

To-Do List At New York City

we would love to suggest the best things at New York. These are incredible things that are worth one try. You can read in detail about them.

To-Do List At New York City

A Broadway Show

There are various wonderful talents in the New York city. You owe to yourself to go to at least one of the shows out there. It will be a one time experience of your life.

After visiting the show you will definitely recall it as the major event of your trip. You need to book the tickets and it can be costly. But if you want to save some then book through the online apps.

TKTS shows are at low prices if you want to go for them or directly use their app to book for the tickets.


Well, New York City is built with an abundant huge building and to get a view of the city. You need to be in that rooftop if buildings.

It may be costly to go on the rooftops so you can take a tram to save on the cost go for rooftop bars. It will also give you a feel of nightclubs.

Rockefeller is one of the most popular buildings to get a rooftop view of the city. It is on the costly side but worth the experience.

Underground Metro Network

If you have not been to an underground network then this chance is for you. You will get a different feel while moving into the tunnel and taking a train to visit different things that are mentioned below.

It is basically a train station but the network will give you goosebumps. You will need to purchase tickets according to the place you are going.get the experience for once.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

Viewing and visiting a statue of liberty is certainly not the same thing. Let us understand why. If you want to visit it then there is a whole process to get the tickets in advance and visit it.

If you just want to get a view from a good distance then you can book a boat anytime. Sit on it and get a view around the statue of liberty.

If you are planning on visiting it closely then note that only 500 tickets are booked per day. So pre-book them.

Visit Central Park

Before you visit the central park, do know that it can take your full day. So plan well before visiting this place. There are multiple things to do here.

You can go fishing or boating or maybe just spending some relaxing time. You can get the feel of castles by visiting belvedere castle at central park. It is a miniature castle.

Also, you can visit the central park zoo that has more than 100 animals. It features 4D theater for children. Then there are fountains and gardens. You can visit the lake for boating.

Nightlife at Times Square

Nightlife at Times Square

New York vacations are nothing if you miss out on times square. It is the most bright and colourful place in the city. You can engage with the feel of the place.

It is especially for those first-timers who haven’t got that vibe. You will see those colourful boards and unique styles which are often available anywhere else. More than that street shows are found too at the square. 

If you want to be a part of New York locals then at midnight or sometime before that, is a great time to experience on the times square.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

It is free of cost and will give you that feeling of New York City. If you want to avoid the crowd then you can come early in the morning. What is most happening about this bridge? You can take great pictures here.

Every corner of the bridge can have a perfect picture. Although you will be walking a lot in New York City, this bridge will be a memorable walk for you.

A Slice of Pizza

If you are thinking how can a slice of pizza be enough then wait for it. It is surely enough for you. First-timers mistake at buying a full pizza and then not able to finish it.

You have to look at that pizza to know it’s worth it. It is also cheap to buy a slice and enough for those who are having breakfast.

How Much A Trip To New York Will Cost?

Starting to plan for a budget so that you can save now and be relaxed on your trip. You need a complete detailed list of the cost that you will want to ease your budget.

Trip To New York Cost


One of the major thing in a budget is flight bookings. While looking for a flight covers the major part of your budget. So it is advisable to save as much as possible on flights.

You can start by comparing different airlines from trivago and then note that weekdays have lower rates. Get some coupons or discount vouchers on your bookings to save more.

The expected cost will be between USD 1000 to USD 2000. Generally, tickets will start at the lowest so hurry up and book in advance.


While booking for hotels can be a huge pressure on your wallet. So we recommend a book from Airbnb. These are houses or rooms available for rent in New York city.

Note that you will get kitchens where you can cook your food and save on that too. You will get a fully equipped kitchen and sometimes breakfast too.

The expected spending will be in between USD 130 to USD 350 per person if booking with a hotel.

If you are with Airbnb then you can get prices as low as USD 39 to USD 100 per person per day.

With the introduction, if Airbnb it has become a choice by most individuals. You can easily book on their website prior to a year too.


If you are visiting New York then it is compulsory to try on the variety of food available. You can’t miss the food. The slice of pizza, pastries and bagels. Their regular breakfast and dinner is something you need to experience.

You can surely cook your own food while staying with Airbnb or order in a hotel. The classics taste you will get only at popular restaurants.

Cupcake mart is somewhere you can eat live looking for roses and leaves. Eataly is a Nutella cafe perfect for ice creams and waffles. Baz Bagel is famous for its Bagels.

Local Transport

While being in the city you will surely need a can book a taxi that will cost you around USD 40 per day.

If you are in a budget and want to save some then you can book for big bus. It will provide you full of your city. It is kind of a hop on and hop off facility.

It is a good deal and you can book it online, way before you reach there. Apart from the subway, metros and local buses are available too for your convenience.


You will need to take into account the various activities that you are going to do. According to your preferences you can choose from all of them.

Different activities will be charged differently. Here is the expected spending.

  • Broadway musical USD 100 to USD 1000
  • Comedy show tickets USD 60 to USD 90
  • City map USD 6 to USD 15
  • Broadway show USD 5 to USD 15
  • Subway USD 2.5 to USD 15
  • Jazz in the park USD 75 to USD 100
  • Statue of liberty for USD 26 adults and USD 15 for children
  • Bronx Zoo USD 30 TO USD 40
  • Museum of modern art USD 15 to USD 26


While visiting a place you will want to shop and get something for your friends and family. There are various places in New York city where you can shop.

Dior showroom is the best one to buy something luxurious. Then century 21 department has the good stores. Broadway and prince street at soho is a place you can’t miss. Then you can visit H&M.

If you want to save your money and buy something nice as well. Then you can try these markets. Chelsey market is a great place to buy good stuff at a low price.

Goodwill and housing works is one more store to look at the city. Also L Train Vintage and Urban Jungle are some other stores.

Things Not to Do at New York

While being at a vacation it may be possible that you do somethings that can embarrass you. So taking care of that and also some times it is possible that you may waste your money. Read below to know more.

Things Not to Do at New York

  • If you want to waste your money than you can eat at chain restaurants such as McDonald’s. Try something new at classic restaurants. Don’t eat the same thing.
  • Don’t be distracted by bright lights. Try those places that are suggested by locals.
  • Don’t stop in the middle of the road to even check your phone. It may disrupt the tonnes of people. It’s better to stand on the side and then check it.
  • Pack jackets and sweaters to avoid the cold climate of the city. 
  • Renting a car is not recommended. Rather go with a big bus or subways.
  • Follow subway rules such as care for your things and pay for a ticket
  • Do go out of Manhattan to get the feel of New York City. Wake up early to get a peaceful experience.
  • Always give a tip to waiters. That is a rule in New York city which is at least 15 to 20%. Only if you like their service
  • Here strangers don’t make eye contact to each other and you also need to rely on yourself for everything.
  • Don’t walk on the road at the bike lane.

Perfect Time to Visit New York

Perfect Time to Visit New York

New York has both hot summers and bone-chilling winters. While the summers can be bit balanced at night. But winters can cut you like a knife.

The perfect time that you can visit is spring and fall. It is the most beautiful time for new York city. You can enjoy the great weather. Plan your vacation according to the weather to take care of your health.

If you are planning on to visit at spring or fall then consider to plan your trip at least prior to a year. It will save on cost. Planning on a good budget will be only helpful if you start early.


enjoy the most populous city

Ready to plan your cost for trip to New York. Be ready to enjoy the most populous city in the United states. It attracts tonnes of travelers every month.

Here is TIP# Learn pronunciation of a few things that will differentiate you from the local New Yorker’s.

Don’t forget to balance out your budget by ensuring the saving hacks mentioned in our budget. Also use them and tell us in the comments. We are waiting for your stories.

We would love to know the stories of your New York vacation. Also tell us about your average cost of a trip to New York and if you have any suggestion for other travelers. 

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