Mexico City is the home of rich histories, from the Aztec period of Latin America. Mexico City is the capital of 31 states. Mexico today is booming modern economy. Mexico city is one of the most important cultural and financial centers in the world. A multi-layered history and culture make Mexico’s capital city endlessly fascinating. Mexico City for an unforgettable adventure. you can find to discover the best hotels, restaurants. Mexico city is highly pocket friendly and safer than you might expect. The entire city is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The Spanish heritage has also been well preserved, with charming towns built around the shady plazas and whitewashed churches.

Grab Your Glasses & Gain Some Knowledge With The help of This Mexico City Travel Guide:

Mexico City Travel

Is It Safe To Travel To Mexico City?

Mexico city is a generally safe place to visit. Mexico City is not under any traveling restriction and it is generally a safe place to visit. But for safer side here are some emergency contacts mentioned below:

Emergency Contact Info:

  • National Emergency Number: 411 or 911
  • Green Angels Tourist Assistance: 078
  • Public Ministry Agency: 5200-9000
  • U.S. Embassy in Mexico City:
  • Calling from Mexico: (01-55) 5080-2000
  • Calling from the U.S.: 011-52-55-5080-2000
  • After hours emergencies: 01-52-55-5080-2000, press 0 for the duty officer

When To Go & How To Travel in Mexico City

Mexico is a global and financial hub, there’s is no wrong time to visit Mexico. March and November are ideal months to plan your tour for Mexico. if you want to avoid crowd you can plan your holiday Except for Christmas and Easter. Mexico’s hottest month is may, when temps top out in the 80s, and rainy season lasts June through September.

Highlights of Mexico City Travel

Palacio Nacional

Palacio Nacional

The National Palace is known as the chair of the federal executive in Mexico. It is located in Mexico City’s main square, the Plaza de la Constitución. The Palacio Nacional is a beloved home to the offices of the president of Mexico and the Federal Treasury.

Aztec emperor Moctezuma II in the early 16th century built the first palace on this spot. After that Cortés destroyed the emperor’s palace in 1521, rebuild and renovated it as a fortress with three interior courtyards. Then the crown purchased the building from Cortés’ family to house the viceroys of Nueva España in 1520, a function it served until Mexican independence.

  • Location: Plaza de la Constitución
  • Visiting Hours: 9 am-5 pm Tue-Sun
  • Entry Fee: Vary by tour

Templo Mayor

Templo Mayor

The Aztec ‘Great Temple’ Teocalli of Tenochtitlán covered the site where the cathedral now stands before the Spaniards demolished it, as well as the blocks to its north and east. After electricity workers happened on an 8-tonne stone-disc carving of the Aztec goddess Coyolxauhqui in until 1978, the big decision demolishing the colonial buildings and excavate the Templo Mayor.

The Templo Mayor or Great Temple (called Hueteocalli by the Aztecs) dominated the central sacred precinct of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan. Topped by twin temples dedicated to the war god Huitzilopochtli and the rain god Tlaloc it was a focal point of the Aztec religion and very center of the Aztec world.

  • Location: Seminario 8
  • Visiting Hours: 9 am-5 pm Tue-Sun
  • Entry Fee: adult/student M$75/free

Arena México

Arena México

An indoor arena in Mexico City, Mexico, discovered in the Colonia Doctores neighborhood in the Cuauhtémoc borough.  and counted in one of Mexico City’s two wrestling venues, its fascinating to know that the 17,000-seat Arena México is taken over by a circus atmosphere each week, with flamboyant luchadors (wrestlers) such as Místico and Sam Adonis going at each other in tag teams or one-on-one that is really huge. Also, there are around three or four bouts, building up to the headline of the match. Intermissions also feature folkloric dancers or you can say, cheerleaders. Tickets are available nearby at the door.

  • Location: Dr Lavista 197, Colonia Doctores
  • Visiting Hours: 7:30 pm Tue, 8:30 pm Fri, 5 pm Sun
  • Entry Fee: tickets M$40-210

Museo Nacional de Antropología

Museo Nacional de Antropología

This Anthropology Museum is a national museum of Mexico and is the largest and most explored museum in Mexico by visitants. This amazing world-class museum plays role as an extension of the Bosque de Chapultepec and is a highlight of visiting CDMX. The long, rectangular courtyard enclosed by three sides by two-level display halls. The 12 ground-floor salas are highly dedicated to pre-Hispanic Mexico, meanwhile, upper-level salas show how Mexico’s indigenous descendants live today, with the contemporary cultures located directly above their ancestral civilizations. This vast and amazing museum offers what you and your loved ones can absorb in a single visit.

  • Location: cnr Paseo de la Reforma & Calz Gandhi
  • Visiting Hours: 9 am-5 pm Tue-Sun
  • Entry Fee: adult/child under 13yr M$75/free, video recording M$45, parking M$20

Museo Frida Kahlo

Museo Frida Kahlo

Popularly known as the Blue House this Frida Kahlo Museum, structure’s cobalt-blue walls, is a historic house museum and art museum dedicated to the life and work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The blue house is located in the Colonia del Carmen neighborhood of Coyoacán in Mexico City.

Frida’s father Guillermo built this blue house three years before her birth, the house is littered with mementoes and personal belongings that evoke her long, often turbulent relationship with husband Diego Rivera and the leftist cerebral circle they frequently entertained here. Kitchen implements, jewelry, photos and other objects from the artist’s everyday life are interspersed with art, as well as a variety of pre-Hispanic pieces and Mexican crafts.

  • Location: Londres 247
  • Visiting Hours: 10 am-5:45 pm Tue & Thu-Sun, from 11 am Wed
  • Entry Fee: adult Tue-Fri M$230, Sat & Sun M$250, student M$45, video guide M$80, camera use M$30

Plaza Garibaldi

Plaza Garibaldi

Situated on the historic downtown Mexico City this Plaza Garibaldi, on Eje Central (Lázaro Cárdenas) between historic Calle República de Honduras and Calle República de Peru, a few blocks north of the Palacio de Bellas Artes. The Plaza is renowned as Mexico City’s mariachi music home. Each and every night the city’s mariachi bands belt out heartfelt ballads in this celebratory square. Carrying silver-studded outfits, they toot their trumpets and tune their guitars until approached by anybody who’ll pay for a song.

  • Location: Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas, cnr República de Honduras
  • Visiting Hours: Flexible
  • Entry Fee: mariachi song M$130-150

Palacio de Bellas Artes

Palacio de Bellas Artes

Palace of Fine Arts lavishly pronounced The Palacio de Bellas Artes is a striking and outstanding cultural center in Mexico City. The building is well renowned for its murals by Siqueiros, Diego Rivera and others, as well as the many exhibitions and theatrical performances its hosts, which also includes the Ballet Folklórico de México. The iconic building’s construction began in 1905 under Italian architect Adamo Boari, who preferred neoclassical and art nouveau styles.

  • Location: Av Juárez
  • Visiting Hours: 10 am-6 pm Tue-Sun
  • Entry Fee: museum M$70, Sunday free

Things To Do In Mexico City

Experience holidays in Mexico and finds the best time to go and the best places to visit. Travel and find happiness within yourself. You won’t regret a single moment while traveling to Mexico. Here is a list of amazing things to do in Mexico.

  • Mexico City Markets & Teotihuacan Pyramids
  • Private Tours
  •  Relax on the pacific coast
  •  Visit in Mexico city
  •  Chichen Itza
  • Visit volcano
  • Trek around Tulum
  • Shrine and tequila tasting tour
  • Hot air balloon flight
  • Volcano Hiking Tour

Stay in Mexico City

  • In bigger and more touristy locations highest price hotels charge 400 MXN($20) per night, with 289 MXN ($15)per night is the average, 173-289 MXN ($9-15) for a dorm. These hotels provide you with free Wifi and breakfast not always air conditioning.
  • Some of the best restaurants in Mexico City Red Tree House, Casa San Ildefonso, Condesa Haus, Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico.
  • Explore the outstanding Mexico City’s world-renowned gastronomy,  stroll its historic streets, explore its many museums, be amazed by its modern architecture, and scrutinise the little luxuries in its copious shopping malls. Taking forward discover the best neighborhoods for each individual traveler and where to stay in them.

Here are some best neighborhoods which will make your stay more convenient and your vacation much enjoyable. 

  • Polanc: An affluent neighborhood in the Miguel Hidalgo borough of Mexico City. An upscale famed community Polanco and its luxury shopping on Avenida Presidente Masaryk.
  • Coyoacán: The leafy Jardín Centenario park sits at the center of bohemian Coyoacán, known for its cobblestone streets and colonial architecture.
  • Santa Fe: One of the newest neighborhoods in Mexico City, famed for its big-box headquarters and shiny new apartment buildings.
  • Condesa and Roma: These are two contiguous neighborhoods that have grown almost like twins, bestowing an urban and bohemian amalgam. Well known for their exquisite restaurants, art galleries, independent boutiques and exciting nightlife, these districts have obtained the perfect balance between modern lifestyle and heritage.

Mexico City Travel Budget to Explore

  • If you want to explore Mexico without any boundaries and restriction you will spend at least $48 per day includes a hostel dorm, Street food, and self-cooked meals, transportation.
  • For the Average budget you need to spend $85, you can stay in a good hostel, eat at local restaurants, visit more attractions, also can take a few taxis like Uber and public transportation.
  • A luxury Budget will cost you $310 per day you will stay at the 5-star hotel, eat out for all your meals, take taxis everywhere, and do some guided trips.


Mexico City is an astounding center majorly known for its Templo Mayor -a 13th-century Aztec temple, the Palacio Nacional and, the baroque Catedral Metropolitana de México of the Spanish conquistadors, which houses historic murals by Diego Rivera. If you are willing to spend your precious time on this amazing land then this Mexico City travel guide is a must-read before stepping your shoe in Mexico. This Travel Guide is a savior, guiding you to the fullest to explore his populated land. Comment below and let us what are the thing you going to do while traveling Mexico City?