When you want to move your shoe to travel or have an amazing vacation then what can be better than remarkable natural places. As you know natural places grant you positivity and good vibes to handle hazy life. Definitely, the world is much bigger than our imagination and this big world comprises of one of the best islands popular with the Bora bora positioned in the southern pacific ocean named french Polynesia. Bora Bora is a small northwest island of Tahiti in French Polynesia Surrounded by sand-fringed Motus (islets) and a turquoise lagoon protected by a coral reef. a coral reef is based on its maximum diversity of various water spices and resources famous for scuba diving you can enjoy your holiday with the different world called water world. Well if you are planning your trip to Bora Bora there are some aspects you need to specify such as how to get to Bora Bora from U.S or flights to Bora? In fact, the major question raises in your mind is how to make your trip fascinating and can you visit Bora Bora on a budget? Well here are the answers to all your questions?

Inspire Yourself To an Astounding Trip to Bora Bora:

How to Get To Bora Bora From the USA?

  • To get Bora Bora firstly you need to set up your mind for this adventurous trip and then start your journey from the USA. 
  • Bora Bora is a portion of the Society Islands in French Polynesia, so the essentials to get in are mainly the equivalent as visiting France. Citizens of the United States of America necessitate only a passport legitimate for at least three months after their arrival date. Those citizens will need a visa if they plan on vacationing extended than 90 days. 
  • If you are coming from the USA you’ll first stop at Faa’a International airport in Tahiti. where you can rest for a while and then once you cleared some airport formality custom clearances and all you can expect your flight to Bora Bora in 45-minutes.
  • Let me clear that flights do not operate at night, so you must prepare beforehand with the advance bookings in Papeete if your flight arrives in the evening. Of course, you will need to collect your luggage and re-check it for your flight to Bora Bora, and while all is happening you must not let the opportunity to exchange your currency. You may not be excited enough to get back onto a plane after the prolonged flight to Papeete. Still, you are in for a treat of gorgeous scenery during the flight. Try grabbing the seat on the left side of the plane while booking your flight tickets, where you’ll cherish the best views of Bora Bora as well as Huahine, Tahaa, and Raiatea during your approach.
  • You’ll encounter the aforementioned airport on a miniature islet called Motu Mute, just northwest of the main island, and you’ll have to take a quick catamaran ride to reach your final destination to relish the taste of local culture at Bora Bora’s Vaitape. Many resorts offer airport transportation with a proper guide.

Everything you need to know about flights to Bora Bora.

  • You might have traveled a lot in different flights but your flights to Bora Bora will be the most thrilling air travel you might have ever encountered. 
  • Well before traveling there are many aspects you need to take care of like flight details, how to get discount prices, where to sit on the plane, baggage allowances, cancellation requirements, where to stay near the Tahiti Airport, and more. With all the sequenced information you can make your journey remarkable.
  •  As you already know now that to get Bora Bora flights you must first fly into French Polynesia’s Faa’a International Airport, at Papeete, on the main island of Tahiti.
  • It is really important to enjoy your journey while Flying inter-island in French Polynesia.
  • It is incredibly special as you see the islands and their sparkling blue lagoons from above. Flights to Bora Bora are particularly spectacular so you must try to book a window seat to enjoy the beauty of this amazing journey.
  • Well, there are many flights such as United, Air New Zealand, Air Tahiti Nui, Air France, French Bee, LAN, and Hawaiian Airlines all fly into Tahiti.
  • There are many times that Misunderstandings gets created between Air Tahiti and travel agents, so if your bookings were made from the U.S.A, better be confirmed with your Bora Bora flights and other Bora Bora travel arrangements when you arrive in Papeete. And also be careful with the schedule as there times when waiting at the airport for your flight to Bora Bora planes might leave up to 20 minutes early.
  • As you know now about flights leaving 20 minutes early, you must plan a day before, though Air Tahiti is pretty reliable to avoid any consequences it’s best not to plan your flight back to Papeete for the same day that your international flight departs from Tahiti. 
  • A Standard ticket for flights to Bora Bora gives a baggage allowance of 23kilograms or 50lb per person. This can be in 3 pieces. The dimensions include the length, width and height of each piece must not exceed 150cm or 59″.
  • A Special Ticket buys an additional weight allowance for your flights to Bora Bora. It also allows 3 pieces of baggage with the same three dimensions must not exceed 150cm or 59″. The total weight can be 46 kilos or 100lb. 
  • If there is a change in the plan you can have your Air Tahiti tickets refunded at the place where you purchased them. The refund policy is generous if you give timely notification.
  • If you cancel at least 24 hours before your flight to Bora Bora the fee is CFP 1,000. For a cancellation with less than 24 hours notice, the fee is CFP 4,000.

Can You Visit Bora Bora On A Budget?

Budget is the critical criteria for the traveler you need to manage your savings according to your holiday destination and here I am discussing the dreamy holiday destination like Bora Bora island. if you have a medium budget you need to spend $20 a day. if you are a budget traveler you need to spend $500 a week not estimated. if your pocket is friendly for this budget you have to pack your bags and start your journey for this dreamy island not trust anyone who says’s impossible to visit Bora Bora. The French Polynesian island is famous for its nature, ambiance and luxury accommodation in bungalows that gives you feel of a paradise with a private balcony stepping straight into the sea.

Let’s elaborate on the expenses and how budget-friendly the trip can be?

Travel during the off-season.

Travel during the off-season.

  • Bora Bora is an isolated South Pacific Island, due to which airfare becomes expensive. 
  •  Plan your travel in such a way that you visit places during the off-season. This way you can save a lot on flights and hotels as you are sure to get off-season discounts.
  •  Like any other popular destination, this beautiful island also has the peak season from May through October as the weather is dry and temperatures range from the upper-60s to mid-80s and this can be seen in the flight price range. 
  • December through March has the most unpredictable weather, with rain and slightly higher temperatures, while April and November are the shoulder seasons. 
  • Whenever you plan your traveling the timing is most important. Travelling off-season can be 3-4 times cheaper than in the time when everybody has holidays.
  • Many of the tour travelers experienced that off-season traveling was pocket-friendly.
  •  Do not fix your destination try to be flexible as the timing of your vacation is the biggest money saver of all.
  • Many people only want to travel to a destination during high season, but choosing to travel on shoulder season instead is a much better decision if concerned with budgeting.
  • Off-season traveling will not only provide cheap airfare costs but hotel prices will be more competitive and places will be less crowded.
  • You cannot deny that though you crave peak season you are not able to enjoy it as it becomes so crowded, avoid peak season. Spring is usually a good time to travel in most of the places.
  • Don’t be rigid with your decision getting guidance from the local people can save your money and time. As they have much knowledge about that place, so you need some flexibility.
  • You do not want to be surrounded by the crowd and not able to enjoy the feel of destination, so off-season traveling can help you out with space.
  •  And on the top of that crowd is minimized so you can have an enjoyable travel experience. You can leisurely spend time and it can be an immersive experience.
  • Try to follow the rule of first or last as booking in advance can save your money and if you are getting a good deal can be beneficial in your budgeting.
  • Budget travelers should stick to the off-season for cheaper airfare and keep an eye on flight deals. focus on discounts, offer and cheap rates before booking but Book everything in advance or at the last moment, as the prices then are the lowest. Some tours from big travel agencies have great discounts if you book on the last day.

The Cost of Transportation in Bora Bora

  • Bora Bora’s airport is located on Motu a ridge island so to reach your final destination, you need to bounce on Air Tahiti’s free catamaran shuttle.
  •  After grabbing the shuttle it’ll take you directly to the dock in Vaitape, which is the main town on the island. 
  • The easiest way to get around is to rent a bicycle. The varies but the estimated amount is $10 to $15 per day. If you’re not planning on doing a ton of driving, stick to renting a bike.
  •  Many hotels have bikes available for a daily fee but look around to compare prices.
  • It is also said that runs from Vaitape to Matira Beach and back every hour for $4.75. You must definitely take help if locals around your accommodation for more valid information, and this can also help keep your costs low.
  • This is also no secret that Taxis car rentals are highly expensive on the island, so avoid them if you are willing to have a pocket-friendly trip. The mainland is 18 miles in circumference, so you could easily cycle or scooter your way around in a day.

Budget Accommodation

Bora Bora is indeed famous for its luxurious nature

  • Well, Bora Bora is indeed famous for its luxurious nature such as the Four Seasons and InterContinental. But still, there are also some budget-friendly picks. Pensions, or guesthouses, dot the mainland, as do a couple of affordable hotels.
  • If you’re having trouble booking a budget property online, consider emailing the hotel, as that’s often a reliable way to confirm dates and availability. 
  • There are still several budget guesthouses on the island that get good reviews. Check out Sunset Hill Lodge and Villa Rea Hanaa for doubles/quads starting at $120 a night.
  • There are hostels, camps, inns, hotels and so on. Couch-surfing is a wonderful opportunity to see the world and meet amazing people. With no cost for lodging. Other free lodging opportunities include house-sitting, house swapping, and being a caretaker.
  • Try Couch-surfing & enjoy the hospitality of local people and live their culture first hand. This can be the most enriching experience in your life.
  • Airbnb is another great option for Bora Bora, if not the best option overall. There are 40 rentals listed for under $100 a night, and 27 for under $50 a night. You can even stay in a guesthouse for just $15 a night there!

Recreation In Budget

  • There are plenty of things you can do on the island without harming your budget.
  • You get rental kayaks and snorkeling gear. You can explore kayaking around Bora Bora and if that is not enough step towards the Aquarium, an outstanding snorkeling section with impressive coral gardens and marine life. 
  • As being on Bora Bora and following the recreational activities can be highly expensive but you can try society islands famous for Inlet cruises are just as amazing and you’ll be paying far less for them than you would on Bora Bora. 
  • Matira Beach is one of the best beaches on the mainland, and it’s well-known for attracting various types of rays throughout the day. 
  • One of the must-see attractions and is totally free is leading to the Intercontinental Hotel on Matira Beach and watching the leopard rays glide past every evening. 
  • When you talk about the paid activities it definitely involves shopping, you can shop around through Viator to find the best prices. One of the cheapest activities is a very well-reviewed 4WD tour of Bora Bora for just under $75 this is a great option if you want to spend half a day seeing the very best of the island, and the reviews of the tour are glowing.
  • Another option is this snorkeling cruise $81, where you can feed and play with stingrays and sharks while exploring the inlet. This is one of the marvelous experience of your Bora Bora trip
  • best way to enjoy your trip is by having fun with snorkeling you could take a two-hour tour of the lagoon for $88. 
  • Hiking throughout the island is another free activity that’ll net you some incredible views and photos as you explore. Mount Paihia is one of the best in Bora Bora for honestly athletic people, and hikers do climb it without a guide. 

The Cost of Food in Bora Bora

The Cost of Food in Bora Bora

  • Bora Bora is an isolated island due to which you can expect less crowd and one of the main reasons for food is the biggest expense in Bora Bora. Prices definitely increased from the other islands. There was also a small store opposite Temanuata with cheap snacks if you just wanted to grab a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar.
  • Snack Matira is also an option where you could grab a burger, french fries, and a couple of drinks for around $12.
  • The majority of food has to be imported to Bora Bora, resulting in sky-high prices for everything such as $20 cocktails and $38 steak dishes. You also find kitchen facilities available either in a communal space or in rooms in Village Temanuata and most accommodations.
  • If that much is not enough then you also have former’s bungalows which offer one-burner hobs, microwaves, kettles, and all the necessary cookware and dishes.
  • If you are willing to cook by yourself then you can definitely save a significant amount of money by shopping at the convenient supermarkets and fruit endures on the island.
  • There aren’t a ton of options, but mainland Bora Bora has Tiare Market, Super U, and Chin Lee. Get clear with grocery store prices as well because they are closer to Whole Foods than Trader Joe’s, which can be considered better substance than dining at a restaurant.
  • At locals eateries, you can find burgers, beer, fries, fish sandwiches, and chicken for around $10 a meal.
  • Grab your water bottle to save money on drinks while also helping protect the environment.


The most popular yet isolated island should be in your bucket list of a perfect destination with once in a lifetime destination. You can cherish the beauty of this beautiful land with the cool breeze and the feeling of being in heaven on Earth. All is sorted with this article to bag pack and have a wonderful trip to Bora Bora. Not only that you might be clear with the tricks of saving money as well. Comment below and let us know when are you booking your flight of a budgetary trip to Bora Bora?