A one-stop destination for your friends or family or a solo getaway. If you want to relax at a beach then Hawaii is the best trip you can plan.Planning for a Hawaii vacation can be a bit of a situation for those who are doing it for the first time. It will require your time and effort to plan and estimate for expenses.In this guide, you will get everything from starting your trip and returning back without any stress. If you use the right apps that will help you out to book flights for less and provides info of best destinations.

Places to Visit in Hawaii

Why is Hawaii the priority on the destination list of various tourists? More than beaches and volcanoes there is a lot more to Hawaii. You will know it all here.


several varieties of food in hawaii

Hawaii is a place where you can enjoy the variety of cuisines as it is a hub of different cultures. Kona coffee is the most favored and a must-try food. There are several varieties of food that you can explore in Hawaii.

Different species

You can get to know various species. Humuhumu Nuku Nuku apua is a fish, found in Hawaii. It is also known as state fish. Also, you can see other fishes from whales to underground species.

Ocean views 

With abundant beaches and oceans, you can enjoy a view of heaven. Boating is the best way to sit and relax with the great 

Hana highway

An attractive journey to most tourists that gives an opportunity to view waterfalls on your way. It is a great distance where you can enjoy the hundreds of curves and narrow lanes.


It is a paradise where you can experience both the best summers and winters accompanied by fresh juice. Experience of a tropical breeze is relaxing and gives enormous peace.

Perfect Time to Plan

It is always the best time to visit Hawaii as the climate is perfect to relax all year round. If you want to avoid the crowd then do not go planning a vacation during the holiday period.

Hawaii vacation cost

Spring in Hawaii has the best weather and also a time to find good deals. While in summer prices are high as summers find a great view in Hawaii with warm weather.

How to Prepare a Budget?

  • Get the expected budget from online websites and surveys.
  • Approach those who already went there or watch a YouTube travel blogger learn Hawaiian experience.
  • Know for yourself. How much can you afford to spend on a vacation
  • Make a list of things to do in Hawaii
  • Ask yourself, are you going to visit all the islands or one or maybe two.
  • Then make a costing budget of basic bookings.
  • Finally, create overall expenditure to ascertain total budgeting cost

Know Your Expected Budget

A big factor that can influence your budget is the time at which you are doing the bookings. Some months during the year saves a lot more than other times.

Hawaii beach

Flight Bookings

The cost of flight bookings depends upon your starting point. Fares are changing for different distances. You can get the estimated fare by visiting MakeMyTrip.com.

Flights fare are expected to be starting from USD 600 for one way and around USD 1200 for the round trip. These fares will be increased or decreased according to the number of passengers, classes of seats and preferences.

Hotel Bookings

While hotels offer great deals if you are booking from a trusted website. You can go to trivago.com and easily search to compare prices for different hotels.

The expected cost for hotel bookings starts from USD 150 per day and goes to USD 2000 per day as per your requirements.

Rental Vehicle

Usually, tourist rent a car to visit various attractive places at their convenience. Also, you will be required to book flights for visiting different islands in Hawaii.

You can consider spending around USD 40 to USD 70 per day. The fare will be changing according to the selection of the car type.

Food Cost

Depending on the kind of restaurant or hotel you are going to eat, the cost will be changing. You can spend around USD 80 to USD 150 per person for dinner.

Lunch will be a bit relaxed with the low prices that can be expected around USD 40 to USD 70 per person.

Overall food budget can be expected between USD 80 to USD 150 for adults and USD 60 to USD 80 for children.

How Much Does a Vacation in Hawaii Cost – Overall budget

If you calculate Hawaii vacation cost then that amounts to be estimated from USD 1500 to USD 5000 per person with activities charged extra.

The overall expenditure may get increased if you are planning for 7-star facilities. Additional facilities will add to your cost.

Activities That Are Worth It

Hawaii seashore


One of the most popular oceanic activities that are worth paying for is surfing. You can enjoy on oceanic waves with your surfing board and show off your surfing skills.

Hawaii has good facilities for all surfers onboard. Also, it has classes to learn surfing for beginners. You can start your surfing world in Hawaii.

Scuba Diving

You can go scuba diving to get a one-time experience of your life. It is a great adventure that is accompanied by underwater species. You will find an abundant number of wildlife species.

For those who are not afraid of water or want to lose their fear of water then, scuba diving will give you a memorable time.


The world’s most active volcano Kilauea can be hiked at Hawaii. It is also known as the home of the Hawaiian goddess of fire. It is hiked through a 450-foot long tunnel.

You can take the experience of those morning sunrises while hiking at a good distance. Also, it will gain strength in your body. 

Horseback Riding

Poipu coast offers horseback riding along its coast. It gives a memorable time to enjoy those ocean views while sitting on a horse. 

If you are a couple then a couple of horseback riding is also a great option to explore in Hawaii. You will be surprised to ride a horse on a seaside.


You can go and view whales while boating on a relaxed and calm ocean. Maui is the spot to watch for whales in Hawaii. It is available from November to May.

You would think boating is a common activity to skip but do know that at Hawaii you can relax at the boat and watch for fishes at the same time. The abundant species are worth to look at.

Book the Best


It is possible that you have done all the bookings and then you come to know those bookings could be done at a much cheaper rate.

Here are Some Tips to Book the Best:

  • If you are looking for a flight then the best day to book is not on weekends. Weekdays maybe Tuesday to Friday or in between is the much better option to get low fares.
  • It’s always recommended to book everything in advance. At least before a year to save a lot more.
  • Check for car insurance whenever booking a car for rental. If you are driving so it will help to cover damages in case of an accident.
  • Make a list of activities after reaching their or prior to booking. Prioritize according to the experience you want to get most.
  • Save every month to plan a full trip. It will help you out and make sure to feel relaxed for planning a vacation. You won’t be stressed to spend a lot at once.

Travel Hacks 

  • What you may think will be available for you at your hotel for an expensive cost can be taken from your home such as groceries
  • Make your food for some days to save on cost
  • Don’t stick to your hotel, do visit nearby places to buy at good prices
  • Don’t get attracted to flyers, use services what locals are using
  • Honolulu (the capital city of Hawaii) has several free entry parties such as lantern floating Hawaii.
  • Stick to your plan to get the best of it


Perfect Time to Plan for hawaii

Get ready with your Hawaiian plan and enjoy your vacation. Don’t forget to learn to prepare the budget for future vacations. Have memorable moments of your life at Hawaii.

Here is a TIP# Research well before you in advance or if you are unable to get a deal don’t regret that. Maybe it is for the best.

If you are going for the first time then this guide will give you complete details of everything that you can save on.

Have you had any vacations in Hawaii before? We would love to know your experiences? Also if you have any suggestions to improve the cost of a vacation to Hawaii, do tell us.

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