The United States has taken all the charm and 5-star reviews from abundant tourists. If the US is your dream vacation then you are already planning for the best vacation of your life. 

Some of the great activities and thrilling fun is waiting for you. You will love the atmosphere. Apart from beaches, there is much more to the United States that you can explore.

Don’t forget to get the taste of unites states on your tongue by visiting various restaurants. It will be a different experience.

Where Should I Go On Vacation In The US

New York City

Best places to visit in us

It is the best city to know the local people and the culture of the United States. Yes, the main united states can be experienced in New York.

The new york style plaza is the first location we recommend, next, you can explore a show on broadway or Metropolitan Museum of Art’s is the best attraction of the city.

You should try the local train to know the local residents of the city. Get a donut or bagel to taste the authentic food of the city. Our personal favorite is waffles. Do try them.

If you want to have the complete details then read our guide about top places to visit in New York.



Shat is the major fun in the city? This question keeps rolling in the mind of every tourist. Let us answer your question. Millennium Park is the first location that we would like to recommend. It has some of the great opportunities to interact with the culture of the city.

Once you get tired there plan a river cruise for your family or friends to have a complete vacation. This is the best opportunity to be on a cruise and enjoy yourself. You will get to see the marine life of the city.

Maggie Daley Park is the best destination which is recommended to visit especially in winter. This location is just perfect for ice skating. You can get a lesson too if you don’t know how to skate on ice.



You may have known about the famous beaches of Miami but Miami has to offer a lot to every traveler who wishes to visit Miami once. This calls for a full-fledged guide so that you can understand where to head first.

Read the top places to visit in Miami

Also, we would like to tell you something in short about Miami that it has the best nightlife where you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. You will come across various new friends.

The great part is you can get good deals as the weekends are sometimes offering discounts to travelers or go for clubbing, it is our personal favorite. These are the best activities in Miami and you will find various local tourists.

Also if you are not someone who does not enjoy nightclubs then a museum visit is the next best option or some relaxing stuff such as swimming or hiking are available in Miami.

Las Vegas

Best places to visit in us

This places a hub of casinos that you can find at every corner of Las Vegas. Want to try your luck at these Casinos? Then you can surely go for it. It is the most fun activity but doesn’t take it seriously. You should not waste your time at Casinos.

You have many more activities to do at Las Vegas such as hiking at various high peaks or book a sightseeing tour of the city or take a helicopter to visit the whole city or maybe do all of them.

You have various fun activities to do in Las Vegas. The list is neverending. We would want to add something on the tour list such as relaxing spa treatments and hygienic pools to relax. 

The city offers various such things, you just need to plan accordingly because sometimes one activity takes a whole day. You need to plan very smartly to enjoy everyone and with your budget.

Key West

Key West

This destination is most suitable for an adventurous person and if you are then Key West should be on the number one in the list of your holiday trip. You may not know that various tourists across the world visit Key West to enjoy abundant activities.

Some of the best activities that you can enjoy are snorkeling with the best guides, kayaking is the best adventure, boating on the waters and hiking on high peaks of Key West, relax on beautiful beaches, go for fishing and have fun.

Various historical parks are available for all those tourists who want to get a dose of culture and heritage. You will love how these historical structures are made. The best thing about them is they also have amusement parks if you get bored with historical parks.

Duval street is one of the major attractions at Key West where you will interact with the local residents.



This city is situated in Georgia and if you have read our article about the best places to visit in Georgia then you must have already known about the beauty of Savannah. The oldest culture of the city is a must to explore and get the feel.

The abundant activities are worth paying for. You will get to know what real adventure is in the forests and various thrilling activities are the main attractions. The unique tours available in the city are majorly loved by tourists.

Some of the tours are horse riding tours, carriage tours, forest tours and other adventures that you can even book online and get the best offers. You should visit the cultural heritage of the city by visiting the museum.

The restaurants of Savannah are a real thrill as they will offer you whatever you need. Even a fried tomato is served on the menu. You need to check out the restaurants to know more about them.



Juneau is the capital of Alaska. This place is going to offer some popular places such as the Mendenhall Glacier, the Tracy Arm Fjord, and the Tongass National Forest and many other destinations are a prerequisite to visit.

Without visiting any of the above locations your trip is incomplete. The fun activities are the added part of your vacation. You will have great fun. Go for whale watching and have fun with whales or maybe book a cruise to come closer with whales and interact with them.

Helicopter tours are the best to get the whole view of the city and even be at height with breathtaking wing scrolling through your hairs. It is great fun where you can click the perfect pictures.

Do visit Alaskan Brewing company get your body refreshed with a taste of fresh drinks. You will be tired after various activities and then you can refresh your mind.

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole

It is not a very famous location but the infrastructure and the scenic beauty have made this destination on our list. We would love to tell you that it has various unexplored locations in the world and you will love them.

Various activities are done here such as fly-fishing, mountain biking, paragliding, swimming, sunbathing, hiking, and various other activities. You will love the atmosphere and great vibes from the waves at the beach.

Various tours are available for all tourists who are interested and we recommend you not to take one as these tours don’t provide much quality. You can visit the location yourself and have great fun.



If you want to have a look at the combination of beaches with urban buildings then this destination is just the one. It has a great view of where you can watch those buildings in front of the beach. You will be thrilled at this view.

The major attraction of Honolulu is Kailua’s Lanikai Beach. It is a great place to live a luxurious lifestyle with great facilities in hotels. Most clean hotels and complimentary deals can be availed. You must book online to get the best deals.

Waikiki Beach is the second-best destination in Honolulu and you will not forget this view. You can sit and relax at the beach or get the thrill of various water activities. 

If you are still confused about where to head in Honolulu then read the whole article to plan the best vacation.

Washington DC 

Washington DC 

It is the capital city of the United States. There is much to explore in the city as it is the capital city so it has the oldest heritage that can be explored in the city. You will get to know about different stories that are much interesting from locals.

You can book a whole tour for the city to get a complete sightseeing advantage and that too on a budget. These tours if pre-booked can save a lot on cost. Do avoid peak seasons to get away from the crowd.

Various monuments that you can explore are the U.S. National Arboretum or Rock Creek Park and  Smithsonian museums. These monuments are worth watching but the famous one is the Lincoln Memorial. It is one of the best things that you can explore.

Without these monuments your journey is incomplete. Apart from monuments, you can also explore the nightlife of Washington DC.

San Francisco

San Francisco

It is a big city with a great adventure and the main point to note is you need to walk a lot so be prepared for that. If you want to explore the whole city then your sports shoes will help you a lot. Also, the big city has to offer various attractions.

You can explore the whole city on a cable car and it is a thrilling activity in itself. You can go with your family and take some pictures of the city. The high points at the cable car give some breathtaking views to enjoy a lot.

You can book a tour so as to get the best of your vacation. Also, do note that pre-booking of tours is recommended to get the best deals. While there are various tours available at San Francisco for different budgets.

Also, you can explore the variety of cuisines and culture of San Francisco. You can interact with locals while walking in the city. 



This place is just a perfect destination for those travelers who are looking for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. You will love the originality of its attractions. More than these attractions you will love to explore them. Also, there is a lot of stuff to explore.

You can explore various activities such as diving, river rafting, snorkeling, and various other activities that you can’t afford to miss. Don’t worry if you are unable to master these activities.

You can easily book a tour or a trainer for yourself and enjoy the destination with its best activities. You can also get a chance at various restaurants after getting tired of these activities. You may not know that these restaurants offer a great variety of food.

seafood is the best in which you can try and get a variety of flavors on your tongue. It is really amazing. Don’t forget to do some shopping and a sunbathe on the beach.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

The best views of America are only available at the Grand Canyon. You have a great opportunity to visit various destinations in America. One of these destinations is the Colorado River. Colorado is in itself a great destination. 

If you are planning to visit Colorado then read our guide to get the whole plan in detail.

Then some of the other attractions at Grand Canyon are Bright Angel and North Kaibab trails. You can explore these scenic views through hiking or walking as these are some of the popular activities at Grand Canyon.

The huge rock formations are worth looking at. They are so high that you will feel like a miniature and observing the city from those peaks is the next level of adventure. You will really love it.

More than hiking and walking, you will also love water rafting with a group of friends or family. Have great fun at Grand Canyon. 


The various places mentioned above are the best in the United States. These places take all the limelight of the United States. If you are still confused about which vacation to visit then go with your budget and you will find one.

Here is a TIP# Plan for how many days you will be visiting as per the destinations you want to visit. It makes the vacation more flexible and stress-free.

Have you been to the above places? If yes then share your experiences in the comments. We would love to know about your great experience.