Guidebook – How To Become A Travel Writer And Get Paid?

Travel writing is one of the passionate work and considered to be a dream job for many people. And if you are also willing to pursue your passion as your dream job to become a travel writer then why not? If your wanderlust makes you travel and you have a definite experience that could be shared as a travel writer then this can be a great way to generate income. Whereas it also happens that you generally don’t get to travel much but still you have the passion to become a great travel writer and get paid for that. So, widely open the doors of your brain and seize some great ideas and a proper guide to becoming a travel writer and get paid for that.How To Become A Travel Writer And Get Paid

So, let’s take it ahead and step by step understand the guide to become a travel writer:

Let’s understand what does travel writing involve:

Travel writing contributes much more in providing helpful information about the locations and the journey than sharing stories of your travels with family and friends or else providing proper guidance in the form of blogs, articles, guides such as Shoe Travel which include all the knowledge required before traveling to a certain destination or to calculate the exact facts about a particular place.

First, you need to get clear why do you want to become a travel writer?

If you are fond of traveling, seeking adventures and enjoy writing about your experience and research a lot about a particular destination then travel is writing is definitely your cup of tea. So rather reading and appealing to other publication editors you can go for yourself.

How to start travel writing?

Understand your niche:

  • Read some successful travel writers in several genres. In recent times travel writing is not just restricted to publishing articles in a magazine or a newspaper.
  • Nowadays writers who are looking for exposure publish their articles on blogs, online magazines, and other online platforms.
  • Successful travel writers search for a certain niche, angle, and step ahead with their genre, they utilize their unique perspective to keep readers engaged and sell stories to editors.
  • You should familiarize yourself with the demand by reading several auspicious travel writers and bloggers. Some successful travel writers are Bill Bryson, Kate Adie, Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, The EscapeArtistes Blog and many more all have a different genre and different way to portray their experience into words.

Start Writing

Guidebook - How To Become A Travel Writer And Get Paid? 1

  • It may be a bit obvious but if you want to become a successful travel writer start writing your thoughts, your experiences and just make sure that it should be appealing.

Make Your Writing Error-Free:

  • Before sending your work to readers, read through it, be extremely careful while sharing. This means you need to be sure that there are no spelling mistakes, no grammatical errors, all the information is correct such as telephone numbers, website addresses, etc and the articles is based on facts.
  • Because if you send an inaccurate work that has punctuation and/or spelling mistakes, you will be remembered for that and not the quality of the writing.

A Panel Of Travel Writing Opportunities To Get Great Jobs As A Travel Writer:

Destination articles

  • As you know that the competition is high for established publications unless you have a fresh approach or unique angle and in that case, you need to search out the increasing opportunities for niche publications.
  • Pick a destination which you seem people seek to visit for example Chile, Paris, New York, etc. write about it. Before start writing gets your facts clear, pen down your actual experiences. You can refer to Shoe Travel to get some valuable destination articles.

Home Town Or Home City Articles

  • Home town articles are the best way to start your career as a travel writer. You just need to focus on local events and activities in your hometown or city or else you can focus on a new interesting food craze in your town or a brand new music festival in your city.
  • Write about your hometown giving access to material that is easy to cover, with very cheap travel fees. As a travel writer make your stories interesting and approachable such as writing about things in your area will allow you to build a strong body of work and location providing you with some great panoramas to make it more attractive.


  • Guidebooks are the kind of articles based on facts and are straightforward and rely on trustworthy sources.
  • Guidebooks are very much popular both in print and online and most of the travel blog readers prefer reading guide formed step by step of any certain destination.

Travel Advise and How-to Travel: ArticlesTravel Advise and How-to Travel

  • Travel advice articles are the most prevalent form of travel writing provides advice or how-to tips often as standalone pieces or in destination articles or guidebooks. Advice articles require research and you will enjoy this form of travel writing.
  • Those who chose this kind of writing as a genre can find paid opportunities with travel magazines, newspapers, and travel-related company blogs if that is not enough independent travel blogs hire freelancers too.


  • If you chose this type of niche to write then it requires a step-by-step, first-person report. This type of article include planning and scheduling advice as well as suggesting sights and accommodations when visiting a destination or region.
  • The reader loves to get engaged in your inspiring experience. As well as people plan their travels by relying on these articles. This form of travel writing works as a boon for those who write a travel blog and monetize it.

Holidays and special events

  • When it comes to this form of travel writing, it explores global, regional and seasonal events, for example, the Olympics, local festivals, summer or solar eclipses.
  • To make your name as a travel writer in this niche, you need to plan well in advance and approach publications early to get an opportunity. 

Become A Travel Writer And Get Paid:

Some myths need to be clear before you are starting your career as a travel writer. You might be thinking that travel writers are sent around the world on assignments with a big commission, all your costs bared, and endless days people-watching in a world around cafes. But that is not the truth, very few publications pay a travel writer’s expenses, especially if the travel writer is a freelancer and not a staff member for the publication.

  • Most of the travel writers work as freelancers and run on contract by contract or story by story. This indicates that you cannot generate a steady income from travel writing and it can be difficult to make a high income when you are on a commission-based writer for a publication.
  • Recent rates in the market for 500-word article can range from $10 to $1,000. 
  • If you are willing to become a seasoned writer with years of experience writing for big print publications will make you earn the higher end of the spectrum for one article, but as already mentioned you require a good amount of experience. 
  • Numerous travel writers do not earn more than $25 – $300 on a single article, though prices vary if you are able to land a big feature or a cover story and will definitely be paid more. Though this sounds a bit difficult to overshoot the more lucrative stories and you will often have to write many articles on a regular basis to establish yourself financially in this career.

Chose Whether Want To Go Full-Time Or Freelancing:

As you might already know that if you are willing to go for a full-time position as a travel writer for a major travel publication expects years of experience and which really difficult to get even when you do strengthen up a trustworthy reputation in the industry. 

  • If you are willing to become a freelance writer then you need to build up your portfolio which means you will have to vault your self made articles to multiple publications consistently and write many articles for very less income for quite some time. Other than proper research and reading the articles of several travel writers and bloggers you need to bare your own travel accommodations, your itinerary expenses for several days, which means traveling on your own.
  • But if you are seeking your whole career as a travel writer and make it your fulltime job then you need to strengthen up contacts and credentials in the industry. This can take quite some time and you might have to work from contract to contract. But do not worry this is the most flourishing industry just you have to work a bit harder until you make a name for yourself. 

Make Your Credentials:

  • This is an online era and it is really essential to make your presence online or on a digital platform to promote your writing and showcase it to editors in the industry.
  • To showcase your work you need to have an online portfolio, a personal website, and/or a blog that you update regularly.
  • Your portfolio requires some basics which involves biography, you can update the blogs written on your past traveling experiences and any upcoming travel, with lots of detailing of your experiences, as well as social media, feeds where you can promote and share your articles, photos and videos
  • Engage readers, viewers, and editors in the industry with the help of your portfolio. Link to your website all your beneficial articles and your portfolio when you meet an editor or a potential writing contact will ensure someone is paying attention to your online persona which also help you to get offers and contracts.

Seek Travel Writing Opportunities For You

  • Approach to get published: Not everyone is fortunate to get a full-time position at major publications as soon as they start and you should not go for that also rather you should focus on writing for local publications. For example, if there is a 650-word article section, pitch an idea about a local event or activity. 
  • Impressive Portfolio: As mentioned above you need to create an impressive portfolio as many magazines will advertise for part-time or full-time writers in the Jobs section of Craigslist and Small, local publications may also post ads for writers on these sites and you can get your work here. You can also browse through the Jobs section if there is any call or an opportunity for writers and try to pitch strong ideas to as many as possible.
  • Demonstrate you are a great travel writer: You need to showcase your work either through developing a successful travel blog or creating a portfolio of high-quality travel pieces.
  • Guest post: It no surprise that guest post is very much helpful pitch travel writing ideas though they are known for paying a high amount yet you can find guest post openings by looking at the submission guidelines for your targeted publication. You can go initially lesser-known travel blogs, then work your way to the top with paid writing jobs.

Benefits Of Becoming A travel writerBenefits Of Becoming A travel writer

  • Well, though it is said that income is less at the initial stage and can be daunting to pursue your career in this field. But you make it like several writers who took on this career because it not only allows you to experience places they have never seen before but also to meet new people you would have never met if you were not writing a story about a certain place or area. 
  • As you already know that travel writing is a passionate job and so as the writers, you will cherish the sense of adventure and excitement offered.
  • It is really important to have curiosity and a great perspective as you are an influencer and willing to pitch your ideas to an audience that are reading your articles and making their plans to travel accordingly. 
  • As beginner you will need to showcase writing talent and a zest for adventure, as well as an ability to sell your ideas and writing to editors and get paid for it.


Travel writing is a big industry and has many niche or genre to choose from news travel to travel opinion, editorial pieces to Travelogues, travel memoirs and personal travel essays it has numerous ways to express your experiences and thoughts about traveling. Travel writing can be an asset if you have the exact writing skills and proper guidance as given in this article then you can make great money. This article provides the exact guidance you require to become and travel writer and get paid for that. Comment below and let us know what is your genre of travel writing and how about writing some experience in comment?