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Kelly and Dallas|Bonding Time
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My Turn

This is how this two bonded. Dallas and I sometimes compete with Kelly’s attention, I do it for fun, But this kid? his doing it for the sake of competition. He loves it, He likes being a winner, like even if his not winning, he would scream I win before the game is over. So this photos, Kelly ask me if i could put a lotion on his feet because its really dry, and while I was putting the lotion Dallas saw that we were laughing and just talking non sense, so he grab the lotion and start massaging Kelly’s foot and saying that his doing a wery wery(really) good job and ask Kelly ” are you feeling good now pop? ” he is such a kiss as*. One time he told me that ” you look wery beautiful gangga, wery beautiful, is my pancake weday(ready)?”. So on this they’re just bonding like any other day…They are sooo cute together even when they are arguing sometimes. No one wants to raise the white flag.


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