What is a real friend?

According to what i read when i search it in google, real friend is someone you can count on in times of trouble, someone you can tell your secrets, can comfort and give advice, and tells you the truth. I accept everything that i read, but base on my experience about real friend. There is more to it. Being kids having a friend is not really a big deal if its real or not becaus you only need friend to play with, but as you got to understand things and you reach puberty friends are like one of your needs. Like same level as a family. This is the time we apply the “you can count on me because that what a friend suppose to do” but as you get older that friend will just stay on your heart and mind  why? Because you have a life, a dream to chase and a future to face. but there is new friends that you will met this is the time you can ask to yourself and doubt those people if they’re a real friend. Me? I can say that i was not also being a real friend. I let go people who give me burdens and take me for granted also those who take advantage of me.  Because they’re not also real to me. For me a real friend is there when you dont need one, who message you un expectedly and ask how you’ve been. The person who notice a simple changes of your physical appearance and tell a truthfull comment. A real friend is that person who cant stand not talking to you and accept there mistake. I once have this friend who i mistook as a real friend. I give my secret to her and show the real me. But i came to realize she is a selfish, bitch and a one of a hell hyprocrite, im not angry to her just dissapointed because what i really thought about her in the first time i know her is true but i tried to change mmy opinion about her because i thought i was wrong. But now it proven you cant train a dog in one day. She is what she is. Now i stick to those people who value people. It better to remove those people who only value thereselfs. Its better to have even only fewimageimage
real friends than to have a lots of friend but never treated you as a friend.imageimage