Travel Tips

Dude,Where's my Plane?

Bording Pass

What you need when you are at the airport and your flight is delayed?. Here’s my TIPS:
1. Bring a books, magazines ( borrow from your local library if you are in a budget)
2. Laptop,(most airport has free Wi-Fi) iPod, or any MP3 players.
3. Portable DVD and your collections of movies.
4. Camera so you can take pictures at the airport and blog about it.
5. Extra money so you can shop( airports have tons of store, but its a bit expensive)
6. Drawing book or journal if your into that stuff.
Thats my tips on how to kill time while waiting for your delayed flight. When you travel, be prepared and expect the an expected, so you have to brings stuff that you can enjoy.

P.S I’m blogging, blog hopping and adgitize-ing while waiting here @ the airport. Have a Nice Day to All :)


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