The Top 3 Most Affordable Punta Mita Villas

[View of Las Palmas Villa 8 Estrella Model, a luxury villa in Punta Mita, Mexico]

Built as part of a comfortable, luxurious region that isn’t quite as busy as some other resort destinations, Punta Mita is a relaxing, yet beautiful place for a vacation. Let’s look at some of the most affordable places to rent a villa in Punta Mita.

While Punta Mita features a number of high-class homes, the most affordable ones are affiliated with Las Palmas. Their Villa 8 Estrella Model, at a rate of as low as $750 a night, provides three bedrooms and three bathrooms… and seven hundred dollars may sound like a lot, but there are enough beds for eight people, meaning less than a hundred dollars per person each night if you’re at capacity. The division of the beds, with two queens in one room, and one queen and one king each in their own rooms, allows for two small families to rent the villa together, allowing you to share the cost even more. In return for your money, you’re getting a full home to live in, including access to a plunge pool, a Jacuzzi, golf, and Satellite TV.

Located not too far from Villa 8, Las Palmas Villa 26 Cielo Model offers an additional bedroom and bathroom compared to Villa 8, along with a large swimming pool to help everyone have fun. If that weren’t enough, though, the high ceilings, plentiful light, and integrated living design all work together to help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. But why stop there? Staying at Las Palmas also provides access to the Tennis courts and golfing of the fabulous Four Seasons resort, so if you’re looking for more room without having to pay too much more, Villa 27 Cielo Model is an outstanding choice.

Though somewhat more expensive that the numbered villas, Las Palmas West is one of the most vivid villas in all of Punta Mita, featuring a colorfully contemporary style that gives you an experience far greater that simply renting a home for a few nights. This spacious villa offers enough room for everyone in its five bedrooms, and a vast array of support services (including pre-arrival itinerary planning) help to make your trip easy and relaxing. Yet, despite all that it offers, Las Palmas West remains one of the least expensive villas in all of Punta Mita… though, admittedly, that’s mainly because the rest are even more extravagant. For a taste of the finest in luxury without going overboard, though, few locales are greater than Las Palmas West.

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