When in Pittsburgh

Park and RecreationI am always get excited going to Pittsburgh, thats where my sister and her family lives, and this city is so amazing. When I’m there, they always take me this park, The Shenley  Park, its all pack up during the spring and summer, this is where people of all ages spent their time, some are playing and do some biking, but most are just there to get a tan. I’ve in this park a few times already, and its still excites my, it is overlooking of the downtown pittsburgh, but still away from the nasty traffic, you can still enjoy the fresh air and do some recreation, picnic and some games that the whole family can enjoy, or you can just lay down your blanket and enjoy the sun and watch the people. Next week I am heading to Pittsburgh again, but this time, I don’t think the shenley park is one of my agenda, Its winter and I am not a huge fan of cold weather, so maybe i’ll just go back in the summer.

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