Roasted Chicken Delights

I was torn on how to cook the chicken, should I make Adobo or just roast the chicken. So I reveal to you the winner, I roasted the chicken and It turn out good, I think. I tried to make it like filipino style letchon Manok( roasted chicken in charcoal) so I put in some spiciest and herbs, like lemon grass, onion, garlic and mint leaves among other things. It still not quite same as the one in the philippines because I cook it in the oven. I could have squat and made fire like a cave man would do, but its freezing outside so I keep my cooking inside the house like a true civilize person would do, hehehe. It still turn out good yah know, so I still feel good about it. Don’t you think it looks scrumptious?


8 Responses to “Roasted Chicken Delights”

  1. silvergirl Says:

    wow thats yummy!!!

  2. chubskulit Says:

    Sarap naman nyan, meron pa ba?

  3. bbtoo Says:

    parang andoks ah

  4. kat Says:

    ay ang sarap ng nakabukakang manok, nyahahaha…murag sa “andoks” (chicken Lechon sa Maynila) sad.. heheh

  5. Jijie Says:

    iba pa rin yong BBQ sa charcoal, mas masarap compare sa luto sa oven….. ok na rin yan

  6. Elvie Says:

    natawa nman ako dun sa nakabukangkang.. hahaha

    you should have tied your chicked, para neat and clean and it won’t torn the skin. combine salt, pepper, and dried herbs, and then rub under the skin, mas masarap sya coz the flavor goes to the chicken meat. then alongside with the chicken, put big vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and cauliflower, in the end, you’ll have roasted chicken with veg.

  7. Jijie Says:

    hehehe, pinabukaka ko talaga yan…. thanks for tip, i’ll try it next tym.

  8. Mona Says:

    Ang sarap yummy naman ng chicken dito, kami kapag my occasion lang meron nito hehe


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