Moving Back

I am back in Arizona now. I moved in couple of months ago. Before I moved back i did some checking online for carpet cleaning and a website appered in the search engine during searching. I haven’t found a carpet cleaner that I can trust around our area hence I am thinking of browsing the net again to see if they branch out in some other state like Arizona perhaps.

Anyway, there are few reason why I moved back in Arizona. My husband’s job is in Vegas but this place has been his first choice to live when he retires. I also have with me right now my step grand son. He is my companion when I’m in Arizona. He helped me moved my stuff including the sofa. This is an old sofa so I thought of buying a new one but then a services like sofa upholstery cleaning austin would restore the new look of this sofa. Moving is always a stressful job and very tiring as well. I did not take with me all my stuff and my husband gave away most of it. I rented a U-haul during the moving and drove from Las Vegas to Arizona. Most of my stuff arrived in whole pieces but until now I still have lots of cleaning and unpacking to do.


  1. mura ug busy jud ka dihaa ron da… how is arizona so far? ket me know if u need some customized pillows for your sofa/futon. LOL! bitaw good luck getting things done, mommy Rach!

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