Moments Like This

This little kid and I always bond every time. We go shopping, pick some fruits, go pool hopping hehehe, and travel with pop (the husband). He is not my kid but my husband’s grandchild and we love him dearly. He can be cute, funny, and sweet. Photos of us together doing kids stuff.

Being with kids is lot of fun. It brings out the hidden kid in me. And shopping for baby stuff is more fun, you got to buy stuff they like and witness the smile in their face every time you buy those kids toys and all.

He loves to ride his bike so I have to buy my own cute bike as well, not very much fun of riding bikes but if the kid love it, I love it too.  It’s fun anyway once you use to it.
Making hotcakes/pancakes for Pop, good am all! He likes cooking something for pop, so we’re making pancakes.
Teaching him to swim at the same time guarding him and the friends kids.
The three of us went swimming in a big pool somewhere in the city, the husbands not in the pic because he’s the one taking is and we just love to pose.

Kids fun stuff like these are worth remembering. We only live once, so I am making the most out of it by shopping, traveling and enjoying and loving the people who loves and appreciates me and love me back. You should too.

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