Job Opportunity in Philippines

I am looking for three people who are proficient in speaking and writing English, and who already know how to, or are willing to be trained on how to do computer related tasks for my business. Some of those task include but are not limited to SEO Reports, Bookkeeping, Writing Articles and Press Releases, Creating Videos for YouTube, Creating Presentations, Accessing Computers Remotely, Keyword Research, Setting Up WordPress Software, Conducting topical research, and at least one of those people I hire needs to be very proficient in speaking English so they can make phone calls to people here in the states.

You must be willing to work a 48 hour work week. Must be able and willing to work from home. Pay is 8600 PHP per month and you will be paid monthly through PayPal, so having a PayPal account is necessary. I will pay for your monthly broadband high speed internet connection if I hire you. Please inform me of your skill level for the following skills:

* Writing English (Scale 1-10)
* Speaking English (Scale 1-10)
* English Comprehension (Scale 1-10)
* SEO Reports (Scale 1-10)
* Article & Press Release Writing (Scale 1-10)
* Creating Videos (Scale 1-10)
* Creating Presentations (Scale 1-10)
* Accessing Computers Remotely (Scale 1-10)
* Keyword Research (Scale 1-10)
* Setting Up WordPress Software (Scale 1-10)
* Topical Research (Scale 1-10)
* Bookkeeping (Scale 1-10)
* Phone Marketing (Scale 1-10)

Please keep in mind that you will be hired based upon the interview, not on how you score yourself in terms of current knowledge and abilities in the above skill areas. I would rather train the right person to do all these task, than hire someone who already knows them, but would be a challenge to work with. If you are interested in working full time for me, please contact me at All interviews and training will be conducted over Skype, so you must sign up for a Skype account prior to an interview. Thank you for your interest.


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