I Want Ipad too

Did I tell you that my husband bought an ipad last November? Oh yes, he did and he only bought one. We were at Pittsburgh at that time visiting my sister’s family and attended a friend’s wedding. He decided that he needed an ipad since it was on sale. When he bought me a kindle before, he asked me about kindle vs ipad and which one I want. At that time, I like the kindle for reading purposes but now that he has ipad I got jealous of it. I want ipad too. He won’t let me touch his ipad though. I got tired of my iphone already, as a matter of fact I chose to close my Facebook account so I won’t waste battery of my iphone. I have this habit of forgetfulness and usually forget my charger every where like car, house in Arizona or Las Vegas. If I get an ipad someday maybe I’ll get back to my Facebook account. As for now, I kind of sick of it.

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