Healthier Life

If I have time and extra money, I would always send stuff to my parents in the Philippines. Some of those stuffs are some our old clothes and still usable home stuff like bedding’s and dallas toys for my nephew, but most of those stuff are still new. I love shopping that sometime I shop for them little by little so I can send it to them when my package box are full.

My parents are already old that is why I never forget to put few vitamins inside that box for them and for my siblings. Most of those vitamins though are daily supplement to make them healthier. However, I was wondering if I can buy them a mega enzyme forte, a potent blend of both plant-based and animal-derived pancreatic enzymes to assist the body in detoxification and other metabolic processes. I already ask my parents about it but I still need to research more about it because my mother is diabetic. I do not want any complications but maybe I would buy for my sibling.

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