How He Manipulate

This is my conversation with Dallas about him cleaning the couch which he write something on. Pay attention:

Me: Dallas, after you ate, you have to clean the couch before pop’s comes home.

Dallas: Why?

Me: Because you wrote something in there, so you have to get rid of it.

Dallas: I am to tired right now, I need to rest.

Me: Your sitting down, your not doing anything except eating, and your the one you wrote on the couch.

Dallas:( sobbing…. with boogers on tears) your making me tired gangga, I need to take a rest, i can’t clean the couch.

Me: When do you want to clean it?

Dallas: I can’t clean it right now, I am so tired and i need to watch spongebob in pops room.

Me: Dallas, listen to me, you wrote that something in the couch, you have to clean it. Tell me, when do you want to clean it?

Dallas: (more sobbing, louder, more boogers and tears) I am so sad right now, your mad at me, why your mad at me? you hurt my feelings gangga.

Me: Sigh! another sigh! and givin up, but after spongebob is over, he is to definitely going to clean that couch.

His getting lazy.


4 Responses to “How He Manipulate”

  1. Asmeen Says:

    Pwerteng lingawa nko gabasa.. Ako sad gibasa ni Todlok, pwerteng katawaa nya bwhahahah.. KinGas kaau nga bata wOi… lingaw sad hahahah

  2. admin Says:

    Nyahahhaha! sus ga tulo ang kalungat lage ug hinilak.

  3. shahz Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaa… bakla lagi jud na xa jie…

  4. admin Says:

    suya lang ka


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