For my rented house

If we have extra money and my husband wants me to visit my family in the Philippines for a short vacation, he would buy me two way tickets going to the Philippines and back (Las Vegas) because that was so easy for him considering he works in an airline company. And two years ago was my last visit and I was planning to visit back next year.

During my vacation two years ago, I rented a house in an exclusive subdivision because my parents house was to crowded already. And since the rented house was still empty, I have to buy bed, kitchen utensils and other stuff including audio racks for my father’s audio component that I borrow for the time being. I only stayed there for a few months and fly back home (Vegas) because I already miss my husband. All my stuff are in my parents house including the audio rack and my father was very thankful because he’s been planning to buy audio rack for his new audio component my brother give him. And maybe next year if my plan to visit them will push through, I can borrow back some of those stuff or just stay in my parents house. Who knows, I just hope it will push though.

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