Chicken Adobo

This is one of Kelly’s favorite dish, I make adobo at least twice a month. In the Philippines, there are so many versions of adobo, I think in every Island in there they have their own way of making it. Anyways. mine is pretty simple and here’s the steps;

1. I boil the chicken until its all cooked.

2. I suate the onion and garlic.

3. I will put the vinegar and then the soy sauce and kinda caramelize it, and I put the cooked chicken on top of it to have the meat absorb the sauce, I do it on both sides. From there You can just estimate when its done for, for me, the sign that its ready is when I can oil in pan and I don’t like to over cook the onion. Pretty easy right? Kelly take some of it to work for lunch or dinner.


  1. hi Chel!Lamia ana oi!Tama si Kat…and another thing na pwede nimo i-add is boiled quail eggs(itlog sa pugo) or just boiled chicken eggs…yum…yum….Taga asa ka sa pinas sis?

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