Chicken Adobo

This is one of Kelly’s favorite dish, I make adobo at least twice a month. In the Philippines, there are so many versions of adobo, I think in every Island in there they have their own way of making it. Anyways. mine is pretty simple and here’s the steps;

1. I boil the chicken until its all cooked.

2. I suate the onion and garlic.

3. I will put the vinegar and then the soy sauce and kinda caramelize it, and I put the cooked chicken on top of it to have the meat absorb the sauce, I do it on both sides. From there You can just estimate when its done for, for me, the sign that its ready is when I can oil in pan and I don’t like to over cook the onion. Pretty easy right? Kelly take some of it to work for lunch or dinner.


6 Responses to “Chicken Adobo”

  1. Adin B Says:

    Delicious! Although ang ganahan sa akoa bana is my fried chicken and so as Harley. hehehe… :) Pastilan makagutom da.

    Adin B

  2. marnelly Says:

    chel lami kayo ug nawong imong adobo..

  3. Mona Says:

    nakakagutom naman ang adobo puro chicken legs pa ..

  4. kat Says:

    favorite ng bayan..haha Chel..suggests lang…dagdagan mo ng pineapple (can), mas labaw lami…try lang basig muangay si banana :-D

  5. Jijie Says:

    Salamat sa idea, E try naku sunod… hehehe

  6. Amina Says:

    hi Chel!Lamia ana oi!Tama si Kat…and another thing na pwede nimo i-add is boiled quail eggs(itlog sa pugo) or just boiled chicken eggs…yum…yum….Taga asa ka sa pinas sis?


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