Cheap elixir from guitar center

Recently, I finished packing a new box of things I want to send to my family back home. Even if I am busy being a housewife, I still find time to set aside some stuffs that I want to sent to them. It takes me long time to save money for those gifts. That is why it is a big help for me to find affordable things like clothes, shoes and music related things like the cheap elixir from guitar center, because I need to budget my save gift budget wisely. I only buy those things that my family back home really wants. My father for instance, aside from collecting watches, he also loves to display cool sound system at home because he likes to play loud music especially during New Years Eve. My sister who already own a guitar but still trying to learn how to play it maybe wants a new guitar string or accessories so she won’t need to look for guitar store if that music instrument will be out off tone or something. I always say I love shopping but lately, I have to be more wiser in shopping because some stores don’t accept return stuff and that would be a waste of money and time.