Care giving Class

This was me 7 years ago wearing blue nursing scrubs as part of our on duty training in caregiving class. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse but I guess being a nurse is not for me. I kind of lazy going back to school and when I enrolled myself for a 6 months caregiving class, I thought a need to go back to school to have a degree on nursing. But that did not happened because I went back here in the US and every plan I made just fade away. I have not finished college and I get so many advice from friend to pursue my education. I was a year away from graduating college with the degree of bachelor in tourism. Right now I am enjoying my married life, and once in a while enjoy looking at this picture from the past. I like wearing nursing scrub and I hope one day my dream to become a nurse will put into action and will have the determination to go back to school.

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