Best solution for now

I gave our old laptop two years ago to my sister since the husband bought a new laptop for me that time and then recently my sister been asking me if I have an old laptop because the one that I gave her is starting showing signs of complications. I ask her if she can find any solution for now because our old laptop is still functioning perfectly and we don’t have plans to shop for new laptop. Luckily, her boyfriend knew someone who knows a lot about computers and smartly do the reformatting hard drive of that old laptop. It was good thing that they knew someone who is smart about computer reformat and all that computer stuff because the service charge is cheaper.

I promise her though that I will try to buy her new laptop once I get my debit card, I have to renew it first before I start a grand shopping this year and hopefully this year I can shop for a sale or at least affordable laptop for her, but for now she has to take care of that old laptop so she can still blog and do her online thing.

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